HUNTER: To Hell with Democrats & Joe Biden – We Don’t Want a Border 'Deal,' We Want Arrests & Deportations

The time for deals is over, they had their chance and blew it.
By Derek Hunter

A message needs to be sent that we Americans, the people, do not want a “deal” on the border – we want a border. A border that is vigorously enforced, and we want a government that deports everyone here illegally. And we want it done quickly.

Expect Democrats to start whining about how they “gave up” the idea of amnesty and citizenship for the illegal aliens already here is some sort of “compromise.” But they didn’t. Citizenship is their ultimate goal, and as long as the illegals are here, it’s still on the table for the future.

But their immediate need is to flood the zone for federal aid distribution and Congressional district redrawing purposes.

See, thanks to Democrats, immigrants count in the census, and their status – either being here illegally or legally – has no impact on what our government does with those numbers. Federal aid to cities and states is disbursed by population, not citizen population, so more illegals means more money; it means states get to gerrymander differently to protect Democrat congressional seats. These people are evil, not stupid.

This bill is an embarrassment to anyone interested in securing our border. 

Democrats, after years of insisting there was no crisis at the border, that it was secure and Republicans were simply fearmongering on the issue, have now switched to, “If you want a secure border, this bill creates one.” If the second statement is true, the first one can’t be. If the first statements were true, the second one is a lie.

Of course, we know Democrats have been lying all along; they have no interest in a secure border because an open one serves their purposes. So, they lie about everything.

Democrats have to lie because the truth does them no favors. “Illegal aliens commit fewer crimes than Americans do.” That’s an easy claim to make because Democrats forbid the collection of data to prove it in states they control and on the federal level. That it can’t be proven isn’t what matters, that it can’t be disproven is all that does.

They do this everywhere. “Crime is actually down,” is another one of their lies. Violent crime is up, as is assault and sex crimes. What’s “down” is property crimes and theft, largely because there’s no point in reporting them since liberal prosecutors won’t prosecute the criminals. It’s not like the crimes aren’t happening, it’s that people are being conditioned by Soros-funded prosecutors to not bother calling the cops anymore unless someone is dead, sexually assaulted or beaten. It’s like if you killed all the sick people, then threw yourself a parade for having such a healthy population. 

Most of what Democrats say is wildly dishonest, but few lies are greater than what they say about the border. 

This bill, they insist, will require the President to shut down the border if they catch 5,000 illegals, on average, for 7 days.
First, would you trust this administration with accurately counting and reporting those numbers?

Second, this provision, which is still incredibly weak, can be waived by the President in case of an “emergency.”

What constitutes an emergency is open to anything a President thinks it to be – like, say, a bunch of illegal aliens crashing to border.

Yes, it’s that stupid. 

It also creates a new “right” for illegals to get lawyers, and uses our tax money (actually our great grandkids’ credit cards, because our tax money is already spent) to pay for it. We pay for their lawyers, those liberal lawyers donate to Democrats, Democrats keep funding lawyers for illegals…lather, rinse, repeat – the circle of life in DC. 
To hell with all of these people. It needs to be made clear that selling us out will not be tolerated. A bill without any deportation is unacceptable, in fact, only a bill with only deportation and massive fines for anyone who hires them before they’re found is all we’ll accept.

The only funding should be for 100,000 ICE Agents (for as long as it takes,) to ID illegals to ICE itself and for flights out of the country. Where they want to go does not matter, just out of here. Let where they land deal with the rest. 

It also needs to eliminate funding for any state that allows illegals to collect any welfare benefits that receive federal tax dollars. States can do what they want with their money, they don’t get the same ability with federal money.

And end birthright citizenship, period. It was never meant to be that way and everyone knows it, kill it now and forever.

Washington, DC, can choke on this bill. In fact, they can choke on every bill. Any and all patience or caring about illegal immigrants is gone, the American people are sick of it and all they lying about it. Get the illegals out, or get the politicians who enable it or who are even slightly soft on it, out.

I get that this will lead to nothing changing, but better no deal than a counter-productive bad one. 

Until then, avoid places that employ illegals, or allow them to congregate in their parking lots looking for under-the-table work. Metaphorically spit on the politicians who protect them, blow off any friends who support them. As a Catholic, join me in stopping giving money to the church to enable them, whatever your church. Be done with it. Anyone, any group or organization “welcoming” illegals is giving you the finger, give it right back. They’re only able to do what they do because we engage in commerce with them. Stop it. 

This is a time for choosing, Americans or not? There is no tie, it’s one or the other.

Until we can get rid of the welcome mats in our own party, and the enablers in theirs, we have to enforce the line that needs to be drawn the best way we can, with our wallets and then our votes. 

No dice, no deal; deportations. The time for deals is over, they had their chance and blew it.

This isn’t the start of negotiations, it’s the end of them.

We’ll see where the American people really are in November.

Until then, nothing. 

Derek Hunter is the host of a free daily podcast (subscribe!) and author of the book, Outrage, INC., which exposes how liberals use fear and hatred to manipulate the massesFollow him on Twitter at @DerekAHunter.