The Big Alienation: Uncontrolled Borders & Washington’s Lack of Self-Control

By Peggy Noonan

We are at a remarkable moment.  We have an open, 2,000-mile border to our south, and the entity with the power to enforce the law and impose safety and order will not do it.

The right never trusted the government, but now the middle doesn’t.  But the larger point is that Arizona is moving forward because the government in Washington has completely abdicated its responsibility.  

Meanwhile we pass huge laws, bills so comprehensive, omnibus and transformative that no one knows what’s in them and no one — literally, no one — knows how exactly they will be executed or interpreted.

Wall Street collapsed, taking Main Street’s money with it, and the government can’t really figure out what to do about it because the government itself was deeply implicated in the crash, and both political parties are full of people whose political careers have been made possible by Wall Street contributions.

Citizens search for new laws online, pore over them at night, and come away knowing no more than they did before they typed “dot-gov.”

It is not that no one’s in control. Washington is full of people who insist they’re in control and who go to great lengths to display their power.

It’s that no one takes responsibility and authority.

Washington daily delivers to the people two stark and utterly conflicting messages:

  • “We control everything” and
  • “You’re on your own.”

All this contributes to a deep and growing alienation between the people of America and the government of America in Washington.

This is not the old, conservative and long-lampooned “I don’t trust gummint” attitude of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. It’s something new, or rather something so much more broadly and fully evolved that it constitutes something new.

I asked a campaigner for Hillary Clinton recently where her sturdy, pantsuited supporters had gone. They didn’t seem part of the Obama brigades.

“Some of them are at the tea party,” she said.

None of this happened overnight. It is, most recently, the result of two wars that were supposed to be cakewalks, Katrina, the crash, and the phenomenon of a federal government that seemed less and less competent attempting to do more and more by passing bigger and bigger laws.

Add to this states on the verge of bankruptcy, the looming debt crisis of the federal government, the likelihood of ever-rising taxes. Shake it all together, and you have the makings of the big alienation. Alienation is often followed by full-blown antagonism, and antagonism by breakage.

Which brings us to Arizona and its much-criticized attempt to institute a law aimed at controlling its own border with Mexico.

It is doing this because the federal government won’t, and because Arizonans have a crisis on their hands, areas on the border where criminal behavior flourishes, where there have been kidnappings, murders and gang violence.

If the law is abusive, it will be determined quickly enough, in the courts.

In keeping with recent tradition, they were reading parts of the law aloud on cable the other night, with bright and sincere people completely disagreeing on the meaning of the words they were reading. No one knows how the law will be executed or interpreted.

Every state and region has its own facts and experience. In New York, legal and illegal immigrants keep the city running:

  • They work hard jobs with brutal hours,
  • rip off no one on Wall Street, and
  • do not crash the economy.
  • They are generally considered among the good guys.

I’m not sure New Yorkers can fairly judge the situation in Arizona, nor Arizonans the situation in New York.

For 10 years — at least — through two administrations, Washington deliberately did nothing to ease the crisis on the borders because politicians calculated that an air of mounting crisis would spur mounting support for what Washington thought was appropriate reform — i.e., reform that would help the Democratic and Republican parties.

The establishments of the American political parties, and the media, are full of people who think concern about illegal immigration is a mark of racism. If you were Freud you might say, “How odd that’s where their minds so quickly go, how strange they’re so eager to point an accusing finger. Could they be projecting onto others their own, heavily defended-against inner emotions?”

But let’s not do Freud, he’s too interesting. Maybe they’re just smug and sanctimonious.

The American president has the power to control America’s borders if he wants to, but George W. Bush and Barack Obama did not and do not want to, and for the same reason, and we all know what it is. The fastest-growing demographic in America is the Hispanic vote, and if either party cracks down on illegal immigration, it risks losing that vote for generations.

But while the Democrats worry about the prospects of the Democrats and the Republicans about the well-being of the Republicans, who worries about America?

