Texas Distributing Grants to Support Veterans Mental Health

jane-nelson3AUSTIN — Texas State Senator Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound, today applauded the distribution of $1.75 million in state grants for veterans mental health services.

Part of the funds will be used for peer support for veterans and their families. Senator Nelson authored SB 1325 in 2009 to establish a peer-to-peer intervention program, which allows veterans to share their experiences in a supportive environment.

“Veterans struggling with the psychological wounds of war are more likely to seek assistance if that support comes from another veteran,” Senator Nelson said. “We have outstanding, service-minded veterans in Texas who, with the right training, can make a positive impact in the lives of their peers and help them readjust.”

The grants also will help veterans access traditional treatment and expand trauma therapy services.  The Texas Department of State Health Services awarded the competitive grants to the following recipients:

  • North Texas Behavioral Health Authority (seven counties in North Texas)
  • Harris County MHMR Authority
  • Center for Health Care Services (serving Bexar County)
  • Central Texas Collaborative (20 counties in Central Texas)
  • El Paso MHMR Center
  • East Texas South Collaborative (16 counties in south East Texas)
  • East Texas North Collaborative (41 counties in north East Texas)
  • Lubbock Regional MHMR Center
  • Hill Country MHMR Center (17 counties in Central Texas)

These grants follow $2.66 million in funding provided earlier this year to local mental health centers around the state for peer support groups, housing assistance and employment services for veterans.

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  1. We already had this publicized once.
    It’s a GOOD thing BUT any politician that tries to get recognized by re posting it is nothing but an opportunist.
    How about presenting your CONSERVATIVE voting record?.

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