Solomon Ortiz, Jr. Announces Run for Texas House District 33

Former Legislator says Corpus Christi needs a voice in Austin who will put public education and job creation first

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – (Corpus Christi, TX) – Local business owner and community leader Solomon Ortiz, Jr. announced today that he will run to return to the Texas House, where he previously served from 2006 thru January 2011. 

“Watching the political process in Austin this year was like watching a train wreck in slow motion, “said Ortiz, Jr. “For too many politicians in Austin, protecting their Tea Party agenda was more important than sticking up for our public schools and good jobs.”

Ortiz, Jr. will run in the newly created Texas House District 33, which runs from the heart of Corpus Christi up to the northwest Nueces County line.

In addition to his previous Texas House service, Ortiz has worked as a public school teacher and for the non-profit Fighting to Rid Gangs in America Foundation. He also currently volunteers as a Director for the MAP of Texas, a non-profit founded by his father – former Congressman Solomon P. Ortiz, Sr.

“Connie Scott had a chance to be a voice for Nueces County families. Instead of standing for public schools, she voted to cut 50,000 teachers from Texas classrooms,” Ortiz, Jr. said. “As a former public school teacher, and someone who has worked against gang violence in our neighborhoods, I know just how devastating Scott’s actions have been to our community.”

This year, she voted to cut $4 billion dollars from public education. In Corpus Christi ISD alone, the cuts totaled over $11 million. “Del Mar Community College has had to increase student tuition, as has Texas A&M Corpus Christi. Education costs go up, while Scott votes to slash student financial aid. Because of the misplaced priorities of those in control in Austin, our future generation is suffering.” said Ortiz, Jr.

Ortiz says he is eager to work with members of both parties to achieve the common goal of keeping Texas competitive. “We can’t attract jobs without an educated workforce. When I served in the Texas House, I was proud to advocate for our students – I fought hard to establish the Texas A&M Corpus Christi Engineering program, and I fought hard for local funding. Even in a temporary downturn, we shouldn’t cut our investment in public schools when we have billions in the state’s savings account. I have a proven legislative record of creating educational and economic opportunity. I know there are like minded members of both political parties who want to commit to our future, and I’m ready to work for you… Enough is enough!”


  1. I know Solomon Ortiz, Jr. personally and have for the past 8 years. He has done a wonderful job in Austin and WHEN re-elected will continue to do more good for our community and surrounding counties! He truly cares about the people of his district and as a former schoolteacher knows all too well the problems of our local schools and how the republicans have slashed our financial aid and cut our education spending. What we need are more educated people to stop the abuse. It appears that the republicans want to keep the U.S. “young and dumb”, but, Solomon Ortiz, Jr. realizes that with education comes knowledge and with knowledge comes power! A vote for Solomon Ortiz, Jr. is a vote well cast! My family and friends intend to vote for him so we can get Corpus Christi back on the right track. He has proven to us what he is capable of doing to create jobs, support our educators, etc. and we are proud to vote for him when election day arrives!

  2. Yep! He trashes the Tea Party and states he wants to work with everyone… all in the same breath.
    Cross this one off, as another free loading Demonrat.

  3. Ortiz says he is eager to work with members of both parties to achieve the common goal of keeping Texas competitive.

    The only thing worse than a lifelong politician is making it the family business.

    When JR says he is eager to work with members of both parties he means what all Liberals mean DO IT OUR WAY……………………………………………………we spend and you pay for it.

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