Texas Has 12 Counties With More Registered Voters Than Voting Age Citizens

Dead Voters Epidemic Blocked?

The Washington Times

The dead voters may be forced back into their graves. It came when whistleblowing attorney J. Christian Adams told the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that top Justice Department official Julie Fernandes had openly refused to enforce laws that require states to remove ineligible names – dead people, felons, people who have moved – from voter rolls.   

The biggest scandal emerging from the infamous New Black Panther voter- intimidation case didn’t even involve the Black Panthers.

“We have no interest in enforcing this provision of the law,” Ms. Fernandes reportedly told a roomful of employees of the department‘s Voting Section in November.

“It has nothing to do with increasing turnout, and we are just not going to do it.”  

Now comes Mr. Adams to show this wasn’t idle talk. As early as today, 16 states will start receiving official “notice letters” from him warning of coming private-action lawsuits to compel them to enforce these particular provisions of the law.

This appears to mean that the Justice Department is refusing to make states comply with federal voter-verification laws – which is why the task will fall to Mr. Adams, helping represent private citizens whose legal votes otherwise would be diluted in value by fraudulent votes.  

The evidence adduced by Mr. Adams, who resigned in protest from the Obama Justice Department, is so stark as to beg the question of how the department could miss it other than by deliberately, lawlessly ignoring it.

It is unclear why Ms. Fernandes felt compelled to make her turnout statement at all, unless it was to push back against staff attorneys who wanted to do their jobs according to the laws of the land.  

Mr. Adams‘ notice letters report that South Dakota, for example, has 17 counties with more registered voters than there are citizens of voting age living there.

  • Alabama has 7 such counties
  • Indiana has 12
  • Kentucky has 12
  • Mississippi has 17
  • Texas has 12 such counties

Most of the states threatened with suits have reported no cleaning of their voter lists for years. Multiple press accounts in Tennessee show a serious problem with convicted felons and illegal immigrants being registered and sometimes voting.  

Along those lines, Mr. Adams‘ missives also include Freedom of Information Act requests for the lists of federal felony convictions that the federal “motor voter” law requires the Justice Department to provide to election officials in each state.

The direct intent of the requirement is to enable states that ban felon voting to scrub those names from their registration lists. The implication from Mr. Adams is that the Justice Department is ignoring that part of the law, too.  

This developing scandal of mystery voters and dead voters resurrects the story about the Justice Department‘s own website showing more substantial efforts to help felons reacquire voting privileges – even though the department has no statutory authority to do so – than to help ensure the opportunity for military personnel overseas to have their votes cast and counted on time.  

From top to bottom, the Justice Department appears to be rigging voting-law enforcement in favor of interest groups usually seen to favor Democratic candidates.

If so, the department is aiding and abetting vote fraud.

Either way, this a major scandal that shouldn’t be buried.


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  2. Good and thank you for the answer Ed Wierdness. Roberts have always been an issue more them the last 12 years. I can understand about Jim Hogg county due to no mans land and full land passed on to others, The other I would have research my connections.

  3. Brooks, Terrell, Kent, Edwards, Roberts, Briscoe, Kenedy, McMullen, Jim Hogg, Trinity, Real, Chambers County, are the counties in question.

  4. If states would purge their records of deceased people it would show up on computers if someone tried to use that name to vote. We pay these people to do that job but it’s being neglected in some states. Jayne the purple ink is a good idea and we should do it here. We always come up with good solutions when wer’e sticking our noses in other countries voting but when it comes to ours it seems corrupt voting is the order of the day because we have so many crooked politicians and organizations corrupting our system. Maybe after November when we elect some honest consertative politicians to office some of these tactics will change. As long as we have organizations like ACORN now called COI (Community Origanizations International) around we have to be wary.

  5. Why not do here as we force them to do in Afghanistan. When someone votes, dip a finger in purple ink. That would stop duplicate voting, but not dead people voting. I don’t have a plan for that.

  6. This witch hunt is a joke………………………….I should have known anything the Obama “no justice” department does is the exact opposite of what needs to be done.
    These are the 12 counties and their population:
    Brooks 7377 of which 4732 are old enough to vote
    Terrell 969 of which 685 are old enough to vote
    Kent 703 of which 544 are old enough to vote
    Edwards 1863 of which 1304 are old enough to vote
    Roberts 873 of which 597 are old enough to vote
    Briscoe 1428 of which 1064 are old enough to vote
    Kenedy 369 of which 280 are old enough to vote
    McMullen 810 of which 664 are old enough to vote
    Jim Hogg 4997 of which 3227 are old enough to vote
    Trinity 13897 of which 10612 are old enough to vote
    Real 2925 of which 2149 are old enough to vote
    Chambers 31431 of which 20951 are old enough to vote

    NOW CONSIDER this HARRIS COUNTY has 69696 births a year…………………………..More people are born every year in Harris county the total population of all 12 counties the Obama Justice Department has targeted.
    The majority of the targeted countries are rural farming areas with a population density of only a few people for each square mile.
    This is another EXAMPLE just like the one posted with the two brothers over 60 that are decorated veterans being deported.
    THESE FOOLS cannot get anything RIGHT.
    There is voter fraud in TEXAS BUT I doubt very seriously if the 12 counties being targeted amount to 1% of it.

  7. You know what Demon Rats say to their dead friends. Vote early and often and when those (like Acorn) get caught—scream RACISICM loud and often!!!

  8. You know what Demon Rats say to their dead friends–vote early and often and when those responsible are caught sceam Racisicm!!!


