Tom Mechler to Run for Republican Party Chair

Dear fellow Texas Republican,

In recent months, I have met with several current and past State Republican Party leaders and have been asked by many of them to consider running for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. After much prayer and soul searching, I have decided to answer that call. Today, I am writing you to announce my candidacy for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

Having lost seats in the last two general elections, Republicans are now poised to lose our two-seat majority in the Texas House of Representatives if a serious course correction is not taken prior to the 2010 general election. If we lose our majority, Republicans will be at a great disadvantage in the redistricting battle which will occur after the 2010 census. Not only must we hold on to our majority, but we must increase it. It was with that thought in mind that many individuals approached me about running for Party Chairman.

Our Party has a history of excellent leaders, and I want to clarify that nothing in this letter is intended to criticize any current or previous leadership; indeed, I have the utmost respect and appreciation for their hard work and dedication. However, I believe our Party is at a point where my experience, skills, temperament, and talents can be particularly
effective in leading the Republican Party of Texas.

I have a great love for our Party and the issues that unite us as Republicans, as expressed in our Platform. I believe in the sanctity of life, policies that strengthen families, and limiting the reach of government in our lives in order to preserve individual freedom. I am a conservative whose philosophy is inspired by Christian principles.

It is my belief the crisis in which we find ourselves is a result of 1) our ranks being fractured and 2) a lack of a consistent message being offered to the voters. Our ideas are strong and our beliefs ring true to a majority of Texans. Texas is a conservative state, and our Party espouses a conservative message.

Conservatism, when articulated appropriately and implemented, rather than being just a campaign slogan, has broad appeal. Business owners across Texas want low taxes and reasonable regulations. Families failed by public schools that refuse to change want the opportunity to give their children an educational alternative. Texans believe in a culture that
nurtures and protects life. These are all conservative ideas, and they have wide appeal.

During the 12 years I served as a county chairman and the four years I served on the SREC, I have seen our Party accomplish much. We have the ability to win if we work together as a team. The State Chair is a position of servant leadership, one of accountability to the SREC, to the delegates of the State Convention, and to grassroots Texans.
Several weeks ago, I met with a grassroots leader who asked me, “Why do you want to be State Chair?” I’m not looking for an opportunity to build my resume. I am completely content with the work I have already been blessed to do in my life, whether serving as a member of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice, running a business and providing for my
family, or serving as a volunteer prison chaplain. This campaign is not about me – it’s about the hopes and aspirations of our Party – about a resurgent and optimistic conservatism that doesn’t shun tough fights, but does make a stand on tough issues in a positive way. It’s about the leadership we need to protect and increase our majorities in the House and Senate, and our hold on statewide offices. It is about moving forward, not more of the same. In other words, I want to serve for the sake of helping the Party succeed.

The Party is a large, complex organization with many moving parts, which requires its leader to have the managerial, organizational, and financial skills that my experience has provided me. I have owned and operated several entrepreneur businesses over the last 17 years, managed three county parties, and have both an engineering degree and an MBA.

What Must Be Done To Win

Every element of the Party is essential for it to function properly. We sometimes have a tendency to disregard or even disrespect the importance of the various groups in our Party, and I believe this severely weakens our effectiveness. If we are to win back our solid House majority and continue winning in other areas, we are all going to have to work together.
Ronald Reagan showed us the importance of bringing the social and fiscal conservative wings of the party together. We need each other to be

I tend to see the Party as a four legged stool – One leg is the SREC and the county chairs elected by the grassroots, one leg comprises the elected officials, one leg consists of the major donors, and the final leg, the auxiliaries. It appears to me that some of the legs in this example feel they don’t have a place at the table.

Some believe that we don’t need major donors but most of our initiatives cannot be accomplished by volunteers alone. All donors, small and large, are essential to the success of our Party. Millions of dollars are necessary to win elections. If either small or large donors are not giving, it seems to indicate they have lost confidence in the Party.

