Statement by Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Attorney General’s Amicus Brief in U.S. v. State of Arizona Case

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Gov. Rick Perry today issued the following statement regarding Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s amicus brief in the U.S. v. State of Arizona case:

“All Americans should support today’s actions by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and other state attorneys general in their efforts to uphold the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the right of states to provide for the public safety and security of their citizens.

“The federal government has failed to secure our borders as drug activity and murder rates soar in many border communities. States are left with no choice. Until the federal government secures the border, I expect more states to legislate in an effort to protect their citizens.

“Regardless of anyone’s feelings on the Arizona law, we must protect the 10th Amendment and right of states to legislate public safety to keep families and communities secure. I join Texas Attorney General Abbott in opposing the Obama Administration’s effort to undermine the right of states to protect their citizens and govern themselves.”


  1. Rick Perry is illustrative of just how far we have to go in placing true representatives of the people in high office in Texas.His statement is indeed a product of a “finger in the wind”, as others have suggested, and follows his unconvincing statement of the previous day purporting to support Jan Brewer.

    With all due respect to Medina supporters, many of her ideas are solid but she proved to be far from up to the task with her amatuerish bahavior. A Medina ticket would only have insured a Bill White victory.

    Try to get your mind around this sentence – “Until the federal government secures the border, I expect more states to legislate in an effort to protect their citizens.” Well gee Rick, might that include Texas? Frankly, I’m beyond tired of being insulted by our governor.

  2. As all of you know, I’ve been tweaking Perry for quite some time on the illegal issue. I just received a nice two page letter from his Communications Director. Without boring you with the details, it said, I did this, and I did that back in 2004 and 2006. In addition, it said, “here’s the contact information for your federal representatives”! Wow, what a man of action Rick Perry is!!

  3. I agree, Sonny. I will *not* contribute to White’s election.

    I *am* disappointed in Perry’s failure to stand up at the outset. Power or not, it’s a moral issue.

    Btw, how many officials do we ever agree with 100% of the time?

    It’s too late to switch Republican horses. I’m voting for Perry.

  4. Perry will wait until after the elections before he moves against illegals (if he ever does). That way, he can wet his finger, stick it in the air, and determine the direction of the political winds. Further, by that time, there may have been some movement in the courts on the Arizona issue so the only decision he will make, is the “right” decision regardless of whether it supports Arizona’s law. Perry is too cagey and too much of a politician to be out in front of an issue. He always waits until he knows the predictable outcome before taking a position. Example: Perry did not make himself visible at Tea Party rallies until he knew it would be to his political advantage in taking votes from Medina’s camp.

  5. I said: “I most certalnly will vote for Gov. Rick Perry. I believe him to be a born again Christian and a conservative.”

  6. I will vote for Gov. Rick Perry. I believe that he is a born again Christian and a Pollitical Conservitive. I certainly don’t want Bill White as Gov. Marti Peterson

  7. I agree with CW! including having time to earn my vote! I too voted for RIck Perry in the primaries because I thought he was a man whit backbone and would stand strong for Texas in ALL situations as he did when he rejected the stimulus money! However, recently he has been a disappointment! I have come to find out that he is not the true leader to do the “right thing” for Texas as I first thought he was! Instead he has proven to be hesitan, indecisive, and silent!


  9. Ms. Croft, I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. That’s why I voted for Debra Medina in the Republican primary. There are several issues about Perry that I have NEVER liked. The main issue I don’t like about him is that he is a CAREER POLITICIAN. If you’ve visited this site very long, then you would have seen how I outlined his career in politics and all the offices he has held. It is time for him to return to private life and contribute to our great state as a private citizen.
    I’m not for a write-in candidate unless that person is Christian and conservation and will win. I’m from the greater Houston area (live in Missouri City) and have lived under Bill White’s leadership (if you can call it that). He’s a left-winger posing as a centrist. Here’s what Wikipedia says about Bill White. Notice that he’s a Harvard graduate. Sound familiar?

  10. John Detmar and John Sheppard, I enjoyed your comments and commend you on them.

    SJK, I know why Perry didn’t take the lead. (1) He’s weak in his leadership abilities on certain issues, especially Illegal immigration. He has Hispanics in his family line which doesn’t bother me. I guess he thinks that most Hispanics are in lock-step with the left-wing agenda. Most of those I’ve worked around are very conservative pro-family people. (2) Like John Sheppard said, the Lt. Governor has the most legislative power of any elected official in our state because of the powers our Texas constitution gives. I’m sure Mr. Perry knows that because he once was the Lt. Governor.
    (3) Mr. Perry also knows that the state Attorney General is the one to lead in litigations.

  11. Ms. Croft hit the nail on the head. I dont agree with Perry on his land rights but he is far and away better than White will be. White will sell us down the road and will let Obama set the agenda for Texas. We hav seen what he can do and as far as I am concerned, he has done nothing but hurt us

  12. It is most necessary to remember…..chose the lesser of two evils… the election of a Texas Governor. Rick Perry is certainly the lesser of two ‘evils’ than is Bill White. Rick Perry has his good points. We will not agree with everything that is done, however, Bill White has already ‘done Texas wrong’ by instigating the EPA to interfere with our permitting system and TCEQ. Think about it. Bill White is NOT good for Texas. So vote for the safe one and work hard in the future for more conservative candidates.

  13. Rick Perry won’t publicly support Arizona’s immigration law or Gov. Brewer, but he publicly supports A.G. Abbott’s amicus brief supporting Arizona’s immigration law and Gov. Brewer. This is the kind of calculating, self-serving, two-faced “Republican” that needs to be turned out and kept out of public office. We need a real Texas governor who will lead the fight against Washington to restore Texas’ Tenth Amendment political powers and Texans’ Ninth Amendment rights, and mean it!

  14. Governor Perry said what he said “Because there was no risk involved”. Abbott actually has more power to litigate than Perry has to Legislate. Remember folks, Our Lt, Governor has the quiet but real power in the Texas Constitution. Yes he can veto or sign a bill. But the Governor of Texas is suppose to lead by setting agendas and vision for the state.

    Was it just me , or was there a photographic Blurrr from Perry previously sticking his finger in the air to check the political wind when he made this statement?

  15. I agree, Sonny, but I think Perry is now realizing that Hispanic *citizens* are equally upset.

    I will support Perry. There is no way I will write-in a candidate, or otherwise split the ticket, thereby running the risk of Bill White winning. It would do me in to think I contributed to *that*.

  16. Texas has become the fourth state who no longer has a white majority along with New Mexico, California and Hawaii. Minorities now out number whites in Texas. Perry is doing what he has to do to get re-elected. Somthing to think about.

  17. Christian Archer do you really not have the answer to your queston “I wonder why Mr. Perry let Gregg Abbott take the lead on this issue”? Do you suppose it might have something to do with latino votes….I mean the November election is 3 1/2 months away.

  18. Perry has become a LAME BRAIN Governor. If you notice he chose this words very carefully.
    He did NOT give any indication that TEXAS wa planning on legislating to protect their citizens.

  19. I wonder why Mr. Perry let Greg Abbott take the lead on this issue. He’s the sitting governor and hopefully not a lame-duck one.

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