CONG. McCAUL: As Israel's Fighting for its Very Existence, Biden has Only Made Negotiations & Victory More Difficult

It is deeply concerning that the Biden administration is threatening to walk away from our closest ally in the Middle East during its time of need. 

By Cong. Michael McCaul

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — President Biden backtracked his ironclad commitment to Israel on May 8th, when his administration announced he would withhold all offensive weapons to Israel if they entered Rafah to destroy Hamas terrorists. This decision was made without notifying Congress. In fact, Congress was not even notified of this decision. Instead, we learned about it on CNN. These weapons were approved and authorized by Congress.
Last week I introduced the "Ironclad Act" to prevent the president from pausing defense articles to Israel unless Congress is notified 15 days before. It also allows Congress to pass a Joint Resolution of Disapproval that would urge the arms shipment to proceed. 
President Biden is making a dangerous mistake that undermines Israel as it fights a multi-front war against Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, and Iran. It is deeply concerning that the Biden administration is threatening to walk away from our closest ally in the Middle East during its time of need. 
Now, more than ever, we need to make sure our allies know that United States can be relied upon when they are under threat – and that our adversaries know we stand with our allies.

Hamas’ October 7th massacre was as cruel, barbaric, and bloody as anything I have ever seen. Israel did not start this war — Hamas did. 

We Must Support Our Friend and Ally Israel

This last week I also spoke on the House Floor to criticize the Biden Administration for their decision to withhold critical arms necessary for Israel to win this war.

Just recently, President Biden said,
“If they go into Rafah, I’m not supplying the weapons, period.”

This threat would be like the United States or our allies in World War II saying, “You can invade all the way up to Berlin, but you can’t go into Berlin to finish the job.”

Israel is in a fight for its very existence, and this administration’s public break with Israel has only made negotiations and victory more difficult. We cannot abandon our allies; our adversaries are watching how we support our friends. 
I am dedicated to supporting Israel in its war against a terrorist organization and bringing a peaceful resolution to the Middle East. 

President Biden's National Security Catastrophe

President Biden & Secretary Mayorkas have abjectly failed to secure our nation's borders.
New reporting from last week revealed that, since Biden & Mayorkas entered office, more illegal immigrants have snuck into our country than during the entire previous decade.
From fiscal years 2021 to 2023, 1.6 million of these “gotaways” evaded border patrol as they entered our nation under President Biden’s watch.

These people could include dangerous actors or people on the terror watch list. President Biden must own his national security catastrophe.

Celebrating Law Enforcement Heroes During National Police Week

Local law enforcement officers are real-life heroes, running toward danger each day to protect their communities. As a former federal prosecutor, I’ve seen these brave men and women in action enough to know that we can never repay them for their service and sacrifice. That’s why I was proud to back the blue by voting for seven different bills to support our officers during National Police Week.
I also cosponsored a resolution to honor and recognize the 282 officers – including 11 Texans – who lost their lives in the line of duty in 2023. Our law enforcement officers willingly risk their lives for our safety each time they put on their uniforms.

It’s our responsibility to remember, honor, and respect each of these brave Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice.
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Congressman Michael McCaul represents Texas' 10th Congressional District, which stretches from Lake Travis outside of Austin to the Brazos Valley and includes: Austin, Bastrop, Brazos, Burleson, Colorado, Fayette, Grimes, Lee, Madison, Travis, Washington, Waller and Williamson Counties. He currently serves as Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and previously – prior to being term-limited as chairman under the House of Representatives Rules – served as the Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee during the 113th, 115th and 116th Congresses.