Ted Cruz’s Law Firm Backed Obama, Other National Democrat Campaigns

Obama, Democrats received $750,000 in donations since he joined as Partner

By Jim Cardle

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — As interested observers, most Texans are probably trying to remain objective while watching the back-and-forth of political campaigns in the early stages of spring. Last week, however, the tactics by one of the campaigns for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate crossed the line from tough campaigning, into a realm of a behavior most will discern as unworthy of someone they’d want to have representing Texas.  

In a charge quickly-proven as inaccurate, the accusation appeared in a blog post written by Ben Shapiro of Big Government that Texas’ Lt. Governor & Senate candidate David Dewhurst had held a Washington, D.C. fundraiser at the home of “Obama cronies.”

The truth was, in fact, something quite other than that. An updated story from Shapiro himself later cleared up the confusion and proved the charges false. The “meet & greet” reception was not a fundraiser of any sort – and rather than being hosted by “Obama cronies,” was organized solely by Republicans, including many who worked in President George W. Bush’s Administration.

What caught one’s attention were the obviously over-eager salvos from the Ted Cruz Senate Campaign, based upon clearly inaccurate mis-representations of the November 2011 reception.

In a series of web advertisements, Ted Cruz and his campaign ran with the unsubstantiated rumor, compounding the lie by attempting to link Texas’ Lt. Governor to the Obama Administration based upon a Republican Meet & Greet being held at town home owned by a bi-partisan lobby firm.

The phrase to describe any campaign’s gross misrepresentation of the facts, in Texas terms is, “that dog just won’t hunt.”  

What Tea Party members in Texas and across the nation are sick of, is politicians who put their own personal advancement ahead of the welfare of the United States. Not only do actions speak louder than words, they are what is required given the brevity of the country’s current economic situation.

By resorting to false, malicious & too-often self-serving attacks on their opponents, the Ted Cruz camp (and others too) diminishes their own credibility … amongst other leaders, the press, donors, and most importantly the voters of Texas at large. (If you believe what we have been hearing the past month or so, this is the just latest in a pattern of mis-steps by the Cruz Campaign.)

While Ted Cruz has, to date, capitalized on a blossoming legal career to cast himself as a fighter, which undoubtedly is true given his personal story, many are just now learning Cruz is a partner at a high-powered law firm with a history of contributing 100’s of $1,000’s of dollars to Democrats such as the Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democratic National Congressional Committee’s campaigns.

Ted Cruz was hired as a partner Morgan Lewis & Bockius in 2008, during the presidential election in which Barack Obama became president. Morgan Lewis & Bockius made contributions totaling over $200,000 in support of Obama’s campaigns for President, as well as  $750,000 to Democrats since Cruz became a partner

Texans want a Senator who will fight the liberal Obama Agenda that‘s destroying our country – and does it based upon a previous record of experience, service & accomplishment, not upon dragging others down in order to build themselves up.

Politics today clearly ain’t what is used to be.


  1. Finally an article that gives Cruz a taste of his own medicine. He has so misrepresented people throughout his career…all to advance himself. I wish that this information would follow him around. He is the most selfish human I have ever witnessed running for office. Do some due diligence and honest research and you will agree with me that his campaign may go down as the most dirty political operation in American history. I wanted to vote for him; but then one thing after the other that I researched exposed him. One thing besides his lies that I have found is that I believe he is a sex addict. Look at his video when he was 18 years old telling how he wanted to star in a “teen tit film”…follow him through Princeton and Harvard and read quotes from him…always some weird sex statement. Then he goes to DC after university and it is coming out that he is on the DC Madam’s black book. It is already know that he had an Ashley Madison account. And now the mistress scandals are brewing. Also, read his book…little sexual hints all over the place. Born again???? I’m sorry, he is a fraud and a Canadian one at that (again, a little honest research and you will see that he is not eligible to even be running for POTUS)…what a snake he is. Sad!!!

  2. Mar 25, 2015 Ted Cruz: First President of the North American Union?

    Monday marked the start of the Next News Network’s Selection 2016 coverage as Senator Ted Cruz made it official with these colorful words captured by ABC News while speaking at Liberty University. Ted Cruz says he believes in you… that is why he’s running… but should we believe in him? Just who is Ted Cruz?

