Texas Tax Cuts & Border Security: Chairman Dennis Bonnen Talks End-Game

Appraisals can go up, but the rates should go down. That is only controlled at that local level.”

Texas Insider Bonnen, Dennis 5-21-15AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) – “The latest is that the House has respectfully set sales tax (cuts) aside I want to have that discussion again in the future, but we’ve set that aside  and we agreed that we’ll have a $10,000 Homestead Exemption increase.

“One thing that I want to point out, and its been the message that the House has been trying to deliver all Session long is, we’re proud to do tax relief, but we don’t want it sold incorrectly,” State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, the Texas House’s chief tax authority tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“People get very frustrated by elected leaders who don’t tell the truth, and who over-sell things to them. So the House’s position has been that we’re proud to do a $10,000 property tax exemption and get that done … But in the House we want to be very clear; we’re probably not going to Texas Insider Bonnen, Dennis 5-21-15abe able to even really lower what that Property Tax Bill is.

“The best way to do that is for you to go talk to your City Council, go talk to your County Commissioner, go talk to your School Board. They control those rates. And, appraisals aren’t really the problem … appraisals can go up, but the rates should go down. That is only controlled at that local level,” Bonnen said.

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“So in the House of Representatives, we want to be telling the truth and we want reality as to what’s going on,” said Bonnen, who chairs the powerful House Ways & Means Committee.

“One of the sticking points we’re trying to resolve right now is  and its a little bit frustrating because its not that we don’t want there to be an immediate opportunity of lessening the pain, but the Tax Assessor-Collectors have testified saying ‘we have no position on this, but you need to understand that we’re not sure we can have a Constitutional Election to increase the Homestead Exemption and then load that into software and put that into tax bills effective this year.’

“We’re visiting with the Lt. Governor and the Senate about that, because the last thing we want to do is create confusion on our taxpayers Property Tax bills. That’s really the final issue we’re trying to resolve … and, its not really even an issue we’re debating over policy because it’s an issue about what can be done mechanically,” Bonnen said.

Earlier this year, in a Texas Insider article, Bonnen said:

Bonnen House Tax Cuts 4-8-15b (2)Three times from 1997 to 2006 the Legislature delivered property tax relief. Three times voters never received promised relief, and three times the state increased state spending on a property tax cut that simply vanished.

“There’s a reason the political class has a credibility problem with the public: too often they don’t keep their promises.   

“In 2006, voters were sold a property tax cut that would reduce tax bills, on average, by $2,000. That never materialized. By the time the appraiser got his percentage, and local districts raised rates again, 80% of the promised tax cut had evaporated, never making it to homeowners.

“Worse yet, county, city and special purpose districts erased the rest of the reduction completely.”

Concerning other policy issues Bonnen revealed during his interview, earlier this week House Speaker Joe Straus wrote in an op-ed carried by the Texas Insider:

 “We voted for Tax Relief. The strong performance of our private sector has given the Legislature an opportunity to reduce the tax burden on families and businesses.

“The House has voted for two major tax-relief proposals, and we are now working out differences with the Senate.

Border Patrol Fence“We addressed Border Security. With overwhelming bipartisan support, the House passed legislation that would bring consistency to our security efforts along the Texas-Mexico border while ensuring that other areas of the state are not left vulnerable.

“We also provided additional tools to law enforcement and prosecutors to combat drug trafficking and human smuggling. The Senate has passed similar legislation, and I believe we will agree to a solution that makes our entire state safer.

“The House has compiled a strong record so far. But our work is not finished,” Straus said.


  1. Well Pilgrims, we do not need a DPS Army.
    Their cost vs. benefit does not match.

    As for Property taxes….. The big Texas two step, watch the Govenor sidestep the costs of school districts and county government.

    Locals will have to open carry when they visit their college children AND THE COUNTY TAX ASSESSORS!

    Seniors will not survive and keep their overinflated homes……

  2. Representative Bonnen is quick to throw local entities under the bus when it comes to tax rates while the Legislature has micro-managed school districts, cities, and counties to the point of fiscal collapse in some cases. School districts have so many unfunded mandates that there has been a book published by either TASA or TASB listing all of them. If the Legislature would fully fund school districts across the state equitably and adequately, school taxes could be completely abolished, but they have not been able to pass legislation that establishes any other means of funding public education other than local property tax. Counties and cities are different and they tax property for services they provide and they have the ability to adjust their taxes without having a local election as property values do up and down but schools cannot increase their taxes beyond $1.04 with out having an election and then they are limited to $1.17 per $100.00. The Legislature specifically took away they schools ability to do the same thing counties and cities do a few legislative sessions ago. There will always be taxes to pay for the services the public expects to be provided, but let’s not mis-informed. The Legislature is in complete control of how every other taxing entity in the state of Texas can tax. They make the law, pure and simple and we have to follow it of pay the consequences.

  3. ABOLISH property taxes !!!!!!!!! that is the only way that Texans will ever be allowed to own private property and their homes. no matter what the rate is or the exemption is unless you abolish property taxes Texans will be forced to pay a tribute to the king — when Travis and the boys fought for independence and freedom did they plan on preventing Texans from owning private property by paying an illegal, immoral, unconstitutional property tax, or never owning their homes because of the illegal, immoral, unconstitutional ; abolish property taxes — why do you support property taxes?? why don’t you want Texans to own their homes?? abolish property taxes so that Texans will once again have freedom — when the US / TX economy collapse and Texans lose their property and home due to illegal, immoral, unconstitutional property taxes will you rejoice ???

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