Texan Named ‘Watchdog of the Month’

Americans for Prosperity Names Killeen Resident Watchdog of the Month

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – The national office of Americans for Prosperity has named Killeen resident Jonathan Okray the organization’s “Watchdog of the Month” for December. Okray lead a successful effort to hold members of the Killeen City Council accountable for their decision to pay outgoing City Manager Connie Green $750,000 after he resigned under suspicious circumstances.  

To date, the Council has offered no explanation for Green’s departure, or why they paid Green hundreds of thousands of dollars more than what was originally stipulated in his employment contract.

“Jonathan embodies the spirit of Americans for Prosperity and our goal of restoring the right of citizens to decide just how much government they want and are willing to pay for,” said AFP State Director Peggy Venable.

“When local governments completely bypass their citizens on issues of such importance as this, it is incumbent upon the citizens to stand up and demand to be included. In these tough economic times, such outrageous use of taxpayer dollars – with no explanation at all – is unfathomable,” Venable said.

Okray, a Killeen resident for almost a decade and a retired Army veteran, said he became incensed when the Council gave Green such a large buyout without any citizen input or any explanation. He decided to organize citizens within his community to conduct a recall election of the sitting council members. Five of those council members were recalled by voters on Nov. 8.

Americans for Prosperity works with Citizen Watchdogs who will stand for a freedom-based agenda of economic growth, individual liberty and a Constitutional government. AFP identifies and offers training to individuals who are willing to commit to following the decisions of their city, county, school district, state legislators and other elected officials and hold them accountable to the public through the group’s Citizen Watchdog program.

“We believe that when citizens get involved, elected officials pay attention,” Venable said.

While Americans for Prosperity supports citizen oversight of government, it does not support or oppose candidates for public office, nor comment on whether any candidate should be recalled.


  1. A good article and award deserved by Jonathan Okray of Killeen,Texas.

    He was able & willing to stand up not just for himself, but any tax payer/citizen in Killeen who were stunned by the pay off of $750,000 on Mar.29,2011 to Mr Green,the city manager at the time.

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