Ted Cruz for Attorney General Endorsed by TFRW Leaders

Backed by majority of statewide officers allowed to support candidates before the primary election
ted-cruzAUSTIN, Texas—Former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz announced Wednesday that his campaign for Texas Attorney General has been endorsed by over 50 leaders of the Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW), including a majority of statewide officers who are allowed to support candidates before the primary election. 

The leaders endorsing Ted Cruz for Attorney General include five current statewide officers and seven deputy presidents. The TFRW is a volunteer organization of more than 10,000 members with 164 local clubs across Texas.

“The women of TFRW are the heart and soul of the Republican Party, and their leadership will help bring us out of the wilderness and ensure that we elect principled candidates who stand up for Texas values. These women are tireless workers, and I’m tremendously grateful to have their support,” Cruz said.

“Their enthusiasm and broad-based support is a reflection of the remarkable grassroots team we have been blessed to build all across Texas,” said Cruz about his campaign for Texas Attorney General.

Comments about Ted Cruz from statewide TFRW leaders:
Marilyn Davis, Vice President of Legislation, Nominee for Vice President of Finance:

“There’s a deep hunger across Texas and America for new, principled leaders who will stand up for our values. Ted Cruz is a rising star who will play a vital texaspart in that effort. He has a proven record of fighting to protect our economic liberty, sovereignty, and the most vulnerable among us.”

Kaye T. Goolsby, Former Officer of TFRW, Texans for Ted Cruz Grassroots Chairman:

“Ted Cruz is a unique candidate. He has the strongest experience and qualifications for the position of Attorney General and is also the new, fresh voice we greatly need in public service. Ted is energizing the grassroots, and I’m proud to join in giving my enthusiastic support.”

Carolyn Hodges, Deputy President of Region II (SDs 4, 6, 7), Nominee for First Vice President, and Former President of Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women:

“Ted is inspiring a broad coalition of supporters throughout the State. He is generating excitement with people of all ages and backgrounds. Ted is exactly the kind of principled, charismatic candidate we need as our party moves forward in Texas and nationwide.”

Jan Ott, Treasurer, Nominee for Vice President of Membership, Former President, and Founder of Cy-Fair Republican Women:

“Ted Cruz has an amazing ability to frame the issues in such a persuasive and positive manner. His incredible experience and track record before the U.S. Supreme Court as Solicitor General make him uniquely qualified for the job of Texas Attorney General. His long list of successes would be impressive for a man twice his age. This is a man with a limitless future ahead of him.”

Hazel Roman, Vice President of Membership and Former President and Founder of Bulverde Area Republican Women:

“Ted Cruz is a cause of great optimism throughout the ranks of TFRW and the State of Texas. We’re excited to support a candidate with integrity who can fight and win on our behalf, is gifted with exceptional communication ability, and has such an inspiring personal story.”

Judy Smith, Vice President of Programs, Former President of North Shore Republican Women, and Former President of Northwest Forest Republican Women:

“TFRW has a proud tradition of pounding the pavement for candidates we know will stand up for what we believe. I’m excited to join Republican women across the state to work tirelessly to make sure Ted Cruz wins the primary and general elections, so that he can make us proud as Attorney General. A great many of us have not been this excited about a candidate in a long time.”

Full list of endorsements from TFRW officers & members — Statewide Officers

  • Marilyn Davis, Sugar Land, Vice President of Legislation and Nominee for Vice President of Finance
  • Jo Konen, Spring, Vice President of Bylaws, Former President of Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women and Former President of Northwest Forest Republican Women
  • Jan Ott, Cy-Fair, Treasurer, Nominee for Vice President of Membership, and Former President and Founder of Cy-Fair Republican Women
  • Hazel Roman, Bulverde, Vice President of Membership, Former President and Founder of Bulverde Area Republican
  • Judy Smith, Montgomery, Vice President of Programs, Former President of North Shore Republican Women and Former President of Northwest Forest Republican Women

Deputy Presidents

  • Beryl Dowd, North Richland Hills, Deputy President for Region VI (SDs 10, 12)
  • Dotti Egger, McAllen, Deputy President for Region X  (SDs 20, 21, 27)
  • Mollie Herrington, Tyler, Deputy President of Region I (SDs 1, 2)
  • Carolyn Hodges, Houston, Deputy President for Region II (SDs 4, 6, 7), Nominee for First Vice President, and Former President of Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women
  • Tomi Porterfield, Pearland, Deputy President for Region V (SDs 11, 13, 15, 17, 18) and Former TFRW Officer
  • Juandell Lacy Roberts, Midland, Deputy President for Region VIII (SDs 28, 30, 31)
  • Imelda C. Torres, San Antonio, Deputy President for Region IX (SDs 14, 25, 26)

