Technicality Delays CSCOPE Debate in Texas House

State Sen. Dan Patrick4cFrom State Sen. Dan Patrick

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Not a good day on the House floor for CSCOPE, as the bill was called down on a “Point of Order” by Democrat Rep. Boris Miles. It is absurd to call CSCOPE Logodown a bill on a Point of Order like this, but it happens in the House on a fairly regular basis.  

The Senate never does this. We seldom call points of order on a bill unless it is a major issue. We might do it a half dozen time in 5 months, the House does it a half dozen times on one bill sometimes.

The House has a very different set of rules on how they do business from the Senate.

Let me be very clear, this is NOT State Rep. Steve Toth’s fault. Someone on the House Education Committee staff, or on the drafting staff, left out minor point in reporting the Committee Minutes in the report.

The bill was called down for this official reason:

The point of order was in the House Committee Minutes. The House Committee had suspended the posting requirement rule to hear the bill, but that was not included in their Boris MilesCommittee Minutes.

Rep. Boris Miles, Democrat Houston, called a “Point of Order,” which was upheld, and the bill was recommitted to committee. The committee is voting the bill back out later today, and it will hopefully be brought back to the House Floor later this week.

Once again, Rep. Toth had nothing to do with the problem. He’s done yeoman’s work on CSCOPE.

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