Senator Dawn Buckingham Passes SB 1767 to Protect Texas Property Owners

Property Owners have rights – and this choice should be one of them.

By Texas Sen. Dawn Buckingham

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – It’s that time of year when property tax appraisals begin arriving in your mailbox, and most likely, yours may be significantly higher than last year’s. You may even decide to legally protest your home’s assessed value.

If so, I want you to know about Senate Bill 1767, my first legislation, to be voted on and passed by the Texas Senate.

This legislation, SB 1767 is simple, yet significant. It gives you more protection by guaranteeing that you have an opportunity to respond to the appraisal board’s evidence used in determining the value of your property.

Currently, the Appraisal District has an unfair advantage by being able to require you to argue your case of why your property’s value should be lower before they ever have to tell you why they think it should be higher.

Under my bill you will have a choice: You can still go first in the process if you prefer, or you can choose to go last and see the appraisal evidence they used to base their higher value before you challenge their new amount.

Property owners have rights – and this choice should be one of them.

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Senator Dawn Buckingham represents Texas State Senate District 24. She serves on the Health & Human Services Committee, as well  as the Higher Education, the Nominations, and the Veteran Affairs & Border Security Committees.

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