TFRW Leaders

  • Cathie Adams, Dallas, RNC National Committeewoman and Park Cities Republican Women Member
  • Sheryl Berg, Houston, SREC District 11, and San Jacinto Republican Women Member
  • Maggie Boerner, Pittsburg, Camp County Republican Chairman and Republican Women of Northeast Texas Member
  • Ernestine Bridges, Mesquite, District Director SD #2
  • Penny Butler, Houston, Former RNC National Committeewoman and Former President of Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women
  • Pat Cowan, Levelland, Hockley County Republican Chairman and Lubbock Area Republican Women
  • Ruby Cubley, Houston, Former President of Bay Area Republican Women and Board Member of Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women
  • Joyce Ellington, Houston, Former Officer of Village Republican Women
  • Judith Ellis, Houston, Former President of Daughters of Liberty Republican Women
  • Rajada Fleming, Houston, Officer of Village Republican Women
  • Kaye T. Goolsby, Katy, Former Officer of TFRW and Texans for Ted Cruz Grassroots Chairman
  • Pollie Guthrie, Joshua,  District Director SD #22
  • Patricia Henderson, Houston, President of Ronald Reagan Republican Women and Former President of Magic Circle Republican Women
  • Hon. Lilian Norman Keeney, Taylor Lake Village, District Director SD #11 and Former President of Bay Area Republican Women
  • Angie King, Dallas, SREC District #23, Park Cities Republican Women Member
  • Jan Koehne, Seguin, Guadalupe County Republican Chairman, SREC District 25, and Guadalupe County Republican Women Member
  • Rhonda Lacy, Midland, TFRW Chaplain, Midland County Republican Women Member
  • Sylvia Manley, Houston, District Director SD #7, Officer of Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women, and Past President of Northwest Forest Republican Women
  • Nancy Mayer, Killeen, District Director for SD #24
  • Robin McGregor, Houston, Former President of Magic Circle Republican Women
  • Denise McNamara, Dallas, Former RNC National Committeewoman and Golden Corridor Republican Women Member
  • Mary Moss, Houston, President of Cy-Fair Republican Women
  • Judy Parada, Montgomery, District Director for SD #3 and Officer of Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women
  • Leigh Porterfield, Center, Shelby County Republican Chairman and Treasurer, and Shelby County Republican Women Member
  • Sally Prill, Galveston, President of the Galveston County Republican Women and Board Member of Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women
  • Terese Raia, Sugar Land, SREC District #17 and Spirit of Freedom Republican Women Club Member
  • Alice Rekeweg, Kingwood, District Director SD #4 and Officer of Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women
  • Beverly Roberts, Houston, President-Elect of Village Republican Women
  • Marta Rosas, Lubbock, Vice President of the Lubbock Area Republican Women
  • Ruth Schiermeyer, Lubbock, Former TFRW Board Member
  • Kay Schillock, Houston, Former President of Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women and Former President of Northwest Forest Republican Women
  • Sharon Slover, Houston, Officer of Texas Tea Party Republican Women
  • Mary Jane Smith, Houston, Vice President of the Houston Professional Republican Women, and Former SD #17 Chair
  • Marian Stanko, San Antonio, SREC District 26 and Executive Director of the Republican Party of Bexar County
  • Jane Strong, Lubbock, Lubbock Republican Women Membership Chair
  • Judy Strzinek, North Richland Hills, President of the Metroplex Republican Women
  • Valoree Swanson, Houston, Former Officer of Texas Tea Party Republican Women
  • Barbara Tague, Tomball, Officer of Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women and Officer of Greater Houston Council of Federated Republican Women
  • Estelle Teague, Hurst, District Director for SD #10
  • Kris Anne Vogelpohl, Galveston, Officer of Galveston County Republican Women
  • Kay Waghorne, Houston, Former President of Cy-Fair Republican Women
  • Mary Ann Wall, Houston, Former Officer of TFRW and Former President of Village Republican Women
  • Lois Van Wart, Houston, Former President of Magic Circle Republican Women


  1. Cruz was born in Canada. Has he produced his naturalization papers ? If so, are they available for viewing online — like Obama’s certificate of live birth ?

  2. The constitution does not required that a person running for the office of U S Representative or Senator be a Natural Born Citizen. Only the POTUS is required to prove this.

  3. Ted’s mother is from Texas and went to Rice University so I was pretty sure he was born here, but, actually his parents were working in Calgary at the time so he was born there but he is still a United States citizen. They moved back here when he was 4. That is certainly Texan enough for me and satisfies all legal requirements. This is not a secret – all you have to do is ask. My suspicions about who made the ugly comments still stand.

