'Bidenomics' is Great if You’re an Illegal Alien – It's Catastrophically Bad for Everyone Else


Open Borders are at the Core of Biden’s fake economic growth claims

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — New York City is cutting school lunches for kids, while Denver is slashing funding for parks to be able to care for migrants.
Earlier this month, I broke down the U.S. Jobs Report that was hyped as evidence that "Bidenomics" was working – and found that at least 1 in 5 jobs being created were actually government jobs.
Worse still, 1 in 10 jobs added in January came from within a category called “employment in social assistance.”

What was driving this sudden boom in welfare jobs?
The real boom is happening on the nation's Southern Border – where Cities, Counties and States are being flooded with masses of migrants who need social workers to care for them.

It's also where "Bidenomics" is forcing those Cities, Counties and States to go deeper into debt – to provide benefits for the illegal alien invaders.

But the “job growth” in Bidenomics still posed a puzzle that confused the Wall Street Journal – which wondered why the unemployment rate is now higher than it was a year ago and the Labor Force Participation Rate is only up 0.1%.

If there really was a booming job market, the unemployment rate should have dropped sharply – and the labor participation rate should be up.

So Where Did the Supposed Millions of Jobs Biden Brags About Come from?

A report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS,) however, shows that the job growth is mostly happening among immigrants – while the number of Americans in the workforce has actually declined since before the pandemic.
The report found that,
“There were still 183,000 fewer U.S.-born Americans working in the 4th Quarter of 2023 than in the 4th Quarter of 2019.

"The number of immigrants (legal & illegal) working is up 2.9 million over 2019.”

Some of this may be attributable to the corporate embrace of DEI – diversity, equity & inclusion.

U.S. Equal Employment s & Opportunities Commission (EEOC) report found that:
  • 94% of thetop  S&P 100 jobs in 2021 went to minorities.
  • The nations major corporations hired only 20,524 white workers – and 302,570 minorities.
    • On other words, White people make up 57% of the country,
    • but got only 6% of the jobs.
And, while white workers were less likely to be hired, they were far more likely to be fired. Of the jobs lost among the country’s top companies,
  • 68.5% were held by White workers
  • 16.5% by Black workers
  • 9.7% by Hispanic workers, and
  • 2.3% by Asian workers
If those numbers showed so severe a pattern of exclusion toward any group other than White people, there would be civil rights investigations and lawsuits being launched to end this kind of "systemic discrimination."

But while much of this shift was attributed to BLM, the corporate DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion,) wokeness may be misleading because the EEOC breakdown showed that:
  • 40% of the new jobs in 2021 went to Hispanic workers,
  • while only 23% went to Black workers
The Hispanic unemployment rate fell from over 18% during the pandemic to less than 5% now – and the Hispanic labor force participation rate is higher than the national average. (The highest participation rate is for Salvadorans who make up a sizable percentage of the border migrants.

The Hispanic employment boom is tilted toward Central America rather than the general Latino sphere. Non-migrant Hispanics – like Puerto Ricans – have a fairly low labor force participation rate, while Hispanics from migrant nations have a much higher one.)

They are driving job growth.

What Does that Growth Look Like?

Migrants, including children, are working at jobs all over the country. They routinely secure jobs using bought, borrowed or stolen IDs from Americans. Behind "Bidenomics" are illegal alien kids working – often in Dickensian conditions – in poultry plants, milking facilities, and sawmills.

They are driving the nation's oft-cited but inflated job growth numbers that look good on paper.

Some companies were more blatant than others about their use of Immigrant Child Labor doing all their dirty work.

“If migrant children needed to work full time, it was preferable for them to have jobs at a well-monitored workplace,” said Cheryl Pinto of Ben & Jerry’s.

But migrant children have had their hands crushed in milking machines or mangled to death in poultry plants.

Since many of the illegal alien arrivals were never employed in America, there is also the illusion of job growth – but the unemployment rate and the labor force participation rate don’t improve.

The Job Growth Under "Bidenomics" Isn’t Going to Americans

Open borders is not just a Joe Biden and Democrat strategy for "demographically transforming America" – it’s also at the core of "Bidenonomics."

Even as cities and states groan under the massive wave of invaders, corporations get plenty of cheap labor, which allows them to deliver big numbers for Wall Street. As a result, the stock market ticks ever higher even as American families are being wiped out by high prices and economic decline.

Bidenomics is pretty good if you’re an illegal alien – or if you’re in a position to profit from them – but it is catastrophically bad for everyone else.
  It’s also not sustainable.

While surveys and studies have been rolled out from governmental organizations and think tanks arguing that immigrants are driving economic growth, the cost to taxpayers is much greater than any of the benefits.

The only long term economic growth provided by open borders is for the Welfare State – which also appears to have accounted for 1 in 10 new jobs in January.

But how many social workers can we employ to cater to a cheap labor force – while U.S. citizens and taxpayers go bankrupt to pay for it?
In Maine alone, each migrant costs $56,000 just to house. And so far:
  • New York City spent $1.45 billion on migrants,
  • Chicago spent $361 million,
  • Denver spent $180 million,
  • and it’s getting worse.
American cities are going bankrupt and cutting services to pay for those ‘Bidenomics’ jobs.

Bidenomics means American children are going hungry in schools, it means Americans are losing their jobs to illegal aliens, and it means the endless spiral of government spending on illegal aliens is driving inflation to higher levels so Americans can’t even afford to buy food.

And the media wonders why Americans hate "Bidenomics."

Daniel Greenfield, a Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is an investigative Journalist & Writer focusing on the Radical Left, Democrat Socialism, Islamic Terrorism, and all things politically incorrect.