Auxiliaries are essential to our success since they bring like-minded Republicans together for a unique purpose. One example, TFRW, has carried an enormous amount of water in working to elect Republicans. For the sake of our success, it is essential that all of our auxiliaries be strong and focused on electing Republicans and implementing our Republican
values and principles. In my opinion, we cannot effectively reach out to non-traditional Republicans without them. Our elected officials must feel they have a place at the table. Many I have spoken with feel there is a disconnect between them and the Party. We must remember that our influence with elected officials develops through relationships. Too
many times we criticize our elected officials for the positions they take without taking the time to ask them to explain their actions. It’s easier to hold someone accountable through an established relationship than by standing on the sidelines and criticizing them. The objective is to win, not to attack our own standard-bearers. I’m not suggesting they be given a
“pass” but rather that we should keep the lines of communication open and all work together toward common ground. Our local county organizations are the underlying fabric of our Party. For us to win in the future, it is imperative the top leadership of the Party work hand-in-hand with county leadership to strengthen the county parties. In the rural areas
especially, the State Party must provide assistance and resources to assist local parties so they can maximize Republican voter turnout and win county-level races.

For the Party to be successful in the future, we must come together as a team. Just as a general on the battlefield cannot allow the tactics of the enemy to become excuses for failure, we must hold our Party leadership accountable for results. Should I ultimately become the Chair, I welcome that accountability.

Losing is not an option. Through our collective effort and with God’s help, we will succeed in rebuilding our Party. We must make it clear to the citizens of Texas there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats. If I have already met you, I look forward to becoming re-acquainted. If not, I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or comments.

God Bless You and God Bless Texas,

Tom Mechler
Former SD 28 SREC and Candidate for Republican Party of Texas Chairman


  1. I have been asked by my wife to contact you. You and her are classmates from your high school and share facebook together. I would like to discuss with you the issues facing Texas and our country. Please reply by email or give me a call to discuss.

  2. The Ron Paul foks were trying in the convention to violate the voters trust. They wanted to send delegates for Ron Paul to the Republican National Convention even though he was hosed by McCain in the primary. For the Ron Paul folks, rules are only for other people.

  3. Tom, (in case you ever actually read this) My question would be, if you were shown a situation where established Republican leaders broke the law, would you do everything within your power to cover it up? or would to listen to both sides and follow the Rule of Law…..

    I only ask because this did happen last year, people who were not eligible to be at the Houston convention were seated because the truth was not allowed to be told. At least one minority report rule change was made so what happened in a SREC meeting would not happen again.

  4. The four legged stool of the party? Man, what about the MAIN leg, which are THE VOTERS!? Not just the party insiders and party hacks and people who use Jesus for political purposes. (which to me is blasphemous and shameful)

    We need to get rid of the idiots out of our party. We need to get rid of those in power that saw the new people that Ron Paul brought into the party as “insurgents” or some invading force. This is bizzare, fear mongering type mentality. Instead of a “hey, cool, were growing the party”. Oh, those in power will sayyyyyyyyyyyy they want to “grow the party” out of their lips, but then do everything they can to “control” what happens as to keep THEIR OWN power. ..and the blind sheep that follow them just because they put on a good dog and poney show and mention “Jesus” every other just “knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” they are soooooo “anointed”. (Nock nock, WAKE UP delegates and inner party workers, you are being USED by these “leaders” so they can keep their own power and not let go of it)

    It is a “click” of social conservatives, no different than the “old click” of moderate/country clubbers pre 1996 and before.

    Interesting, how four years or so ago, when (set up) Chair Beinkiser had a real challenger in Gina Parker, it was a battle of 2 social conservatives. Was more about that “click” in the party keeping power than anything else. The majority of the delegates do not understand nor see what is REALLY going on.

    Worst thing that ever happened to the party is when Pauken steped down! Not that he was the greatest chair ever, but it allowed what we have had since come to power and stay there. House needs to be cleaned out.

    This isn’t 1996 anymore social conservatives. You don’t need to “out Jesus” someone else anymore in these inner party races. The party is pro-life and has been for over 13 years now.

    When does running the party right, REALLY “growing the party”, NOT running new people off and seeing them as “insurgents” that need to be “taken care of” and “put in their place” and “watched”, demonized, etc., start winning races back that we have LOST under Chair Beinkiser, finding and running WINNABLE candidates in those areas, and making sure they are not IDIOTS that don’t understand core ideology and will only let us down when they are elected, ever start to occur?

    Pauken, Royal Massett, Mary Ann Collins, and alllll those numerous others that helped to REALLY build the party during the 80’s need to be brought back and not pushed to the side and marginalized.

