MARCUS: As Border Grows Deadlier by the Day, Will Biden Admit His Policies are Getting Americans Killed

Biden, Democrats’ policies on policing – and most dramatically on the border – come crashing down on their heads

By David Marcus

Over the past week or so, car and truck crashes from high speed chases involving illegal immigrants and those who smuggle them have killed dozens of U.S. Citizens – many of them Hispanic – on our Southern Border.
What is telling about these tragic incidents is that they represent a contingency that nobody plans for. They are classic examples of the kind of unintended consequences that result from policies based on ideology and idealism rather than the actual conditions on the ground
  It's been a running joke since President Joe Biden took office – though the tragedies surrounding illegal immigrants too often turn tragic; The administration insists that "the border is closed," but everyone with a TV set or even a transistor radio knows that's a lie.

The administration tells migrants "don’t come" with quiet, occasional words. But its loud constant actions send a different message. These migrants know their chances of succesful illegal immigration under Biden are exceedingly high.
  To the extent that there is any plan to stop the death and destruction at the border, thus far it involves Vice President Kamala Harris addressing "root causes." Someday you see, once climate change is solved and Guatemala becomes a functioning nation, illegal immigration won’t be needed anymore. It will simply wither away.

In the meantime, progressives with all of the institutional power at their beck-and-call insist we must flood the country with illegal migrants first (because that's the ‘humane’ thing to do, after all the ‘terrible’ Trump immigration policies) and ask questions later. It will be fine, they assure us. They have really thought it through.

You see, these ideas are supposed to work:
  • They have been workshopped time and again in our best graduate schools.
  • Strict border enforcement is considered racism, not a policy position.
  • But the southern border is not a sociology experiment, we don’t have months or years to study the impact of lax border enforcement, people are dying right now.
It has been remarkable how quickly Biden and the Democrats’ pie-in-the-sky policies – on policing, paying people not to work, and most dramatically on the border – have come crashing down on their heads. It seems amazing that a single president and party could have wrought so much destruction in a mere 11 months.

And unlike Covid, the economy and crime, the border is not a problem that Biden inherited. Judging solely by the numbers, President Donald Trump – whatever one thinks of him – was incredibly successful in tamping down illegal immigration.

This was done through policies like "Remain in Mexico," which Biden now claims he will reintroduce, and, yes, building the wall, which like an obstinate child the president and his allies simply refuse to entertain.

Now Biden’s do nothing approach to the border is more than just an esoteric question about the future of the nation, or about "fairness" to those who come legally, about fentanyl coursing across the Rio Grande, or about Covid creeping in upon the backs of migrants.
Today, funerals are being held for the immediate victims of Biden's well-intentioned but deadly approach to illegal immigration.

And amidst all of this chaos and crisis, it just doesn’t seem like Joe Biden is very interested – which is odd since half his brand is "compassion."

The angriest or most emotional about the border that Biden has been in his entire presidency was in regard to a fake news story about border agents allegedly whipping Hatian migrants. An investigation into that laughable incident is ongoing, which is another way of saying that the White House wants to bury the story.

It's time for a dose of realism. It’s time for the White House to admit that its policies have failed and are getting people killed.

Governing has consequences, even and especially unintended ones. 

But at a certain point intentions – fine though they may be – cease to matter.

People are dying, and President Joe Biden not only has no plan to stop it, he doesn’t even seem to care.

David Marcus is a columnist living in New York City and the author of "Charade: The Covid Lies That Crushed A Nation."