CHRISTIAN: “Big Austin Money Reaching Deep to Try to Steal this Election”

To quote Ronald Reagan, “There you go again …”

By State Rep. Wayne Christian

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – As the first week of early voting comes to a close, a new set of attack ads has been launched against me by my opponent’s special interest friends down in Austin. I have called on him to end the attacks, and so has the editor of his hometown newspaper,. But again, his silence tells voters everything they need to know.

The attacks are even more out of line than the first set, but this is how the game is played folks.

My opponent is using big city, dirty politics to amp up the attacks through the election. They’ve even come after me for the car that I drive. My car is over ten years old, I purchased it secondhand, and it has nearly 200,000 miles on it–miles I personally drove all over Texas to spread the message about small government, pro-family conservative values.

Last interim alone I drove over 7,000 miles speaking at TEA Parties across the state and helping to build the Texas Conservative Coalition into the second largest caucus in the Texas House.

Strap in and hold on tight, because the big money in Austin is reaching deep to try to steal this election from us in East Texas.


  1. It’s happening wherever a genuine conservative goes up against a career establishment moderate. Just look at all the disengenuous “mud” being slung around so profusely by the Dewhurst campaign, “mud” primarily directed at his primary opponent, former Solicitor General Ted Cruz. When you don’t have a favorable record of leadership on which to run, your only option is to spend lots of money to attempt to smear your opponents. This is truly “conduct unbecoming” of anyone who wishes to represent me and the people of Texas. David Dewhurst does NOT deserve our support or our vote.

    Hang in there Mr. Christian. There are plenty of very good people in your district who don’t appreciate these types of negative attacks by “outside agitators.” Your conservative ideals and integrity are precisely what “We the People” need to nurture throughout our state government, and especially in our Texas Capitol. Thank you for all you have accomplished so far as “the only Christian in the House.”

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