    Get RID of those maybe “nice people” that want to say Jesus name every other sentence..and to be seen and heard by everyone else that they said Jesus 50 more times than everyone else, that they went to the prayer breakfast or sponsored it, and they even wore the biggest Jesus patch on their arm so that more people could see them as their MAIN GOAL, and replace them with those that also love the Lord and are born again, but also have a CLUE how to run the party, how to reach out and get people elected.

    Also, doesn’t the Bible talk about those who give vain prayers or go into the synagogue so that everyone can hear their prayers? ;) ;) ;) To show that they are “spiritual” or more “spiritual” than others? This is not a follower of Christ the Lord who does such things. Many true Christians in our party need to repent for what they have done. Truly follow God, stop “using” Him as a political tool for power or for show.

    It’s time to run the party right.

    Tom, your a nice guy, but your not the person to run this party. Pauken, Gary Polland, or some other strong leader needs to run it. Gina Parker would have been GREAT! Bobby Eberle would have been good too as vice chair. People who get things done, who have a greater grasp and comprehension of what is needed and the “real world” on the street with the voters.

    We don’t NEED anyone else who just know’s how to deal with inner party people and thinks mentioning Jesus in every sentence makes them a good leader for the party.

    My preacher is a great great man, but I wouldn’t want him working on my car. My brother is a great great person, but I wouldn’t elect him a judge.

    We need a strong chair with real leadership. Not someone to just “keep on doing, what has been done before or already set up for them, minding the store” type mentality.

    By the way, what does Robin Armstrong do, besides be draged out to give speaches for “appearance” sake? But, I guess that’s what he was elected for and on to begin with?
    Nice, great guy by the way.

    When the grass roots of the party is SERIOUS about having it run right, rather than clicks, or “appearances”, then we can talk and get real.

    Until then, let the dog/poney show and the Jesus arm patch makers make em bigger and bigger.

  5. Mr. Mechler’s comments were interesting.

    I would like to see the Republican Party post its platform, then ask every candidate to swear to uphold those principals.

    When an elected official casts a vote that may be questioned, HE OWES IT TO US to explain his vote. We should not have to write to him and ask why.

    I think the Republican Party does need to broaden its base. However, we post the platform, and say “This is what we stand for, if you believe this way, then join us. But, don’t expect US to change to suit you.” I belong to a church and I am a member because I believe in their teachings. I don’t expect the church to change (and don’t want them to change) to suit my whims.

    I agree with term limits.

    Every person running for political office (at all levels) should be required to (1) read “The 5000 Year Leap” and (2) read the Constitution of the United States. I believe that one of the problems with political candidates is that they do not have a good understanding of what our country is all about.

  6. I will support a candidate that convinces me they won’t cave in to lobbyists or pressures from the other side that are not what they were put in office for! We need people in office who will say what they mean and mean what they say! No more self serving, wishy-washy idiots like we have now! There should be term limits—no more “lifers”!

  7. This will be interesting – and I’m guessing a drawn out battle. May the better one win.

  8. I’m open to hearing what the man has to say. I do want details about what changes need to be made, or what specific mistakes are being made, or some means of making an improvement.

    I will support change agents that have demonstrated principles by their actions over a period of time. Something like leading efforts against stupid ideas, or supporting good ideas openly and working for or against them.

  9. I for one would like to know the names of those who you claim have ask you to run, Haveing seen the way that most who want to run for any thing, normaly start out with the same line, ,I say put the names out, Be proud don’t hide, If you think you can do the job say so don’t say your doing it because others think you would be good at it. Let play the game open and let every one know the real truth.

  10. SORRY but until you apologized for seeking to change direction I thought you may be Joshua and lead us out of the Wilderness. Unfortunately you sound like just another Moses , prepared to look the other way.
    WE HAVE NO NEED OF THOSE IN THE PARTY THAT HAVE LED to its present condition…….weak and floundering.
    GOD allowed Obama to win for a reason………………………..until we understand that the present Republican Party will never represent CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE TEXANS …….you cannot have it both ways.
    Either STAND for CHANGE and rid the party of the parasites that are weakening it or Stay where you are so a REAL JOSHUA can emerge.

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