State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg Announces Support for Ken Paxton in race for Texas House Speaker

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, TEXAS – (Parker, TX) – HD 89 State Representative Jodie Laubenberg has withdrawn her name from the supporter list of Texas House Speaker Joe Straus and announced her support for State Representative Ken Paxton. Laubenberg, who represents Rockwall and Collin Counties, has worked closely with Rep. Paxton as a member of the Collin County delegation.

Laubenberg said, “Ken and I came to the Texas House together back in 2003 and since that time he has become one of my closest friends. Ken is one of the most admired, respected, and hardworking legislators in Austin. His commitment to conservative principles is unquestionable, and his integrity is indisputable.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve listened to my constituents who have said they want a conservative speaker. My constituents worked hard to elect a strong Republican majority and they have the right to have a voice in selecting our next speaker. They hold the utmost respect for Ken Paxton, and I agree with them wholeheartedly.

Ken has the intelligence, the leadership skills, and the tenacity to get things done. He knows the value of building strong relationships. He treats the legislative process and all involved with the greatest respect. Ken has all of the qualities necessary to make an excellent Speaker for the Texas House.”


  1. Opposition to Straus is grounded in political principle & the peoples desire for w/ integrity. Period.

  2. Aaron you are full of it, I’m on every mailing list there is and no one has emailed me anything like that, you are just trying to throw the religion card out there again. Get life, Joe Straus is RINO and has no business being speaker he proved that last session.

  3. Hey Aaron Watkins are you the same person as Judy Allendale? Your exact comments are posted by Judy Allendale under the article “KEFFER: 99 Republican Legislators Must be Clear of Vision, Steadfast in Purpose.”

    What are you liberals trying to do? I never knew that Joe Straus was Jewish and now you’re making an issue out of it. That’s just like someone playing the race card. I am tired of that old worn-out tactic. Can you be more creative?

    I personally don’t like Joe Straus because of his liberal ways, especially when he grants committee chairmanships to Demoncrats as payoffs for their votes. That opens the door for them to push their liberal agenda.

  4. Joe Strauss gathered votes of support before he had a viable and strong conservative opponent who will ensure Conservative voice in our State government.

    Rep Laubenberg has the courage to speak for her constituents!

  5. I’m really upset about an email I got earlier today urging me to contact my State Representative and urge them to support a REAL CHRISTIAN. How low can Warren Chisum and Ken Paxton go? Now they have to resort to anti-semitism and point out that Joe Straus is Jewish? How “Christian” is that?

    All this conflict over social conservatism is jeopardizing the republican mandate in Austin. We’ve got to unite behind Straus who obviously isn’t on a power trip like Chisum and Paxton are.

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