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Texas Tax Cuts & Border Security: Chairman Dennis Bonnen Talks End-Game

Appraisals can go up, but the rates should go down. That is only controlled at that local level.”

Texas Insider Bonnen, Dennis 5-21-15AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) – “The latest is that the House has respectfully set sales tax (cuts) aside I want to have that discussion again in the future, but we’ve set that aside  and we agreed that we’ll have a $10,000 Homestead Exemption increase.

“One thing that I want to point out, and its been the message that the House has been trying to deliver all Session long is, we’re proud to do tax relief, but we don’t want it sold incorrectly,” State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, the Texas House’s chief tax authority tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

“People get very frustrated by elected leaders who don’t tell the truth, and who over-sell things to them. So the House’s position has been that we’re proud to do a $10,000 property tax exemption and get that done … But in the House we want to be very clear; we’re probably not going to Texas Insider Bonnen, Dennis 5-21-15abe able to even really lower what that Property Tax Bill is.

“The best way to do that is for you to go talk to your City Council, go talk to your County Commissioner, go talk to your School Board. They control those rates. And, appraisals aren’t really the problem … appraisals can go up, but the rates should go down. That is only controlled at that local level,” Bonnen said.

– Don’t miss Insider’s update with State Rep. Dennis Bonnen, author of the 25% Franchise Tax Cut Bill and chairman of the tax-reforming House Ways & Means Committee.    Continue Reading.

May 21, 2015

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Speaker Straus: On Crunch Time & Legislative Session 2015

Border Security, Tax Relief, more transparency

joe straus9By Texas House Speaker Joe Straus

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – A mere two weeks remain in our 2015 Legislative Session, and many of the Texas House’s priorities are right on track. The legislative calendar is filled with deadlines that help ensure bills receive an appropriate amount of discussion and deliberation. The first key deadline hit this past Thursday. In the days ahead, the House will turn our attention to bills that started in the Senate.    Read More

May 21, 2015

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Education UPDATE: Reject House Bill 2811

Bill Gives Contempt-for-America “educators” 2nd chance to hijack U.S. History, revisionists chance shred academic standards

bill-amesBy Bill Ames

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – On May 21, the Senate Education Committee conducted a hearing on State Rep. Ken King’s House Bill 2811. HB 2811 “narrows the scope of Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS), and redirects instructional child kid education learnmaterial allotment funding from the Texas State Board of Education’s (SBOE) Permanent School Fund to individual school districts.”    Read More

May 20, 2015

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LARSON: The Final Countdown & Eliminating Toll Roads

Taxpayer Relief for Texans, and Voting on Annexations

Larson, State Rep. Lyle (2)By State Rep. Lyle Larson

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – It’s the final countdown! We have reached the 127th day of the 84th Legislative Session. The Legislature is bound by several deadlines through the 140 day session, and the final three weeks are the most critical. Several great House bills were passed this session, while others didn’t quite make it. Here are descriptions of a few noteworthy bills that the Legislature has passed so far this session.    Read More

May 19, 2015

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Neugebauer: A Troubling Development in the Fight Against ISIS

From Cong. Randy Neugebauer

Neugebauer-RandyTexas Insider Report: Washington D.C. – Over the weekend, we learned U.S. Special Operations forces successfully conducted a raid against Abu Sayyaf, a high-profile ISIS leader. Sayyaf is believed to be responsible for ISIS’ finances, specifically their black market oil & gas operation. While the death of Sayyaf is undoubtedly a setback for ISIS, we also learned that the terrorist group recently seized control of Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s largest province. Read More

May 19, 2015

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Dan Flynn: On Tornado & Flash Flooding in Van, Texas

From State Rep. Dan Flynn

dan-flynnTexas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Over the weekend, I was able to be in my hometown of Van to survey the devastation of the town and meet with volunteers who are assisting the community. Don Dunn, Superintendent of Van ISD, guided Cong. Jeb Hensarling and me though the destruction to the district and we viewed our schools first hand. The devastation is sobering, but I continue to have faith that our city of Van will put itself back together and be a stronger community and more united than ever. Read More

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Cornyn to Chair Hearing Addressing National Rape Kit Backlog Tomorrow

Health Panel Weighs Competition’s Role in Improving Medicare

Obama Pushes to Give States Bigger Role in Species Protection

Rush Limbaugh: Stephanopoulos ‘Has Blown Himself Out of’ Anchor Role

House Schedules Vote on Human Trafficking Bill

May 21, 2015

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Sharia Law Bill Moves Closer to Senate Passage

Campbell’s “SB 531 upholds Texas morals from foreign laws…”

