The Marxist Democrats are Throwing Away Our America

By Bill Burch, Chairman of The Grass Roots Institute of Texas (GRIT)

bill-burchgritWe all need to understand the thinking of the new Marxist Democrats and how they differ from the past. First, as a basis for their thinking, they believe “from each according to his ability and to each according to his need (Karl Marx, 1875)”. 

To this we need to understand the difference between a Marxist Democrat and a Liberal Democrat. A Liberal Democrat believes the government is responsible to help each individual achieve their goals and freedoms. The Marxist Democrat believes that the individual is responsible to society as a whole and to help government achieve its goals.

On the surface, these may seem innocent enough, but when you really think about what they’re wanting, it gets really scary.  For example, in a Marxist world, a person only needs a certain amount of space to cook (small kitchen), store perishables, sleep (small bedroom), and sit between sleeping and working (small living room).

Nobody needs or should have anymore space than that (unless you are a government leader) whether you are a doctor, manager, or roofer. Now the doctor may need more education than a roofer, and will get it and it will be paid for by the government. Both will need tools (owned by the government).

Herein lays the problem. If a doctor is brilliant or terrible, he receives the same living conditions. If he is a lazy worker or a hard worker, he receives the same living conditions. He could work in a convenience store or be a surgeon; he receives the same living conditions. If there is no incentive to excel, then people don’t excel.

This has been proven time and again in Communist countries. But Marxist believes that they were not successful simply because most of the world, particularly the United States was Capitalist and that Capitalism prevented the success of Marxism.

Looking at the second part, you need to understand the ramifications of Society over the Individual. If you have a medical treatment that will cost more than the norm to treat (cancer, heart problems, diabetes, and etc) then the treatment can not be given because it is an unfair drain on society as a whole and beyond the Marxist Democrats prescribed needs of the individual.

In America, whether you are a Liberal or Conservative, we are all about the individual. To understand why Americans are strong supporters of individual rights and freedoms and Europeans are strong believers in Socialism, you need to look at history. 

The Europeans and North Africans excelled largely because of the harsh weather conditions and less access to food compared to Central and South Africa. In Central and South Africa, most of the population was still hunter-gatherers due to the abundance of game, fruit, and berries. Most people do what they must do to survive, no more, no less.

A grass hut may serve your needs in Central Africa, but you would die in England. So Europeans and North Africans learned to farm, domesticate animals, and develop the technologies needed to survive. Kings and other noblemen came into being and demanded taxes in return for protection from raiders and invaders. Communities were formed and as taxes were increased, evolved into what we call collectives today. They discovered that one person had a skill that others didn’t possess (such as a blacksmith) and this skilled person was paid enough to give to cover their taxes and provide for their needs. This was the basis for Karl Marx thinking.

Europeans who believed that they were not receiving just compensation from the collective (often due to their religious beliefs in England) took the risk of moving to America. Here individualism thrived. Charity also thrived as these new comers helped their neighbors, not because they had to, but because they wanted too.

They were very distrustful of government and taxes because they felt that if they cleared the land, built their house and barn, planted and cultivated their crops, then it should be their decision to do what they wanted to with the fruits of their labor. If someone was lazy, that was their problem if they didn’t make it. But if someone’s crops failed due to circumstances beyond their control, everyone pitched in to help, because they wanted to, not because they had to. This religious individualism is the basis for the mainly American belief that government should only be involved in things that people cannot do for themselves are very well for themselves. 

In Europe, the Kings were taking taxes from the Noblemen and governing from afar. The Noblemen were taxing the serfs to pay for roads, the Kings tax, and local protection, something the serfs could see with their own eyes. This gave rise to the American belief that government closest to the people is the best government of all.

Whereas the Marxist philosophy of collectivism and for the betterment of society as a whole fits in with the mindset of Europeans and North Africans, it doesn’t fit well with Americans due to the unique perspective of Americans.

Additionally, Liberalism, which believes that the Government knows best and should take from those who work hard so they can give to others, is also alien to Americans base beliefs. These beliefs came from people who came later as a result of being forced to come to America or were running from persecution.

