SCHLICHTER: America's Going to Be Targeted for a Massive Terrorist Attack – Will You Be Ready?

By Kurt Schlichter
It happened in Israel, and it happened in Moscow, and it’s going to happen here in America – again, and exponentially worse. The jihadis’ merciless war against the West – the Muslim fanatics are not so finicky as we are about our distinctions between the Jewish state, Russia, and us, the Great Satan – did not end when the regime media started covering other things. We may have fled Afghanistan and Libya and largely pulled out of Iraq, but that war is still going on. It’s going to go on until we decisively win it.

But unfortunately, our ruling class refuses to decisively win it. In fact, our ruling class actively undermines attempts to win it. And it refuses to prepare for what’s coming.

That leaves you to prepare, you the individual, you and your small community, you and your red state. There is no one else who’s going to help you. There will be a bloodbath here in America. It will dwarf what happened on 9/11, it’ll dwarf what happened in Israel, it will be Moscow times 1000, and you’re going to be caught in the middle of it. 

You have to make the decision to be ready for yourself, for your community, and perhaps for your state if you live in one that’s not run by leftist idiots. The enemy is not just coming; it  is probably already here. Even Christopher Wray thinks so, and you know what it takes to get his attention away from arresting people taking selfies in the Rotunda or praying at abortion clinics. Our border has been pried wide open. There’s nothing to stop them from coming in. 
And we know what they will do.

It’s just hard to accept. Some of us see Muslim terrorists as insane because our minds don’t work like theirs. We don’t want our minds to work like theirs. How they think and how they act is completely alien to us. That’s because, as a culture, we’re narcissists, self-absorbed and utterly unable to imagine that other people not only are not like us but that they have no desire to be like us.

They desire to rape and murder us. How do we know this? Because of their track record of raping and murdering us.

Our ruling class refuses to acknowledge this and refuses to act. Instead, it actively subverts attempts to stop the jihad.

It won’t shut our border. It opposes Israel’s plan to go in to the last infestation of Hamas and blow up its tunnel complexes.

It won’t work effectively with the Russians to fight jihadis even though we share that enemy despite our other conflicts. Instead, it Norm McDonalds the situation, fearing that the most horrible consequence of thousands of Americans being murdered by Muslim fanatics is that people might start not liking Muslims.

The bottom line is our elite’s incompetence, fecklessness, and utter moral illiteracy are going to bring a brutal terrorist attack upon America that will shake us to our core. It’s not what I want to predict, it’s what I – and many others – must predict.

The specifics of what will happen are beyond this column’s depth. I write about it at length in my latest novel, “The Attack,” which goes into great detail on exactly how we are vulnerable and exactly how anyone with a bit of tactical knowledge and a dose of ruthlessness can shove a knife into the guts of the United States. We’re vulnerable. We’ve seen them walk into packed venues in France, here in America at the Pulse nightclub, and now in Moscow. America has hundreds of thousands of packed venues. What America needs is millions of packed Americans.

Buy guns and ammunition. Get trained. Get ready.

You are the first line of defense. Whether you’re at a shopping mall or a movie theater or a Taylor Swift concert, when it goes down there’s no cavalry coming because it’s happening all over the country all at once. Remember those two untrained idiots in Boston with some handguns and pressure cookers? Just two idiots shut down a whole major US city. What happens with 1000 guys with effective weapons and a little training do it all over the country? There is a decisive tactical advantage to leveraging semi-trained individuals operating simple but effective weapons, like automatic Kalashnikovs that can be easily smuggled into the United States alongside the fentanyl and illegal aliens that have no trouble coming across.

The key is that they are suicidal – they want to fight to the death. They kill until they themselves are killed.

Mindless meat murder robots provide a huge tactical advantage over regular soldiers to their murderous masterminds in Teheran or wherever. They don’t need combat logistics. They don’t need medical evacuation. They don’t need command and control. All they need is a time and place and a bunch of Americans, preferably in a gun-free zone, to shoot.

Citizens with guns change the calculation. They are the only sand in the gears of organized mass murder.

Why? How does one guy with a small SIG P320 pistol have any effect on a squad of five killers with real assault rifles, not the legal black rifles that terrify the frigid wine women?

Look at the video of the butchers in Israel on October 7. Look at the video of the terrorists at the Crocus Music Hall in Moscow. They’re just walking along, not a care in this world, having the time of their lives taking lives. They don’t fear anything. But armed opposition changes all that, even if it is just one defending shooter.

A citizen returning fire requires that the terror squad stop culling the unarmed and focus all its efforts on eliminating that threat. A great example is the second half of the movie “Full Metal Jacket.” An entire squad of heavily armed Marines, including Red State’s own Adam Baldwin humping an M-60 machine gun, is totally occupied and completely neutralized by a single sniper. The reality of the kind of mass murder we’ve seen from these terrorists and from trans and other leftist mass killers is that they target unarmed citizens. When a citizen is armed, they have no choice but to stop their killing and deal with him. That throws off their plan and allows others to escape while the police can build combat power to eliminate the threat.

No, one pistol against five rifles will probably end up with the guy with a pistol in a bag. But it’s the time that the guy with a pistol takes up that saves lives and sets up the final victory. That’s the tactical reason for armed citizens. The moral reason for armed citizens is that we have a right and a duty to protect ourselves, our families, our communities, and our Constitution.
Yes, the coming terrorist attacks will primarily come in the blue states. Those are the places that ensure that the citizens are vulnerable.

But the ruling class won’t necessarily escape it as they are used to escaping the consequences of their other crimes. We will see the right to keep and bear arms protected only when our elites realize that they need to protect themselves, and that their security guards and their cops are not enough.

But that’s going to mean heaps of dead before it happens.

Remember that our ruling class would rather you be murdered by criminals or terrorists than have the ability to defend yourself against them … or against the elite itself, which is really its problem with American citizens keeping and bearing arms.

The time for talking is over. You must buy guns and ammunition. You must train. You must carry when you can. And when bad stuff goes down, you must engage. Don’t spend the rest of your life hating yourself for being a coward like the loathsome femboys who lurked outside Florida and the Uvalde schools while some freak was inside shooting kids. Seek out the enemy and kill as many of them as you can in conformity with the law. Maybe you’ll die, but you’ll die like a man, and not everybody gets that option.

It’s coming. Be ready.

Pack a bag with medical supplies and learn to stop the bleeding.

And pack a gun, because there’s literally no one else who can protect you from what is absolutely going to happen.
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