Poll Shows Barton With 50 Point Lead Over Opponents

Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, DC –A poll of Congressional District 6 voters shows Congressman Joe Barton with a huge lead over his opponents.  When voters were asked for whom they would vote for if the election were held today, 62% of respondents responded that they would vote for Joe Barton.  

The candidate with the next highest percentage of support came in at 10%.

Dr. Daron Shaw said, “Typically, an incumbent who is at or around 50% with a less than 2 to 1 favorable/unfavorable rating is considered to be vulnerable. This poll puts Barton above 60% in the ballot with a 5 to 1 favorable/unfavorable rating. Right now, he looks to epitomize a strong incumbent.”

Cong. Joe Barton said,

“I feel great about the strong level of support.  I have worked to earn the trust of the families who live in Congressional District 6.  I attribute this support to the fact that I have been committed consistent voice for the conservative principles Texans demand right now: energy independence, a Balanced Budget Amendment, and opposition to Obamacare.” 

An engineer by background, Joe Barton has been a strong conservative voice in Congress.  Barton is known for his conservative voting record which has brought him a 90% on all conservative scorecards and his commitment to hands-on, face-to-face constituent service. 

Barton understands that to solve our energy problems and invigorate the economy, we must free ourselves from dependence on foreign oil, explore new sources here at home and we must free America’s entrepreneurs to lead the way.  Barton understands that government is now hampering clean domestic energy production, not encouraging it.

The scientific poll was conducted by Shaw & Company Research among likely Republican Primary voters in Texas 6th District from April 28, 2012 – May 2, 2012. The poll has a margin of error of 5.2 percentage points.

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