State Rep. Jason Isaac Talks: Session 2017, the Texas Conservative Coalition & STAAR Tests

“There are 1,043 school districts in Texas; we need to put the ‘independent’ back in the independent school districts,”

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – “The Texas Conservative Coalition Pledge has been around for a couple Sessions, its similar to the Congressional ‘Contract With America’, and now its the ‘2017 Pledge With Texans’ where we’re asking members to sign and support our L.I.F.T. Principles of: Limited Government, Individual Liberties, Free Enterprise & Traditional Values,” said Jason Isaac, vice chair of the Texas Conservative Coalition & State Representative from House Dist. 45. “We’ve broken down ‘The Pledge’ into 6 areas where we want to focus, and we’re going to file legislation,” Isaac tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“Governor Abbott said at the end of the last session that it was the most conservative session that we’ve ever had, and we feel like that was due, or attributed to, our leadership in the Senate, our leadership in the House, and the members of the Texas Conservative Coalition.

“To become a member you have to have met a certain threshold score, to meet certain conservative requirements. If you meet them, you’re considered a ‘Conservative Champion’ and we try to travel around the state and celebrate our success and let voters know that they have a truly conservative representative that’s made the grade,” Isaac said.

“The Texas Conservative Coalition is made up of members of the legislature that get together, and work together, to either pass bills or kill bills that we don’t think align with our L.I.F.T. Principles.”

“For instance, before there was the STAAR test, there was the TAKS test. In talking to teachers across my district, they would tell me, ‘you know, before there was the STAAR test we used to spend about 26 days of the year teaching students to prepare for the test,’ and I was shocked to learn it was that high,” Isaac tells Texas Insider.

“But now they say that, with the STAAR test, they’re spending 46 days of the school year preparing kids to take the test. That’s a quarter of the school year preparing kids to take the test, when they should be focusing on preparing them for their future.

“So I’m all for empowering what we call ‘independent school districts’, that actually have a diminishing level of independence these days… or, our school board members that are ironically called trustees, but yet we place little trust in them to manage their districts. So we’re working on some reform ideas that will give individual districts the ability to choose a nationally-normed, standardized test that meets our state laws, meaning no Common Core,” said Isaac.

“There are 1,043 school districts in Texas; we need to put the independent back in the independent school districts,” Isaac said.


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