5:30 pm CST - July 28, 2015

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CRUZ: Dept. of Justice Should Investigate Planned Parenthood, Enforce Criminal Laws

Cruz, Ted-Defund-Planned-Parenthood7-28-15Cruz also calls on state, local law enforcement to investigate local affiliates

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. — “The past several weeks we’ve seen a series of videos come out of Planned Parenthood that are nothing short of horrifying … videos of senior Planned Parenthood officials laughing, swilling chardonnay and casually, callously, heartlessly, bartering and selling body parts of unborn children,” said Sen. Ted Cruz earlier today while attending the #WomenBetrayed Rally on the East Front of the U.S. Capitol.

There is no ambiguity in what we’re seeing. And when we see the truth, after a time for truth comes a time for action. Today is a time for action. When you have multiple individuals caught on tape apparently confessing to multiple felonies that holder-obama3acarry with them long jail times, justice must be served.

“Today the U.S. Department of Justice should open a criminal investigation into all of those individuals. Today the U.S. Department of Justice should open a criminal investigation into whether Planned Parenthood, nationally, is a criminal enterprise breaking the law,” the Texas Senator & Republican presidential candidate said.   Continue Reading.

July 28, 2015

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Cruz Ramps Up Iowa, South Carolina Campaigns with New Staff Hires

Early states additional staff “will continue to advance on the path to win.”

Sen. Ted Cruz3bTexas Insider Report: HOUSTON, Texas — While the crucial Iowa GOP Presidential Caucus isn’t scheduled until February 1, 2016, and the South Carolina GOP primary is scheduled for February 20, 2016, that has not stopped Republican Ted Cruz from hiring campaign staff in the two primary states. “Both Iowa and South Carolina are critically important to our campaign, and I’m thrilled that Jake Dagel and Steven Wright are joining our team,” said the Texas Senator.   Read More

July 28, 2015

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“Lawmakers should take action sooner, rather than later,” says Medicare-Social Security Report

Today’s report shows we must seek meaningful, in some instances even urgent, changes…”

social security money2Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. — Social Security & Medicare together accounted for 42% of Federal Program Expenditures in Fiscal Year 2014. But with 55 million retirees and disabled Medicare beneficiaries currently,  and Medicare adding medicare210,000 new beneficiaries a day as baby boomers reach age 65, the Social Security & Medicare Trust Funds Report released earlier this month said payments would have to be cut by nearly 20% late next year if no legislative changes are made.   Read More

July 23, 2015

The Scoop

127 Unaccompanied Children Caught Per Day at Mexican Border In June

By the end of May, 22,869 total apprehended

By Brittany M. Hughes

Border-Patrol-Unaccompanied-child Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. — A large number of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC’s) continue to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico Border, as 127 per day were apprehended during the month of June, according to the most recent data from U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP). The latest CBP Apprehension Report shows that 26,685 unaccompanied minors have been apprehended at the Southwest U.S. Border so far in FY2015, which began on Oct. 1.    Read More

July 22, 2015

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Cruz Grills Obama Official About 1,000’s of Criminal Illegal Aliens Released

 It’s within your power to follow federal law, and this administration refuses to do soit is unacceptable.”

Cruz Grills Obama Official About Criminal Illegal Aliens 7-20-15Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz demanded answers from U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Sarah Saldaña yesterday in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing focused on the Administration’s egregious release of criminal illegal aliens and its refusal to enforce immigration laws. “When I asked you how many criminals ICE released in 2013, you were off by a factor of three,” said Cruz. “You said 30,000 — the correct answer is 104,000.” Watch the exchange below.   Read More

July 22, 2015

The Scoop

Texans Respond to Planned Parenthood Videos with Alliance for Life Rally at Capitol Tuesday

Rallies organized in 41+ cities include 5 in Texas

Alliance-for-Life Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — In response to two disturbing videos released the past two weeks, with more said come, showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the procurement and sale of body parts from aborted babies, the Texas Alliance for Life is gathering Texans at a rally Tuesday to focus Patrick, Dan3eattention on Wednesday’s Senate investigative hearing held by the Health & Human Services Committee. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (right,) has instructed Senators to issue a report within a month’s time.   Read More

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BOEHNER: U.S. Capitol Flag Flies at Half-Staff Today

BORDER UPDATE: Families Held in South Texas Detention Centers to be Released

Speaker Straus Reports $8.2 Million in Campaign Fund

Cornyn: Bipartisan Concerns About Iran Nuclear Deal

Cruz to Senate & House Leadership: End Ex-Im’s Corporate Welfare Forever

July 29, 2015

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Fox News Opens Pre-Debate Debate to All Announced Republican Candidates

Thursday, August 6th: 5 pm Undercard, 9 pm Main Event

2016-republican-presidential-candidates3cTexas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Fox News announcement means all 16 declared Republican Candidates will qualify for the crucial primetime event in Cleveland on Thursday, August 6th – either the 5 p.m. Undercard or the 9 p.m. Main Event. The change allows candidates who were in danger of being disqualified from the vital first debate for failing to register at least 1% in polling – Carly Fiorina, George Pataki & Lindsey Graham.   Read More

July 28, 2015

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HURD & Colleagues: Who is Going to Jail Over this (IRS) Scandal?

