Rep. Christian Announces Health Care Liberty Plan

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Following two victories by other states’ efforts to push back against ObamaCare, State Representative Wayne Christian (R-Center) announced a joint effort by members of the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) to restore health care liberty in Texas through a long-term plan of action.

On Tuesday, August 3, approximately 71% of Missouri voters rejected the portion of the new federal health care law which requires individuals to purchase health insurance, commonly known as the “individual mandate”. 

Earlier in the same day, a federal judge refused to dismiss a suit filed by Virginia against the federal health care takeover.  

“We are seeing victories against ObamaCare because the unprecedented legislation infringes on individual liberty and encroaches on states’ constitutional rights,” said Christian.

“I strongly support each element of the Texas Conservative Coalition’s Health Care Liberty Plan, which will be among our top priorities when the 82nd Session of the Texas Legislature convenes in January 2011,” Christian said.

The TCC Health Care Liberty Plan is comprised of these action items:

  1. Continue to support Attorney General Abbott’s lawsuit against the unconstitutional federal health insurance mandate
  2. Call on Congress to “Repeal and Replace” ObamaCare
  3. Pass the Health Care Freedom Act, which, according to the American Legislative Exchange Council, preserves and protects individuals’ right to make their own health care and health insurance choices.
  4. Support sensible state-based alternatives to federal health care

Said Christian, “Conservative state legislators are united in our resolve to restore liberty and improve health care for all Texans.” 

Seventy-seven members of the Texas Conservative Coalition have signed a letter of support to General Abbott, which reads in part:

“By challenging the constitutionality of the legislation, you offer fresh hope that Texans can be protected from this damaging legislation and that the framework of the US Constitution may be restored.”

Concluded Christian, “Our principled fight is imperative to upholding the United States Constitution and ensuring the future fiscal solvency of our state and nation.  Like Missouri, Virginia, and other states, Texas will play a central role in the fight to reassert our constitutional rights.”

State Representative Wayne Christian serves as the President of the Texas Conservative Coalition, the conservative caucus of the Texas Legislature, and represents Texas House District 9.


  1. SJK –
    I know the nullfiication issue sounds kinda strange, and it did to me at first. But Thomas Jefferson was the person that came up with nullification. His thinking was this: The 13 original colonies came together and formed the U.S. federal government. And, as you know, those rights NOT SPECIFICALLY granted to the federal government were those rights “owned” by the individual states. Now Jefferson’s premise was if the federal government is acting or governing in a way that the states agree were NOT rights granted to the federal government, then the states have the right to IGNORE the wishes of the federal government! In all this, I’m thinking, “what the hell are the fed’s gonna do, sue us”? If so, big deal – – ignore that as well!

    In any event, this book that CW recommended (I think it was CW) is an excellent read. It begins with a reporter asking Nancy Pelosi, “Under what authority does Congress have the right to make a U.S. citizen purchase something such as health insurance”? Pelosi says, “Are you serious”? And that where the book begins to expound on the intent of the original framers and Jefferson to LIMIT federal government.

  2. Looks like a lot of those fools have to be replaced! There are too many Rhinos in the stockpile with the rest of the DEMON RAT THIEVES!

  3. BTW in my classroom anything less that 70% was FAILING………………………………..their is a great deal of FAILING in our Representatives.
    The SENATE is even WORSE…………………………………………….you can change from house to senate and see every vote.
    UNLIKE the other rating they separate the scores so you can really see HOW Conservative overall OUR “Conservative” representatives are and it will MAKE YOU SICK.
    Please BOOKMARK the site and pass it on and reference it OFTEN………………………..things will NEVER change UNLESS we CHANGE those who DO NOT REPRESENT US.
    Only one senator with a 72% overall score……………………………………OUTRAGEOUS no wonder the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is NOT afraid to CHALLENGE TEXAS.

  4. HELLO
    the ONLY way Texas will do anything at a state level is by ELECTING state representatives that are 100% conservative…………………………………………..that means we have a BIG JOB to do in November.
    GET to work, get out the checkbooks and let’s get RID of the DEMON RATS and inform the RHINO’S they are next if they DO NOT stand TALL for TEXAS.
    If you have any doubts about WHO is Conservative and who just talks about it check out the :

  5. It sounds good except replacing the Obamacare unless, this is a state health care. The 10th Amendment keeps it from being a Federal health care law.

  6. I hear that Arizona and Oklahoma are going to do what Missouri did! Good for them ! I bet there will be many more states that will take that same action! I hope Texas will be among them! It sure will put a damper on that UNCONSTITUTIONAL healthcare nightmare! I like Rep Christian’s healthcare liberty plan. But what Mike said about Nullification should also be a consideraton!

  7. “Nullification begins with the axiomatic point that a federal law that violates the Constitution is no law at all. It is void and of no effect. Nullification simply pushes this uncontroversial point a step further: If a law is unconstitutional and therefore void and of no effect, IT IS UP TO THE STATES, the parties to the federal compact, to declare it so and thus refuse to enforce it. It would be foolish and vain to wait for the federal government or branch to condemn its own law. Nullification provides a shield between the people of a state and an unconstitutional law from the federal government.”

    From the book, “Nullification – How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century” by Thomas E. Woods, Jr., page 3.

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