Patrick, Lt. Gov. Dan2gTexas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – “Today, the Texas Senate passed Sen. Donna Campbell’s Senate Bill 531, (SB 531), also known as the “Sharia Law Bill“, to 3rd Reading. The bill’s purpose is to ensure that the constitutional rights of those who are part of the proceedings Donna-campbell3involving marriage, dissolution of marriage, or a suit affecting the parent-child relationship are protected,” said Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick earlier today, after the Texas Senate took another step toward passing Sen. Campbell’s effort.    Read More

May 20, 2015

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McCaul Asks IRS to Review Clinton Foundation Tax Exempt Status

50+ House Members call on IRS Comm. Koskinen to review Tax Exempt Status, foreign entities transactions

McCaul, Cong. Michael5eTexas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – “Recent allegations that the Clinton Foundation failed to report millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments, and facilitated private business transactions between foreign entities while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, are deeply troubling,” said Cong. Michael McCaul (R-TX), while joining with 50 of his fellow House Members in signing a letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen calling for review of the tax exempt status of the Clinton Foundation.   Read More

May 20, 2015

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PHIL KING: A Major Pro-Life Victory in Texas House

Bill heads to Senate, where I expect it to pass

king, state rep phil3cBy State. Rep. Phil King

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – We are in the homestretch of the 84th Legislature. With the exception of Friday, the House has been in session late each night trying to work through the backlog of proposed legislation. Over the next two weeks, I believe we will complete work on historic tax cuts, a very conservative state budget, open carry, ethics reform, regulatory reform and border security, among other critical matters.    Read More

May 20, 2015

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Sen. Don Huffines Talks: Texas’ Border Security Costs, Tax Cuts & more…

A minimum of 30,000 students … out of 162,000, are illegal children. And it could be as high as 50,000 that we’re educating, just within Dallas ISD.”

Texas Insider Huffines, Don 5-19-15Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas –

“I have been very consistent that we need to kill a tax, get rid of a tax, and the ‘Margins Tax’ is a jobs-killing tax. Its got a high compliance cost, this is a great opportunity to do it, and Texas is blessed with a lot of extra revenue this Session,” State Sen. Don Huffines (R-Dallas) tells Insider’s Jim Cardle.

Read More

May 19, 2015

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Abbott Signs Pro-Oil & Gas Bill

Protecting Texans Property Rights

Governor SignsTexas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Gov. Greg Abbott today signed House Bill 40, authored by State Rep. Drew Darby (R-San Angelo) & Sen. Troy Fraser, (R-Horseshoe Bay), which preempts regulation of oil and gas activity at the city level and resides that duty with the state, and ensures that any local regulation of surface activity is commercially reasonable and does not effectively prohibit an oil & gas operation. Read More

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Texas Legislature OKs Three-Judge District Panel

Attorney General Paxton Announces Multistate Settlement Against

Texans On Unemployment Who Get Re-Employed Quickly Will See Rewards

Governor Abbott Signs “Kari’s Law” (SB 788)

Sessions Votes to Support Armed Services, Ensure Rule of Law When Dealing with Illegal Immigration

2:44 pm CST - May 21, 2015

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MILLS: U.S. Should Be ‘Great Arsenal Of Energy’

Alex Mills Texas Alliance of Energy Producers3cAn Insider’s ENERGY REPORT

By Alex Mills

AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) – Four decades ago, some members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries – more commonly known as OPEC – made it clear that they did not like the foreign policy of the United States of America.

Texas Alliance of Energy Producers3cIf the U.S. was going to support Israel, it was going to have to pay. Crude oil imports were reduced, prices rose, lines appeared at gasoline stations, and people got mad. America’s vulnerability to crude oil imports became a reality.

Continue Reading.

11:36 am CST - May 19, 2015

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‘Just Asking’

By Thomas Sowell

thomas-sowellIn a recent panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, President Barack Obama gave another demonstration of his mastery of rhetoric — and disregard of reality.

One of the ways of fighting poverty, he proposed, was to “ask from society’s lottery winners” that they make a “modest investment” in government programs to help the poor. Continue Reading.

11:35 am CST - May 19, 2015

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Who Is a Journalist?

By Cal Thomas

cal-thomasMy first job in journalism was as a copyboy at the NBC News Bureau in Washington, D.C. In my early 20s, I asked Bill Corrigan, the newsroom manager, “What must I do to get on the air?” He replied, “Get a college degree and a minimum of five years writing experience with a newspaper or wire service.”

In those days every reporter at NBC News and the other two networks came from print because television was relatively new and as network news president Reuven Frank noted in his book “Out of Thin Air,” we were making it up as we went along. Continue Reading.

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