No one. Which the American people have noticed, and which adds to the dangerous alienation — actually it’s at the heart of the alienation — of the age.

In the past four years, I have argued in this space that nothing can or should be done, no new federal law passed, until the border itself is secure. That is the predicate, the commonsense first step.

Once existing laws are enforced and the border made peaceful, everyone in the country will be able to breathe easier and consider, without an air of clamor and crisis, what should be done next.

What might that be? How about relax, see where we are, and absorb. Pass a small, clear law — say, one granting citizenship to all who serve two years in the armed forces — and then go have a Coke.

Not everything has to be settled right away. Only controlling the border has to be settled right away.

Instead, our national establishments deliberately allow the crisis to grow and fester, ignoring public unrest and amusing themselves by damning anyone’s attempt to deal with the problem they fear to address.

Why does the federal government do this? Because so many within it are stupid and unimaginative and don’t trust the American people.

Which of course the American people have noticed.

If the federal government and our political parties were imaginative, they would understand that it is actually in their interests to restore peace and order to the border. It would be a way of demonstrating that our government is still capable of functioning, that it is still to some degree connected to the people’s will, that it has the broader interests of the country in mind.

The American people fear they are losing their place and authority in the daily, unwinding drama of American history. They feel increasingly alienated from their government. And alienation, again, is often followed by deep animosity, and animosity by the breaking up of things.

If our leaders were farsighted not only for themselves but for the country, they would fix the border.


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  8. I was watching the show, AMERICA” last night on the history channel. They were telling the story of the revolution, what led to the revolt against England. What the English Government failed to understand is that you don’t push or slap around a freedom loving people. It was not just over-taxation that precipitated the Revolution. The Federal Government was deliberately formed to be a loose restricted Government by the States. It’s purpose was to represent the States as a whole on matters of consequence to Americans in each State. The Federal Government is no longer representing the States. It has become THE Government. The wave of discontent has been steadily growing. So, as Ms. Noonan points out, a “breaking up of things” is coming. It is long overdue.

  9. The GOP needs to be VERY CAREFUL or they will witness the BIRTH of a NEW Party.
    We are very close to that RIGHT NOW………………………………………the wind is SHIFTING and unless they OPEN their eyes and ears SOON …………….Change is coming, they can join in or join the DEMON RATS.

  10. Why would any reasonable person want to leave our borders open? Dont we have any common sense anymore? We already have 12 million or more illegal aliens here, as more come across the border every day they just add to the problem. We have drugs being smuggled across the border. We are at war and our enemies can come across the border to form sleeper cells and influnence American citizens to become terrorist. Are we a nation of idiots? Have we lost all our common sense? Dont anyone know the difference between LEGAL AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION? Our elected officials are afraid to act because of the Hispanic vote, this may be a misconception on their part, quiet a few American Hispanic citizens are against illegal immigration. Illegal aliens cheapens their job potential, people start to class all Hispanics in the same light expecting cheap labor. This is detrimental to them. No one I know has any problem with legal immigration, it’s the ones who cut in line and sneak into our country and demand rights they have no right to they are against. We can’t afford to carry these freeloaders any longer, our country is already at the point of collapse and yet our politicians let them continue to come on in. Our liberal socialist President Obama and Janet Napolitano, just like George Bush don’t want to enforce our Federal laws. I am glad Arizona did what our Federal government didn’t have the guts to do. I don’t know why any Hispanic American citizen would have a problem with this. They are the same as Federal laws, the only difference is The Federal government didn’t do their job and enforce them. Wake up America, with the laws Obama is passing already we will never pay off our debt, these illegal aliens just add to the problem.

  11. Excellent observation;
    Might I make one more.
    They keep the borders open for three reasons:
    Cheap labor paid for at the taxpayers expense.
    Drugs to satisfy the Rich and keep the rabble satisfied.
    Votes to keep the Elite in power.
    I would say the Understand the situation perfectly.
    As soon as the rest of us do there will be HELL to pay.

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