Hurd:If an American citizen did this, the IRS would’ve them put in jail.”

Hurd, Cong. Will3cTexas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. — “Let me state this plainly. If an American citizen repeatedly failed to produce documentation the IRS demanded, the IRS would pursue legal action to have that citizen put in jail. Washington bureaucrats need to be held to the same standard, and (IRS Commissioner) Koskinen lied to Congress and the American people he works Koskinen, IRS Comm. John3ffor,” said Cong. Will Hurd (R-TX) as he and his Republican colleagues on the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee called for President Obama to fire IRS Comm. John Koskinen.   Read More

July 27, 2015

On The Record

Texas Citizen Still a “Slave” to Dallas Courts

Former Congressman Tom Delay talks with Texas Insider

John Griffing Border Security UPDATE 8-12-14aWorld Net DailyBy John Griffing

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — On January 19, 2015, Texas Insider carried an exclusive story entitled “Human Being Put Into ‘Receivership’ by Federal Judge in Dallas, Texas” detailing a judicial corruption racket in the heart of Texas that appears to be so pervasive, that Dallas citizen and entrepreneur Jeff Baron lost all (or most) of his constitutional rights. The saga continues. Here is an update.   Read More

July 27, 2015

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EDUCATION UPDATE: Texas Educators’ Ideology & ‘Visions’ Penalize Students, says Ames

July 23, 2015

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Flores: House Votes to Punish Sanctuary Cities

We still have a lot of work ahead of us to secure our nation — there are more than 200 cities and counties…”

Flores,Cong.Bill3dTexas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sanctuary cities put our communities in danger. This bill will cut federal funding to sanctuary cities that ignore federal immigration laws and threaten the safety of hardworking American families,” said Cong. Bill Flores (R-TX) after the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 3009, the ‘Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act’, on a 241-179 vote.    Read More

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Gov. Abbott Orders National Guard to Carry Guns On Base

Patrick Taps Schwertner for Expedited Planned Parenthood Investigation

Schwertner Announces Planned Parenthood Investigation of Following Disturbing New Video

HENSARLING: Disapproving the ‘Nuclear Deal’ with Iran

Hurd on the Hill: Delivering for the District

10:03 am CST - July 29, 2015

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A Comedian Exposes Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei tweets; “If any war happens, the one who will emerge [the] loser is the gary-baueraggressive and criminal U.S.”

By Gary L. Bauer

“Do you know that in the restaurants of New York City, they have an inspection system. You can surprise any restaurant without notice — you can walk in and inspect them. So we are protected in this city from a bad tuna fish sandwich … but we’re not Obama in Oval Officeprotected from a bomb, but we’re protected from bad tuna fish.”

While Washington think tanks and politicians are struggling to explain the deal, leave it to comedian Jackie Mason to perfectly sum up the problems.   Continue Reading.

1:37 pm CST - July 22, 2015

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POWERS: How Damning are the Planned Parenthood Videos? Usual Defenders Nowhere to be Found

Even Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi — recipients of Planned Parenthood’s highest honor — are mum

  Powers, Kirsten3e By Kirsten Powers

A second undercover video released Tuesday shows another Planned Parenthood official talking about using a “less crunchy” way to perform abortions while preserving salable fetal tissue.

It’s the lie that these are not human beings worthy of protection.  And all Planned Parenthood can do is apologize ‘the tone’. Continue Reading.

11:27 am CST - July 16, 2015

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The Wine-Sipping Butchers of Planned Parenthood

By Michelle Malkin

michelle-malkinHannibal Lecter ain’t got nothing on the profit-maximizing abortion ghoul caught on tape hawking aborted baby parts as she swilled wine and nibbled on a gourmet salad.

In newly released undercover footage from the pro-life Center for Medical Progress, seasoned abortionist Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who serves as national senior director of “medical services” at Planned Parenthood, chitter-chattered eagerly about fulfilling the bloodthirsty demand for “intact hearts,” “lower extremities” and lungs. Continue Reading.

10:57 am CST - July 23, 2015

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