Texas Should Remain Leader, Recognizing Economic Value of All Texas Students

CPPP Opposes Denying In-State Tuition to Texas Resident Non-Citizens

cpppTexas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas “As workers, entrepreneurs, innovators, taxpayers and consumers, immigrants in Texas are major drivers of the state’s economy. Allowing resident non-citizen students of Texas to pay in-state tuition is good for the Texas economy. In 2013, 24,770 resident non-citizen students paid a total of $51.6M in tuition and fees,” said the Center for Public Policy Priorities’ (CPPP) Executive Director Ann Beeson Monday, testifying before the Texas Senate Committee on Veteran Affairs & Military Installation’s Subcommittee on Border Security on SB 1819.

The CPPP opposes Senate Bill 1819 to repeal in-state tuition for resident students of Texas who are non-citizens.

“CPPP opposes SB 1819. Texas should remain a leader in recognizing the economic value of helping all Texas students complete college, including smart, qualified, aspiring young people who have lived in Texas with their families for over three years and are non-citizens,” said Beeson.

“It’s important to remember that the current in-state tuition law for resident non-citizen students does not impact admissions of Texas citizen students. Resident non-citizen students do not ‘take away slots from Texas citizen students,’ as some proponents of SB 1819 have asserted.

“All students, regardless of immigration or residency status, compete for admission to Texas public colleges and universities,” Beeson said.

Background information and data about the number of Texas immigrants who receive in-state tuition and the details of HB 1403 (the “Texas Dream Act”).

Excerpts from her full testimony are available here. For questions, please contact Bernstein@cppp.org.

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