    Managing Director Mrs. Heidi Nelson Cruz Company Description: The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (Goldman Sachs) is a global investment banking, securities and investment management firm that provides a range of services worldwide. His money trails that of Ted Cruz, whose team has boasted of $19 million raised, thanks in part to the Texas senator’s wife, Heidi, a Goldman Sachs executive on leave, who has become a fundraising dynamo.



    Timeline of the Progress Toward a North American Union

    Canadian, U.S., and Mexican elites, including CEOS and politicians, have a plan to create common North American policies and further integrate our economies.


  3. While we don’t know if Ted Cruz directly made contributions or allowed his name to be used by the Law Firm to make donations to Democrats, we do know that Cruz had chosen to work with people that did have a relationship with the Obama campaign. So when hurling accusations at Trump for supporting Democrats amd being a part of ‘the establishment’ by contributing, Cruz was also working inside the very establishment he condemned, maybe Ted’s not not liar ..but certainly a hypocrite.

  4. There’s a special place in hell for liars and from what I observe it will be filled to over flowing
    with yellow journalists(?) Ted Cruz is the best possible aspiring presidential candidate to
    guide this country back to it’s original foundations. He is man of his word and will go what
    he promises. The rest are liars (2) liars, deceivers, school yard bullies and mud wrestlers
    who are dragging down the image of the party. Ted is the right man at the right time. I thank
    God for him and pray for his success. When he takes the oath of office he will assume his
    duties with a well thought out plan and the ability to achieve it.
    The main big problem as I see it is “How the hell are we ever going to get the stench of the
    present administration out of the people’s beautiful house?”
    We desperately need a real American in the driver’s seat and Ted is that man.

  5. In my humble opinion Ted Cruz is the absolute best possible would be candidate for president. I believe he loves this country, the constitution, The Bill of Rights and the people and will do exactly what he promises. Thank God
    we have someone of his caliber among the pathetic liars, a blowhard liar and a wannabe. He
    will take office with a well thought out plan and the ability to carry it out. What I see as one of the biggest problems is “How the hell are we going to get the stench of the present administration, Al Sharpton, all the rotten czars, Van Jones, the Muslim Brotherhood, Valerie Jared and all the other fellow travelers out of our precious people’s house?”
    Please pray that God will bless this nation and rescue us before we reach the cliff.
    Have to get off of my soap box cause the sand man is calling.

  6. What a farce this article is! I can’t believe people post this crap! The charges against Ted, when researched, are nothing more than a smear campaign. Unfortunately, so many people are so willfully ignorant, the perception sometimes sticks…bad!!

  7. This worship of Ted Cruz is idolatry, regardless of his standing or credibility. Reminds me of some things from the 1930s.

  8. Radman said it well. The Texas Insider is nothing more than an “adjunct campaign site” for David Dewhurst.

    I have reviewed the Texas Insider articles that come up if one searches this site for “Ted Cruz.” There is no actual reporting to be found in the Texas Insider; the articles consist of attack ads against Cruz for Dewhurst, which the authors attempt to disguise as actual news. The transparency of it is breathtaking. I guess I should be grateful to the Texas Insider for their amazing lack of talent in camouflage.

    Questions for the author of this piece that are so obvious they should never need to be asked:
    (1) Why would Ted Cruz ever be personally responsible for the campaign donation decisions his law firm made as a whole, never mind the ones they made when he was in the process of joining the firm?
    (2) Does ANYONE – I repeat ANYONE – think for one nanosecond that Ted Cruz is supporter of Barack Obama, a conclusion I am astonished to say the title of this article wants readers to draw???
    Can you, Mr. Cardle, say that you believe that???
    (3) If Ted Cruz stands in strong opposition to Barack Obama, as he does, what is the relevance of this article?

    The Texas Insider obviously think voters are such idiots they are completely illogical. Newsflash: They are not.

    Mr. Cardle, unfortunately, politics today is exactly what is has always been. And, you are part of that. As you have shown, it is JOURNALISM today that clearly ain’t what it used to be.

    I once thought about subscribing to the Texas Insider. I could not be more happy I never got around to it!

  9. I hadn’t even heard of Ted Cruz until I chanced upon Dewhurst’s website. I saw the name and decided to investigate. Between all y’alls comments and the short list of his endorsements, including Dr. James Dobson and the Texas State Homeschool Coalition (of which I am a member), I’ve talked with my wife and we have decided that Ted Cruz will get our votes!

