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5:46 pm CST
April 30, 2010

I REMIND MR. PERRY THAT CONSERVATIVES INTEND TO WIN CONTROL OF THE GOVERNMENT IN TEXAS……………………………………………………We require a governor with a backbone.

6:00 pm CST
April 30, 2010

This bill is evidence that CITIZENS are through moving the line backward……………………..We are going to push BACK TWICE as HARD as those who are use to NOT finding that happen.
This could BE a VERY HOT SUMMER and even HOTTER FALL.
These people are used to having people dig in and FIGHT back. Arizona proved that politicians can be elected that STAND UP, LISTEN , and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

NOW if can DO the same thing in TEXAS……………………………First priority elect representative that will pass VOTER PHOTO ID and verification process.

6:13 pm CST
April 30, 2010

And finally Jeb Hensarling WHAT were you thinking on the Puerto Rico statehood bill passes House, 223-169

: The roll is up. Among the Republicans voting yes: Marsha Blackburn, Cantor, Joe Cao, Mike Castle, Tom Cole, Jeff Flake, Jeb Hensarling, Darrell Issa, Peter King, Mark Kirk, Kevin McCarthy, Pence, and Aaron Schock.

“Take heart knowing that there are honest and principled conservatives who are working to make America and Congress a better place.” – Jeb Hensarling
SORRY JEB this vote is NOT what I would expect from someone that makes statements like the one above.
I would SURE like to see how you JUSTIFY this vote :(

9:41 pm CST
April 30, 2010

My hat goes off to Arizona! They did what the government wouldn’t do and they are protecting their citizens and state by the action they took! They should be supported in their effort to do what should have been done a long time ago! Of course the left is using the race card…they want to rile this up and make it look racist! It is too bad that some of the right is going in the left’s direction on this issue! THIS IS NOT RACIST! It is about protecting the border, and all the drugs and violence that is leaking into the United States! I wonder how many terrorists have come through the open, unprotected borders? I am also disappointed in Rick Perry! He should be standing beside Arizona and supporting the action they took. Is Perry more worried about the Hispanic vote than the security Texas borders needs?

What were all those Congressmen thinking that voted for statehood for Puerto Rico. Are they in the dark about what Obama’s agenda is on this issue…or is there something in it for them? Or are they playing to the Hispanic vote risking everything our country stands for? I don’t know if I can support any congressman that voted for Puerto Rican statehood at this time. I hope this does not happen in the Senate!

6:06 am CST
April 30, 2010

The shot heard round the world?

6:59 am CST
April 30, 2010

2:04 pm CST
April 30, 2010

It is important to know that there is another side of the story to the Arizona Immigration bill SB 1070.
Arizon State Senator, Slyvia Allen and a conservative Chirstian does not think we can rely on the news media to tell the truth. Please check out the site below for her explanation of the “other side” of the story.


11:39 am CST
April 30, 2010

Why would it upset Obama and government officials if a local police officer enforced a Federal law? By definition if something is against the law either local or Federal it’s stll an offence. As long as we have open borders we are inviting terroist and illegal aliens into our country. Senator Allen referenced finding two Korans on a ranchers property, many Hispanics are converting to Islam, look at the terrorist Jose Padilla. Just recently we had an incident in Times Square, New York, we have no idea how many sleeper cells are already in the U.S. As long as we have politicians with their hands out to LULAC, ACLU, LA RAZA and other liberal organizations they will put their personal finances and power ahead of American security. We have people in government who care nothing about our security, the will of the people or the Constitution, we are the stepchildren and they always know what’s best for us no matter what. Maybe we can wake some of these socialist liberal morons up in November and show them the door. It’s time to take our country back in the elections and show them the people control America not them.

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