If you read the thoughts and history of America and the world, you come to understand what is happening today. The basic thoughts of the founders of our country as stated above are the basic principles of Conservatives. Some Conservatives sway to the left because it is in their genes to want to help others who are not as fortunate as themselves. What they forget is that it is up to the individual to make that determination, not the government.

Conservatives still make up the majority of Americans. However, Conservatives tend to be much more attentive to their families and assume that things will continue to be fine. While their backs were turned, the Marxist took over the Democratic Party. Now, because we care for our families, we must make the sacrifices necessary to return our government to where men like George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison envisioned it to be.

Remember that the basic principle of the Republican Party is that government should only be involved in those thing that people cannot do for themselves or do very well for themselves, and that government closest to the people is the best government of all. Any Republican who does not follow this should be voted out of office. All Marxist Democrats and their followers must be voted out of office.

To win, Liberal Democrats need to take back their Party leadership positions from the Marxist Democrats. This will take at least four years. In the interim, while working to change their leadership, they must help deliver devastating losses to Democrat Office Holders. They do this by voting Republican. They must do this to effect a change in leadership. They must help send a message to the Marxist that they are not wanted in America.

Republicans must put forth a Conservative agenda and stick with it. The United States is a Conservative nation. The voters were sold a bill of goods by the Marxist Democrats. Some foolish Republicans actually think that the message from the 2008 elections was that the Republican Party needs to move to the left. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The Republican Party must return to the Conservative principles of Ronald Reagan.

Conservatives have been staying home in greater and greater numbers because they could see little difference between the two Parties. Well, now everyone can see a big difference thanks to the Marxist finally showing their faces. As much as the lies of the Marxist Democrats helped the Marxist get in the position today, the anti-Conservative leanings and actions of many Republicans have also helped the Marxist. To help win this war, all Republicans must support Conservatives to office or face extinction at the hands of the Marxist.

Although Democrats must stick with their Primaries if they are to have a chance to change their leadership, everyone else must be involved in the Republican Primaries, by finding and helping Conservatives get nominated and then supporting them all the way through the General Elections.

Until such time as the Marxists are ousted from the Democratic Party, Democrats and Independents must vote for Republicans.

Our way of life is in jeopardy. Many already know they were at fault due to their past complacency.  If you don’t get off the couch and away from the TV and get mad and involved, you will not have a TV or a couch or anything else you value. This is happening now, not later. If you care about America, if you care about Texas, you must do it now.


  1. P.S.

    If anyone is interested, here’s a good link to the definition and history of cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School of Marxist thinkers where it originated. It takes five minutes to read, but is a good synopsis to start your own research.

  2. Until conservatives begin to address the issue of cultural Marxism and set forth strategies for defeating it’s evil and insidious effects on all our national institutions, there is no hope.

    You aren’t going to vote this problem away. And that’s a fact. The Marxists have seized control of all American institutions, from education to legal to science to public policy to environment, and hundreds of others. They are changing the nation from within. And noone that I know of has a plan to undo it, or even confront it, or even talk about it to the public.

    This nation needs a leader with strength, courage and intellect NOW. A leader who is a risk taker and is utterly unconcerned with his “career in politics.” Palin is a nice lady, but she is only a media star.

    If we don’t take concerted action NOW to address the subversion with every means at our disposal, America will fall. And the world just might be plunged into World War Three.

  3. Right on, Bill. That’s the exact message that needs to be shouted from the roof tops from now to Nov 2010. Well said.

  4. The Purpose of Government

    Is government at any level, invented, designed or fashioned for the purpose of providing justice or preventing injustice? For those who look to government as our nation’s highest authority, the dispensing of justice its highest duty, instead of a nation based on freedom principles, where the people are the highest authority and government’s highest duty is to prevent injustice, yours is a happy lot under the modern Democrat. There is a major difference between justice given and injustice prevented, just like equality and inequality. Justice and equality inspire admiration, but preventing injustice and encouraging inequality made America the great nation it became. It is easy to decide which is best when comparing America’s prosperity to almost 200 other nations in the world where most starve, are whipped, beaten and murdered by their prosperous elite rulers.

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