  10. Voter fraud is not new. Lyndon Johnson was elected in 1948 with dead voters in Duvall County, and you see where that slippery slope led our country. Could the death certificates issued by each county be crossed referenced with the voter rolls?? Secondly, if those caught in voter fraud were actually prosecuted, it would stop a whole lot of it quickly. Hello District Attorneys!!

  11. I have always disliked all those votes from dead Democrats. I suppose the only thing worse is all the “Brain Dead” Demorats that has to follow the bread crumbs to the polls in order to vote.

  12. I have given a presentation of poll watching to reduce voter fraud in Dallas County precinct training the last two weeks and will give one more time tomorrow in Mesquite, TX. This is a very relevant topic given the presentation and the upcoming election.

    My presentation is a recounting (no pun intended) of information presented previously by Justin Epkar (sp?), former candidate for Dallas City Council from Oak Cliff, and Kim Locus, Executive Director of the Dallas County GOP. The information they presented was pretty stark and backs up this article.

    A couple of examples:

    1.) Mail-in ballots. LOTS of areas for fraud here, mostly dealing with “picking up” mail in ballots magically the day they arrive in voters’ mail boxes. They then get magically filled out and turned in…surprise, surprise!…with 100% DEMOCRATS selected to the bottom of the ballot. Big time area of potential fraud.

    2.) Polling places. One example given involved ONE PERSON’S HANDWRITING being used to sign-in 100 ALPHABETICALLY CONSECUTIVE voters. I mean, they didn’t even pick voters from different first letter names! Guess who THEY voted for??? Sorry…I don’t know the answer to that one…ballots being “secret” and all that. But we can all guess, right?

    Dead people–go figure!–make REALLY great voters if you’re talking about fraud. Especially for MAIL-IN ballots.

    My solution? Taxpayer-paid poll-watchers–one R, one D–at every polling place everywhere. Can you imagine how many fewer Dem voters there would be?

    The term in FL in 2000, remember, was “disenfranchisement.” We need to make the term in 2010 and going forward “voter fraud,” as in ENDING it!!!

  13. I just mentioned this possibility yesterday at the Kleberg County Republican Women’s meeting in Kingsville. Please let us know which Texas counties are being referenced in your article.

  14. After falling on the sword I still contend all my choices are as guilty as those discovered an listed in the document provided by the kingstreet patriots. :)

  15. Don
    Check out the votes in the Texas legislature………………………………………….I will admit that RHINO
    Republicans that are really DEMON RATS in FACT are a problem we Conservatives will CORRECT in November.
    All CONSERVATIVES need to DO is take their ANGER and Frustration to the voting booth.

  16. Wonder why this problem wasn’t taken care of during the 8 years of Republican rule. We had a long time to clean up the situation and our attorney general under Bush did noting also. Hmmmm! Maybe lots of those dead voters aren’t Dems after all.

  17. We all know Demon Rats are Zombies ………………………………….so they arise from the dead on election day to vote :)

  18. Dana
    WHY DO YOU THINK the DEMON RATS will NOT allow a voter ID bill to pass in the Texas Legislature?
    Over 70% of Texans WANT a voter ID.
    How many times did you vote in the last election?

  19. So he hell what? Dead folks on the voter rolls does not necessarily translate into VOTES BY DEAD PEOPLE! When someone starts PROVING that someone is voting FOR the dead people, then there is an issue…

  20. There were almost 400 mail in ballots last 2008 election which had signatures which in no way resembled the signatures on the voter registration cards, in the opinion of the signature verification committee. The Dallas County Election Judge approved every one of them as they were all for Democratic votes. This is the same woman, who along with her son, used Liquid Paper to alter mail in ballots. I will never again vote by mail in ballot. The first day of early voting, I head to the polls and vote. And this year, instead of working as an election Judge on election day, I will be working as a poll watcher in a Democratic precinct to ensure that there is a valid voter for each ballot. The Democrats long ago discovered they were in the minority and would never win, so they cheat!

    I refuse to have my vote stolen!

  21. SO…have you gotten involved with your county party? Volunteer to be an election judge or poll watcher. We have lots of opportunities in Travis County and we are getting record numbers of citizens coming forward to help us keep an eye on the process.

  22. Twelve counties have more voters than citizens, the other 242 counties may still have significant numbers of dead, “predominately Democratic” voters

  23. It has surfaced many times since the early 1960’s that voters in the valley area rose from the grave to vote…. Are they finally addressing this?

  24. I have never heard of chicago, texas. Only in the rust belt is voting the grave yard is used election after election. Stop it from happening in Texas. Yes I would like to know the counties involved.

  25. From top to bottom, the Justice Department appears to be rigging voting-law enforcement in favor of interest groups usually seen to favor Democratic candidates.

    If so, the department is aiding and abetting vote fraud. This makes me so furious that I could bite a 16 penny nail in half.

    I need to check if my deceased father is still on the voting role. I wouldn’t want some Dumbocrat to vote and use his name.

    This whole article substantiates why many people in this nation are suspicious of voter fraud. It’s not a conspiracy folks, this is real and it’s happening in “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Both left-wingers and right-wingers are leery of this. We’ve all heard both sides cry, “Foul.” We have to get our nation under control. I’ve heard rumors that the Obama administration wants to have foreigners come into our nation to monitor our election to make sure there isn’t voter fraud. What a slap in the face that would be to this nation, who is supposed to be the leader of the “Free World.” :-(

  26. So did anyone think this would ever be a surprise? After all, ACORN (organization of such high integrity) registered the entire Dallas Cowboy team in AZ to vote.

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