Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance

Law Enforcement Update

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, TEXAS — Deadly violence from drug cartels and transnational gangs in Mexico poses an increasingly dangerous threat to Texas communities – particularly those along the 1,254-mile Texas/Mexico border. At the heart of the violence is not only human smuggling, narcotics and weapons, but also currency. Drug cartels are fighting for control over the lucrative trade corridors they need to transport their contraband.

Unfortunately, the United States is a top destination point for illegal drugs. Whether the narcotics are produced in Mexico or just shipped from there, rivaling drug trafficking organizations generate enormous profits from their illicit sales. And for a variety of reasons, they largely rely upon cash. For the cartels to fund their violent battles, they must be able to collect, consolidate and launder currency into forms that avoid confiscation by law enforcement.

By identifying, preventing and reducing money laundering, law enforcement can strike at the very heart of the cartels’ illicit profits – which is why the Texas Attorney General’s Office is working with the Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance. The Alliance was created last February to help Texas and other Border States work cooperatively on money laundering prevention, investigation and prosecution.

The Alliance is the product of two agreements – one with Western Union Financial Services, Inc., and the other with the States of Arizona, California and New Mexico – that established new protocols for sharing Western Union’s extensive information about border-area wire transfers. In addition to providing certain person-to-person money transfer data to law enforcement, the agreements created the Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance itself. They also provided that Texas law enforcement agencies are eligible to apply for grants from a $50 million multi-state border crime prevention fund.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office is currently developing plans to seek grant funding for both human trafficking and money laundering prevention from the border crime prevention fund. If the agency’s application is approved, the one-time funds would be used to enhance programs to disrupt Mexican drug cartels’ money laundering and trafficking operations – and will additionally help provide human trafficking prevention training opportunities for law enforcement.

The Texas Attorney General’s Office has a long history of combating financial crimes – with a special emphasis on money laundering by criminal enterprises. Texas law enforcement agencies may contact the Texas Attorney General’s Office to obtain access to the person-to-person money transfer data that was provided under the terms of the Alliance agreement. In the long tradition of the Attorney General’s Office, we stand ready to assist Texas law enforcement or prosecutors in the fight against Mexican drug cartels and their financial underpinnings.

Once narcotics trafficking is less profitable and law enforcement successfully interrupts the cartels’ access to cash, drug traffickers’ ability to sustain their criminal enterprise will be diminished. So Texas and other Border States – through the Southwest Border Anti-Money Laundering Alliance – are joining forces and working cooperatively to crack down on money laundering. Together, we are committed to fighting the criminal cartels that plague our southern border.


  1. Drugs are the problem and the primary source of revenue for these gangs, eliminating their revenue will eliminate their power.

    If they would legalize marijuana and other scientifically studied and proven drugs that are in complete fact even less harmful than alcohol, less addicting, and cause fewer problems, then entire countries wouldn’t be destabilized as a result. To say that its the border being open that has caused this is pure fantasy. Its not the border, its the demands here in America. The demand for cheap labor brings illegal immigrants and the demand for drugs created the cartels exactly the same as it created the speak easy’s with the alcohol prohibition. I predict that they won’t change their position, and they will allow the cartel’s to take over Mexico, I would love to be wrong.

    If government would regulate, tax, and legalize marijuana and other non-threatening drugs like mescaline (peyote is an endangered plant now not featured on the endangered species act), a huge portion of this problem would disappear. Johns Hopkins published a study on hallucinogenic mushrooms saying that 30/30 participants who used psilocybin cubensis mushrooms said it was “the most spiritual event of their entire lives.” And these were normal people who were religious. Not to mention many anthropologists agree that human evolution of culture and the mind was started by our ancestors use of psilocybin mushrooms. This is in fact an opinion of the scientific community.

    Opening public clinics for drug users that use body destroying hard drugs like Meth, Cocaine, Heroin, and other terrible drugs as they did in Switzerland and Holland, reduces the number of addicts to a very low percentage of the population. As one recovering addict said, “Who wants to walk up to a government clinic to start using heroin?” They go because they want to stop, but its impossible here in America, not to mention that 90% of the entire worlds supply comes from Afghanistan if that makes any sense to you why our military might be present there. These are facts and correlations, but not necessarily the reasons why we are there if you choose to buy into popular propaganda.

    Many of our leaders are corrupt, and this is why our problems persist and grow worse. They say they will solve them, but in reality many of them profit off the problems they create. Education is in the toilet, our economy is in the toilet too, and its because they had bad policies and poor oversight.

    They tax the hell out of us for their own personal gains, such as the Toll Road schemes which are run by current and ex-politicians. Those roads are legal and legitimate, yes, but considerably morally bankrupt in my opinion. These politicians need to be replaced by level headed, intelligent people that use their hearts first and minds second to make decisions. Our entire world is in chaos because of their collective poor decision making, and it will only get worse if we do not correct the problem, which is them.

  2. CHASING their tails once again…………………………………………………..these people deal in cash.
    HOW long has this drug trafficking been going on successfully?
    As long as the borders are wide open and illegals wander across at will, NOTHING will change.
    The CONSEQUENCES must exceed the REWARDS or things will continue.
    The DRUG LORDS operate successfully BECAUSE they are NOT AFRAID to DO whatever is NECESSARY……………………………………………………….UNTIL the government response is EQUAL OR EXCEEDS that of those who BREAK the LAW they will continue to EXIST and FLORISH.

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