PARKER: State House of Reps Passes Fiscally Disciplined Budget

House Budget Plan Cuts Spending, Invests in Critical State Priorities

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – “We have not only passed a spending plan that provides for the critical needs of the state, but we also achieved this goal without spending beyond our means. I am proud of what we have accomplished today,” said State Representative Tan Parker, Chairman of the Texas House Republican Caucus, which represents all 95 Republican House members, after the House approved a state budget spending $106.8 billion, $1 billion less than the Current Biennium’s Budget.

“Adopting a state budget that is fiscally responsible, and that supports the state’s functions, is the number one priority of the Texas House,” Parker said, noting that there were significant revenue challenges facing the state, as well as considerable population and inflation growth.

The budget passed by the House, also known as the Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 1, is an important step towards finalizing the state’s two-year spending plan. The Texas House of Representatives approved the House budget after working diligently the past few months to produce a fiscally conservative, and balanced budget that continues to address the important needs of the state, Parker said.

Although it makes substantial budgetary cuts, the House’s 2018-2019 Budget:

  • Maintains the House’s commitment to Border Security Funding
  • Invests new money in Public Education, while also reducing recapture
  • Addresses the Foster Care Crisis in Texas by investing additional funds in Child Protective Services, and
  • Dedicates new funding to Community Mental Health Services across the state

Now that Senate Bill 1 has been voted out of both the Texas Senate and House, the budget bill will head to a Conference Committee made up of members from the two chambers, where a finalized state budget will be crafted for each chamber’s approval.

Now in his 6th term in the Texas Legislature, Parker said he is focusing his efforts on:

  • Promoting Fiscally Responsible Government Spending
  • Border Security
  • Property Tax Reform
  • Mental Health Advocacy
  • Foster Care Reform
  • Transportation Investments, and
  • Providing a vibrant Education System

Parker will also continue his work and advocacy for the protection of children, and has previously been highly recognized for his legislative successes related to abuse prevention, ending teenage homelessness, and public safety.

As the Chairman of the House Republican Caucus, which represents all 95 Republican House members, Parker leads the overwhelming Republican majority by providing research, education, policy development, floor management, and other support to the Caucus members and their staff.

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