Senator Menéndez Issues Statement on Senate Bill 6

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas –  Senator José Menéndez released the following statement in response to the passage of Senate Bill 6 known as the bathroom bill.

The following quote is attributed to Senator José Menéndez:

“Protection and privacy should be for all Texans. The bathroom bill unfairly targets a vulnerable population and that is against our core values. Moreover, Senate Bill 6 has disastrous economic consequences for San Antonio. The city could lose the 2018 Final Four and the $243 million of economic impact it generates. It happened in North Carolina and the NCAA has implied it could happen here. Finally, this bill is simply unnecessary. There are already laws on the books to protect anyone in the bathroom. The battle to defeat this hurtful legislation will soon head to the House of Representatives and I encourage my colleagues to do everything they can to defeat it.”

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