Trump Slows Refugees Flow From 9,945 in October to 2,070 during March

February to March numbers alone drop 54.79% 

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — According to State Department Refugee Processing Center data, the number of refugees let into the United States in March dropped by more than half from the previous month, as President Donald Trump continues to make good on his campaign promises.

2,070 refugees arrived during March, approximately 54.79% less than the 4,579 recorded in February, CNS News reports

With the fiscal year now halfway through, 39,098 refugees had arrived as of March 31, of whom 30,122 arrived before the end of the Obama Administration, and 8,967 since Trump’s inauguration.

The number has steadily declined in FY 2017, from 9,945 refugees admitted to the U.S. last October, to:

  • 8,355 in November
  • 7,371 in December, and
  • 6,777 in January

After an initial executive order ran into legal roadblocks, Trump issued a revised one on March 6th that once again sought to block all refugees from entering the country for 120 days. It dropped the original’s provision placing an indefinite ban on the admission of refugees from Syria.

The new order again included a ceiling on 50,000 refugees overall to be admitted during FY 2017. Trump declared that allowing more than that “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.”

Other parts of the order, including the 50,000 refugee admission ceiling for FY 2017, were not impacted by the court action and went into effect on March 16.

The 50,000 ceiling stands in sharp contrast to the Obama Administration’s announcement last fall that the U.S. would resettle 110,000 this fiscal year.

Of the 2,070 refugees resettled in March, the largest contingents came from:

  • Somalia (335)
  • Syria (282)
  • Burma (278)
  • Iraq (192)
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (184)
  • Ukraine (167) and
  • Iran (101)

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