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12:02 pm CST - April 28, 2008

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Gohmert: Majority’s Ideas Running on Fumes as Gas Prices Continue to Skyrocket

Published: 04-28-08

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On this week’s two-year anniversary marking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s broken promise to lower gas prices through the Democrats’ yet to be revealed “commonsense plan,” U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) said hard-working Americans cannot wait any longer to be relieved from skyrocketing costs, which are especially devastating to fixed-income seniors.

Gas prices have reached an all time high under current Democratic leadership, averaging $2.17 per gallon in Texas when they first took control of Congress, now soaring to $3.43 per gallon, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).  Rep. Gohmert said the Democrat leaders’ actions contradict their empty pledges, and Americans are paying the price.

Rep. Gohmert stated, “In areas like east Texas where we have many rural communities and long stretches of land, these outrageous prices are especially crippling to east Texans who have to drive to survive. The ‘Pelosi Premium’ is forcing drivers to shell out at the pump, affecting everything from summer travel plans to food costs. While the Majority leads us on with empty promises of lowering gas and energy prices, they are pushing through legislation that puts more of our own resources off limits, making the US even more dependent on foreign oil.

Furthermore, they have voted four times to raise energy taxes during this Congress, and they’ve even proposed a fifty-cent gasoline tax increase on top of today’s wallet-breaking prices. Where is the ‘commonsense’ in this plan? The Majority’s case is running on fumes as America’s patience borders on empty.”

“It appears that part of the elevated gas prices come from speculation in the commodities market.  Investors know that every time this Majority has passed a bill dealing with energy, it has driven the price of gasoline higher. 

If Speaker Pelosi and Senate Leader Reid were to announce that they were going to allow a vote on a Republican bill to drill in ANWR or the Outer Continental Shelf, that alone would cause investor speculation to immediately drive down the price of gas by probably 20% or more. Yet, this Majority has chosen to follow the example of Democratic leadership during the Carter years which also skyrocketed gas prices and created long lines at gas stations. Some may remember the strategy to drive down fuel prices in the late seventies was for everyone who was cold at home to wear a sweater rather than adjust the thermostat,” Gohmert added.

Rep. Gohmert continued to say that the oppressive gas prices highlight the underlying issue of America’s energy crisis. He believes that while we should continue to explore the use of renewable, alternative energy to its greatest potential, the U.S. must work to become more energy independent by taking advantage of our own resources.

Many companies, including those in east Texas such as the Abitibi paper mill in Lufkin, have been forced to close or lay off thousands of workers due to high energy prices. Meanwhile, countries such as Canada and Venezuela are tapping resources along our coasts and selling us our own energy, but the Majority has failed to take up measures that would address these ludicrous provisions that block our own energy production.

Congressman Gohmert has become an advocate for an innovative idea for legislation that could revolutionize energy issues.  “We have made great strides in energy production, but we have made next to NO progress in holding or storing electricity.  I am trying to garner support for a massive cash prize for anyone who invents a way to store electricity for an extended period of time. If we could do that, our energy needs would be solved for good.  Solar could then supply most all our electrical energy needs. We have brilliant minds in this country. We just need to give them a powerful incentive to find an answer to this issue.”

Congressman Gohmert has received abundant feedback from East Texans feeling the burden from skyrocketing gas prices and said he will continue to push for relief from the devastating costs.

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