SEN. DAWN BUCKINGHAM: “Today I have a message for my (Travis County) Sheriff Sally Hernandez.”

“I’m calling on you Sheriff to rescind your (Sanctuary City) policy.”

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – “In less than 48 hours, Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, my sheriff, will implement a new policy that I believe endangers my safety and that of my family, friends, Senate District 24 constituents, and all Texans,” said Texas Senator Dawn Buckingham via a Facebook post Monday afternoon, calling on Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez (right,) to rescind her previously announced Sanctuary City Policy.

“This is why I issued the following public appeal for Sheriff Hernandez to rescind her policy before it goes into effect on February 1.

“Today I have a message for my (Travis County) Sheriff Sally Hernandez. It’s not a political message, but a message of public safety.

“You can’t just pick and choose which laws you want to obey. What if citizens applied the same thing to every law in our state? You need to be held to a higher standard,” Buckingham said.

“It’s my belief that your (Sanctuary Cities) policies will endanger not only the constituents of this state, but you are endangering my children. So I ask you, again, to not institute the policies, and I can tell you that I’m taking my own steps to insure the safety of our community,” said Buckingham.

“Today, I also filed Senate Concurrent Resolution 13 calling on Sheriff’s Offices in all 254 Texas Counties to comply with, honor, and fulfill requests included in an immigration detainer issued by United States Immigration & Customs Enforcement.

“On behalf of everyone who wants a safe Travis County, I’m calling on you Sheriff to rescind your policy,” said Buckingham.

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