  10. This article is so slanted in favor of Dewhurt that I am surprised that it is not required to carry a ‘paid political’ notice as required by law. There was a “meet & greet”, but there was not a fundraiser? What is the difference?

  11. As it seems that everyone else has rightfully concluded that this little feint, followed by a “low blow” was directed out of fear…fear that the man with all the name recognition just might lose to a GENUINE conservative who has consistently demonstated his considerable credentials to become our next U. S. Senator from Texas…Mr. Ted Cruz.

    Thanks CW, et. al., for providing: 1) the background information on the nature of the Obama and Democrat contributions and Ted’s “brand new” association with the 109-member law firm; and, 2) for exposing the author’s use of misleading “yellow” journalism (however appropriate it might be for promoting “the Dew”).

    The Texas Insider should heed “Mike’s” admonition above. If you want to maintain and grow your readership, DON’T try to be anyone’s adjunct campaign site. WE can spot an obviously-planted story. Just report facts fairly…and let your readers analyze and comment.

    As with the others who “stepped up” above, my support and my vote will go to Ted Cruz too … whenever the heck we get a chance to have our primary!

  12. IF the Texas Republican Party is responsible for this–SHAME ON YOU. I have not trusted the Republican leadership for a long time, and I have stopped donating to them. I donate directly to the candidates of my choice.

  13. Wayne Thorburn, glad to have you aboard on this crucial race. This race is going to affect our whole nation for six more years. U.S. Senators have a lot of power and it thrills my heart that we have someone like Ted Cruz to represent Texas. For those of you who don’t visit and blog on other sites, hear this, the nation looks to Texas to provide and lead in the avenue of conservative leadership. We are respected nationwide because of our conservatism and I know Ted Cruz will carry on that legacy.

  14. Texas Insider: Just report and DO NOT take sides! We are adults and, given the facts, I believe we will make the correct decisions on where to cast our ballot! Otherwise, the Texas Insider is relegated to the same class as the New York Slimes and the Washington Compost!

    Furthermore, you WILL lose ALOT of subscribers!!

  15. This shows how headlines though “accurate” can be very misleading. We must read thr whole article and be ready to challenge those who stop with the headlines.
    My money and my vote goes to Ted Cruz.

  16. To: C.W. and Christian – we may disagree on many issues but I’m with you on this one. Ted Cruz has my money and vote. He is the type of aggressive, young conservative we need in the Senate.
    To; Jim, I am disappointed. I thought the purpose of Texas Insider was to present a range of conservative ideas and news items, not to shill for one candidate. Is the Texas Insider journalism or a Dewhurst campaign piece?

  17. Well, I was kinda undecided before, but this article has made up my mind for me.

    Ted Cruz is going to get my vote.

  18. It is clear that this article originated either from a RATpaign, or, more likely, from the Dewhurst Slime Machine (and was approved by the Wimpublican self-anointed “elites” who despise REAL Conservatives even more than their RATparty “friends across the aisle”.)

  19. To be accurate and not mislead, the heading of the article should read: “The Law Firm At Which Ted Cruz Was A Partner Backed Obama. It’s sensational journalism like this which hooks readers to read the article.

    Those with the I.Q. of a rock could see which political opponent of Ted Cruz would pull such a stunt as this. He’s runnin’ scared. It is nothing more than an attempted character assassination ploy hoping to discredit Ted (ultra-conservative) Cruz.

    Hang in there Ted! I’ll keep sending my money to your campaign so that you defeat all your challengers. We Tea Party types know who you are and what you stand for. I enjoyed your interview with Michael Berry on KTRH 740 AM in Houston. I hope he has you on his program several more times so that you can get your message out on the air waves in Texas.

  20. Politics is EXACTLY how it always was. When the obvious frontrunner feels the need to attack a challenger it says something. A candidate/campaign will show who they are afraid of if you look carefully.

  21. 4 of 109 sorry about that.
    In case you haven’t noticed this made me very angry.
    This is the type of CRAP the RNC is using to desperately KEEP CONSERVATIVES from being elected.

  22. Obviously being a partner and being able to decide company policy with only a limited tenure at the firm
    are two different dogs :)

    Jim you should know better :(

    This site will give you all the real figures:

    Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP is a law firm that was founded as Morgan & Lewis on March 10, 1873.
    Seems ludicrous to believe that one of the 4 Latino partners out of 10( total partners) with only very limited seniority would have any chance of effecting were the firms donations go!

    This hatchet job is shameful.

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