State Rep. Tan Parker Seeks Re-Election to Texas House

“I will continue to provide conservative leadership, and be an unwavering stalwart of taxpayer dollars.”

Texas Insider Report: FLOWER MOUND, Texas — “In addition to ensuring state government lives within its means, I also personally worked to make certain we passed the toughest Sanctuary Cities Bill in the nation, and put in place legislation to further protect the Sanctity of Life, along with many other significant conservative accomplishments,” noted State Representative Tan Parker, announcing his intention to seek re-election to Texas House District 63.

While achieving conservative victories during the recently concluded 85th Legislative Session, which many analysts have called “one of the most conservative legislative sessions ever,” Parker said he is ready to continue his focus on public service, working with the District 63 constituents on issues that matter to them.

“During the 85th Legislative Session, I was proud that lawmakers delivered a very conservative budget, while funding Texas’ core needs. This was accomplished without raising taxes, even though we faced a budget shortfall,” Parker said.

“While we were able to pass sensible policies to keep Texas economically vibrant, and the leading state to live, work and raise a family in, I personally want to continue to fight for greater property tax reform, school finance solutions, paycheck protections from labor unions, and see Governor Greg Abbott’s bill that I carried on state spending limits pass,” said Parker.

I will continue to provide conservative leadership to protect the Texas that we have worked so hard to build. If the residents of House District 63 will honor me with their vote, they can be assured that I will remain the effective and accessible lawmaker they have come to know and an unwavering stalwart of their taxpayer dollars,” said Parker.

In addition to serving as a state lawmaker, Parker is also a successful Texas businessman known for being a passionate advocate for community and serving others. He serves on several boards of directors and advisory councils, including:

Parker resides in Flower Mound, Texas with his wife, Beth, and their two daughters, Lauren and Ashley. Together, they attend St. Ann’s Church.

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