When Will Black Americans Stop Letting Biden Disrespect Them?

By Kurt Schlichter

When Iran murdered three American soldiers and the Pentagon released their pictures, among veterans, there was unanimity – the dead heroes could have been our troops. The names were different, of course, but those soldiers might have been the soldiers we led. It was a gut punch. Three dead Americans  they had to be avenged.

But they were black Americans, and that was significant not at all to us vets but hugely to the Biden administration. As hours turned into days and retribution kept being put off, finally culminating with an absurd bombing campaign against bandit bivouacs that the Biden crew telegraphed would be hit so they could be completely cleared of any meaningful targets, the truth became clear. To the Biden administration, black lives do not matter, at least not as much as Iranian lives matter. Or illegal alien lives matter. Or criminal lives matter. Black Lives Matter, but less than other lives matter in the eyes of the Democrat Party.

The Biden Administration felt politically safe allowing the Iranians off the hook got killing three black Americans because it believes that black people in America will take whatever garbage it hands out. And it seems to be right. This is how it always is because this is what happens when one ethnic group is nearly unanimous in the support of one party. It gets taken for granted. It gets disrespected. That’s what’s happened here. 

Leave aside the astonishing and disgraceful attempt of Joe Biden to tell one of the grieving families that his son was also killed in action  a lie he tells again and again in the perfect distillation of his senile narcissism. He believed that he would face absolutely no repercussions for allowing the slaughter of black soldiers to go unanswered in any meaningful way. This is just as he and the Democrats believe they will face absolutely no repercussions for allowing the slaughter of black citizens by criminals in Democrat blue cities to go unanswered. And this is just as he and the other Democrats believe they will face absolutely no repercussions from prioritizing illegal aliens over black citizens. Democrats take black voters for granted.
The sad thing is that they are probably right in their cynical calculations. Black Democrat leaders support and excuse the elite white power structure of the Democrat Party that assumes black Americans will accept any humiliation and abuse. This is not merely disrespect. This is not merely an insult. This is people dying. But the Democrat Party doesn’t care. If it cared, it would be doing absolutely the opposite of what it is doing today.

But the party’s wine mom Machiavellis, with their Black Lives Matter signs posted in front of their McMansions, are secure in the knowledge that they will get something along the lines of 90% of the black vote in November. Theyunderstand that they can treat black Americans like garbage and can get away with it, and consequently, they treat black Americans like garbage and get away with it.

Why not? Why should they do anything for the people they know are going to vote for them regardless? Instead, they make the calculation that they can take black votes for granted because they can take black votes for granted. They do the math:

Blacks = Democrats
Illegal Aliens > Blacks
Iranians > Blacks
Criminals > Blacks

The Democrat party embraces the agenda of the unsatisfied suburban white ladies and the people of power in academia over black voters every single time. That’s why you see black kids thrown out of their recreation centers to make room for thieving foreigners who break into the country then get handed the golden ticket. All those black moms who get interviewed on television angry that they are being pushed out of their own community by teaming hordes of Third World intruders are just going to march down to the polling place in November and pull the lever for the Democrat. So why should the Democrats not treat them like garbage? There are no consequences.

The hilarious idea that Republicans are racists has taken hold. That this lie has worked out terribly for the victims of the delusion doesn’t matter. The delusion itself is useful, so the Democrat Party promotes it. But let’s imagine that the Republicans did what the Democrats are doing to the black community. Let’s imagine that Republicans shrugged when black soldiers were murdered. Let’s imagine that Republicans allowed criminals to run rampant through black communities, killing their citizens, driving businesses away, and making black lives unlivable. Let’s imagine that Republicans helped what it viewed as potential new voters to take over key infrastructure and spaces within the black community. There would be outrage. And it would be absolutely justified. But where is the outrage today?

There is some complaining but no action because it’s the Democrat Party doing this, and the Democrat Party has never been held accountable by the black community. And that’s a problem that can only be solved by black people.

Republicans can point out the ugly truth that everybody sees but doesn’t want to admit. Republicans can throw open their arms and urge black voters to try out the GOP. Republicans can point to how many black voters share many of the culturally conservative views that Republicans do. But only black voters can decide that their votes matter. Only black voters can decide that they will not be disrespected and humiliated by being treated like trash by the party they have loyally supported for nearly a century.

Polls say that Donald Trump has made some inroads among black voters, particularly among men. That probably means he gets 15% of the vote instead of 5%. Still, black women remain the most steadfastly loyal constituency of the Democrat Party. Republicans should keep the door open, but only black Americans can decide if they’re going to walk through. Only black Americans can decide that they’ve had enough of being taken for granted.

The hard reality, though, is that that is probably not going to happen this cycle. Well, you get what you vote for.

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