McCULLOUGH: The Bozos, the Border, and the Biden…

By Kevin McCullough

These three elements combined to give Donald Trump his best week in his still very brief life in politics.
His opponents know it’s true. This is why you don’t see them out celebrating like they won a national title or ended a global war. And if Trump is the hated, dangerous, and untrustworthy person that their machines have attempted to force us to believe then they should be.

In back to back civil trials concerning actions no one has proof of they have all be secured judgments to bankrupt him. They’ve “been able” to ban him from even conducting business.
They literally invented new interpretations of expiration dates of Statutes of Limitations, vested legal authority, and actual evidence to focus all their legal focus to stop him. 
And on appeal, all three cases in New York will blow up in their faces. 
Just in Judge Engoron’s “courtroom” alone they found him guilty of applying for loans that were used to build parts of the skyline of the world’s greatest city, were enthusiastically signed off on by all of the lenders involved, employed hundreds/maybe thousands of workers, and most importantly  were paid back  on time, with interest, and to the exact terms of the contracts. 
He got found guilty for keeping his word and making loans good.
The court room circus from Manhattan to Atlanta is clownish buffoonery, and the impact is having the opposite than intended effect.
On the morning after her “huge” performance in New Hampshire Nikki Haley was trailing Donald Trump in her home state  by 26 points. After a month of campaign in that state, playing off of the witless tropes of Chris Cristie and the New York courts, she’s now behind by 36 points and sinking fast.
She had such a bad week that she left South Carolina to go campaign in Texas for a bit. She bragged on social that she had a turnout of 1250 people show up. Which is pretty good considering she hasn’t likely drawn a crowd that big in the state she was a two term Governor of. 

On the same day President Trump does a rally in Conway, South Carolina and drew what looked like 120,000 mostly in the overflow parking lot of a venue where he was doing a speech in an arena that held tens of thousands more.
He even showed up at Sneaker Con yesterday and the place went nuts just to get a glimpse of him.
This week President Biden also doubled down on border policy—which is ridiculously stupid because it’s the number one issue driving voters right now. But instead of undoing all the “executive actions” that he put in place that opened the border up, “beach-bum Joe”  is barking that Congress has to do something. He’s even criticizing them for taking their pre-scheduled Congressional break so that they can return home and be with their constituents. And “Beach-Bum” telling anyone not to go on vacation is a belly busting guffaw given how many beach chairs he’s lost arguments with as captured by rolling cameras from networks to citizens.
And when President Trump is getting standing ovations from the working class masses in Philadelphia—you know the other side is quaking. 
And they should be.
Voting standards and edicts should’ve never been allowed during CoVid. Change signature match requirements to zero should have never seen the light of day in Nevada. “Suckerberg” drop boxes should’ve never been put up in Pennsylvania. And the mysterious reasons why tens of thousands of legitimate ballots were set aside in Arizona when the final spread was less than ten thousand total.

Corrupt, conspiring, crooked criminals have done all they can to disrupt the American people’s sovereignty. They are importing enough people to replace the entire voting population of 36 individual states, and the smallest nine combined.
And in the stuff economic, national security, parental sovereignty, and energy supply crises we face the imbecilic behavior and tactics they have devised are actually backfiring against them.
Complete and total buffoonery, based on selfish and ill-intended evil, are driving the enemies of this country mad.
They are doing so mostly because they are uniting the people who love America into a bond that is historic, deeply earnest, and more intensely committed to a different outcome this November.
Buckle-up Buttercup,” you are bringing this on yourselves and it is a lesson you will not soon forget.

Kevin McCullough (@KMCRadio) breaks news as it happens in New York on Salem Media’s AM 570/970 weekday afternoons. He’s nationally syndicated, and operates a boutique media firm which produces broadcast/podcast content airing on 1,600+ outlets, seven days per week.