  4. Many of these posts are so hateful for no apparent reason – are they actually liberals trying to derail Ted Cruz? Ted Cruz was born in Texas. Has he refused to show his birth certificate – no. Until the recent controversy with Obama it was not a big question. Are there people that would just assume that because his last name is Cruz – he is illegal??? That is so unfair, and dare I say, un-American. This is such an outstanding candidate and so clearly extremely well qualified that his opponents are scared of him. His track record on arguing cases before the U.S. Supreme Court is one of the very best. We are all fortunate to have such a strong public servant with very high moral values.

  5. My last post was at 8:11 when I posted the URL on Mr.Cruz any post with my name after that is PROBABLY John DEAN stirring the coals………………………..I am advising Gil to block any future posts from CWJensen……………………………Seems we did a great job of ignoring the slug.
    They say immitation is the greatest form of flattery BUT NOT from this deciever.
    Any future posts from CWJensen will NOT be mine.

  6. I said foreigners were on Columbus’s ships and I said foreigners founded this country of ours – two separate thoughts put in two different sentences. Point was that without foreigners, there would be no America. Jefferson was born in this country but he was not born into the wilderness, he was brought up in a land of schools, laws, learning and morals. We owe a debt of gratitude to those that came before our Constitution’s crafters, as they were raised in good homes, by good families. Lest we forget the ones who get little credit for that which they contributed.

    ‘Fact Check’, I will assume anyone who uses ‘other than a genuine name’ to be John Dean who has been so interested in Conservative values that he now hangs around these parts trying to soak in the warmth of our thinking. How nice. Or should I state the obvious? If only he could admit it. No one starts coming around to these Conservative forums dropping angry comments from the outside until they feel threatened – which shows that the tea parties and the meetings protesting health care is really getting to the Democrats. Talk about showing your true colors John. Are we hitting a nerve?

    Keep it up my Conservative friends. We are making them shake now!!

  7. What next? ‘Is it true he beats his children?’

    Geesh. If he has become an American citizen, more power to him. I thought we were supposed to be spreading Democracy not hiding it away in our bottom drawer for a rainy day. I believe Columbus’s ships were full ‘o foreigners too. Oh yeah, they founded this great country of ours. Who’da figured!

  8. Guys, although his parents immigrated to Texas, they did so before he was born. His father came to the United States and worked his way through the University of Texas at Austin, and his mother attended school at Rice. He was born in the United States, so the citizenship thing is a nonissue.

    Rather than ridiculing the gentleman, we should be looking at his record, which is, in my opinion, spotless.

  9. Folks I think there is some truth here. Something is being hidden. Shawn G: Go to Wikipedia. Search Ted Cruz – Note that his date of birth is mentioned but no Texas city. Comparison (all on Wikipedia): Rick Perry, born in Paint Creek; John Cornyn, born in Houston; Kay Bailey, born in Galveston; David Dewhurst, born in Houston; Greg Abbott, born in Wichita Falls; Susan Combs, born in San Antonio. If you were born in Texas, or born anywhere in the USA, you are always proud to say, I was born in Waco, I was born in Lubbock, I was born in El Paso. Why does Ted Cruz fail to mention the City, State and Country he was born in? Seriously folks. If you have nothing to hide, then show a birth certificate. Y’all sound worse than those amnesty loving liberals who are so quick to defend all of them illegals.

  10. Ted Cruz was born in the United States, in the State of Texas. I have seen him speak, and his father speak. His father is a Cuban nationalist, and his mother an American citizen. Ted is a proud, legal citizen of this country.

  11. Liberals have no fear. If Ted Cruz is Canadian, then he like Governor Granholm of Michigan, is unqualified by the US Constitution to even run for President of the United States.
    How about we get a state constitutional amendment to make certain that those that are not born in Texas are disqualified from ever being elected to statewide office? I do not want ILLEGAL, non-Texans serving in elected office.
    TKM: Go back to 7th grade Texas History class. Perhaps there you can learn to capitalize Texas.

  12. Ted is a fantastic candidate for Attorney General — a solid fiscal and social conservative who understands our constitution. Conservatives should be coming together to support him. I’m not sure who this nut is that is spamming the comments with questions about Ted’s citizenship — he’s an American citizen since his childhood — raised in Houston. His Mother is an American — His Father is an American (immigrant). His actual birth place doesn’t matter because he’s not running for President. But back to Ted.

    Ted is the sort of candidate we need to be excited about — a young, very smart, well spoken conservative who understands the mistakes that the current regime is making. He has a great record representing texas — defending our values and our sovereignty before the supreme court. I’m confident that he’ll serve the State well as our next Attorney General.

  13. http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=YmI1NDkxM2Y1ODJkMjQyNTdhYWZkMTUzN2IyM2VjMWI=#more
    if you go here and do the math…………………………………………Things would clearly point to Ted Cruz having parents that were in Texas when he was born……………………………..To bad this article was not included or linked to the announcement……………………Obama has created paranoia among voters with his dismissal of his citizenship.
    If anything anyone who digs should be plesantly surprised……………………….unfortunately NOT evreyone will dig.
    Let me get into some history. Ted is from an all-American family. His mother, Eleanor, was the first in her family to go to college. She earned a math degree at Rice, working her way through. His father, Rafael, was a Cuban immigrant. At age 14, he was fighting alongside Castro and the boys. At 17, he was nabbed by government forces — Batista forces — and thrown into prison. He was beaten and tortured almost to death. His father — Ted’s grandfather — bribed his way out.

    Rafael bolted for America, enrolling in the University of Texas. This was 1957. He was 18, didn’t speak a word of English. He had a slide rule in his pocket — the only thing they’d let him take out of the country. And 100 dollars sewn into his underwear. His mother had put it there.

    He worked like mad, learning English very quickly. And he soon started going around Austin to places like Rotary and Kiwanis, talking about the Cuban revolution and raising money for Castro. After the revolution triumphs, Castro reveals himself for what he is: and Rafael goes back to all those places, apologizing. He did not mean to mislead them.

    And his sister back in Cuba joins the counterrevolutionaries, fighting against Castro. She is captured by government forces — Castroite forces. And tortured.

    Let me say something blunt: Ted Cruz has no illusion whatsoever about Cuban Communism, or any other kind of Communism, or any other kind of tyranny. And that is something refreshing in an American. Would that we all had it.

  14. So far I hear rhetoric………………………………NO PROOF …………………CONSERVATIVES do NOT need an OBAMA end run.
    Seems a lawyer would have NO trouble producing proof if it exists…………………end of problem.
    I think voters are tired of taking ANY politician’s word.
    Coming forward and producing PROOF will make him a BETTER candidate and if he is as GOOD as his supporters say………………………………he should be running for SENATE.

  15. Ted Cruz is an amazing AMERICAN, and a true blue TEXAN. He has defended our state before the Supreme Court, and won. I proudly support him in his effort to serve the people of Texas as their Attorney General.

  16. Ted Cruz is an American citizen and a talented lawyer who has argued cases defending the Ten Commandments, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Second Amendment. He is also one of the most respected members of the Supreme Court bar. I’ve been waiting for a conservative candidate with his credentials for years — and I’m thrilled that he’s decided to run for AG.

    Rumors about his citizenship status are simply unfounded.

  17. Ted’s campaign for AG is really on a roll. Looks like people are resorting to fiction in attempts to detract from his impressive statewide showing.

  18. This is a shame. I had no idea Cruz was not Mexican American. I agree with most everyone here. I want a Texas attorney general to be BORN in TEXAS. NOT MEXICO. NOT CUBA. NOT CANADA. NOT EVEN OKLAHOMA! I am Hispanic and proud. I don’t lie and neither should my government. I don’t lie. I am conservative and own guns. If CRUZ was not born in this country he MUST step up and say so. Man, just like Obama they refuse to show us a birth certificate? Next thing you know we have ObamaCare too! I want the laws changed if the laws allow non native born Texans to run for office in this state. Enough with these ILLEGALS!

  19. Folks — Ted Cruz has been a Texan and American citizen his entire life. To suggest otherwise is silly.

  20. One can care for this State and Country, but if a person is going to run for an office, he/she really should be a citizen……no if’s, ands, or buts about it! If we don’t stand by this law, then we are setting double standards that are unacceptable and illegal! Make sure that Mr. Cruz is a citizen before electing him to any office!

  21. Unless our current attorney general decides to run for SENATE……………………..I think he does an excellent job and would deserve reelection.
    That being said………………………………………..Do we really need to challenge this man in public before having facts to present?
    How about one of you legal eagles check this out:

    By Legitimate Citizenship Question

    March 13, 2009 3:59 PM | Link to this

    Looks like there is a legitimate question concerning Ted Cruz’s citizenship. He was born in 1970 in Calgary, Canada, to a US mother and a Cuban father (according to Ted). But under US immigration law, only persons born after November 14, 1986, receive “acquired” US citizenship status on account of one of their parents being a US citizen. Looking at the law, I don’t see how he’s a US citizen.
    We certainly NEED strong Conservatives to serve BUT we do NOT need problems.
    If TED is the real deal he should immediately step up and clear the air.

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