Obama’s Immigration Policy Reduces Threat of Deportation

New U.S. immigration policy reduces the threat of deportation for undocumented immigrants, says ProPublica

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – The Obama administration has changed the nation’s immigration enforcement strategy in ways that will reduce the threat of deportation for millions of undocumented immigrants, according to a new report by ProPublica.  The investigative journalism nonprofit group adds that this shift in policy “will likely blunt the impact of any state laws designed to deport vast numbers of people.”    

The change stems from the administration’s decision to focus its deportation efforts on immigrants who have committed serious crimes, or “the worst of the worst.”

The reasoning behind this policy shift is to reduce over-crowding in the nation’s immigration courts and detention centers which are currently stacked up with immigrants who have lived in the country for a long time and probably would be legalized under comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

ProPublica points to a June 30 memo by John Morton, director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), in which he stressed the new priorities for officers around the country to dedicate resources to deport immigrants who have committed serious crimes rather than harmless longtime undocumented immigrants.

ProPublica also highlights a draft proposed directive from Morton, posted last month on ICE’s website for public comment. It would prohibit police from using misdemeanor traffic stops to flag people to ICE for deportation, even though traffic stops have been credited with increasing the number of deportations in recent years.

Some exceptions would be made, including for immigrants with serious criminal records.

In an interview with ProPublica, Morton, the ICE director, said the administration’s strategy will lead to smarter enforcement.

“Congress provides enough money to deport a little less than 400,000 people and in an era of limited resources, who should those 400,000 be?” Morton asked.

“My perspective is those 400,000 people shouldn’t be the first 400,000 people in the door but rather 400,000 people who reflect some considered government enforcement policy based on a rational set of objectives and priorities.”

Deportations have increased dramatically in recent years, from 189,000 in 2001 to 387,000 in 2009, ProPublica notes.


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  7. All of you have pinned down what Obumbler is doing to the country with Illegal amnesty. How about all the old deaeases they are carrying back into our country? We had just about had all deseases wiped out. . then along comes Obumblercare so our citizens won’t be able to afford treatment for deaseases that are back because of Obumbler’s open border policy. First. . Impeach Obumbler, Holder, Biden and the rest of his cabinet; next, tar and feather the czars and their staffs then show them the route out of DC. We’ll call on Tyson for the feathers, tar is easy to come by. We’ll fire the army that wait’s on Michelle and send her to Chicago for an extended vacation. Send the remainder of Obumbler’s hirees to Chicago with Rahm, they can’t make it any worse. If push comes to shove, we’ll put our unused border fence around Chicago and they can rule each other!

  8. Another thing most people don’t realize, is that the Mexicans coming here legally are actually being paid a higher minimum wage than citizens. While our federally mandated minimum wage is $7.25, any employer legally hiring someone from Mexico must start them out at $9.50 an hour. Anyone understand that?

    Several years ago, my wife had just given birth to our premature son, I had lost my job. I found a job for a ranch foreman in Nevada which I was qualified for, being listed as $36,000 a year PLUS housing, utilities, health insurance for the ENTIRE family, plus a beef a year. (Which is rally good for a ranch job) I was told by the employment agency not to bother applying because they were trying to hire someone from Mexico. I applied anyway, and was never called back for an interview.

    If we upheld the law against hiring illegals, and paid people from this country the same we pay the legals coming up from Mexico, we could get some of the people off welfare and unemployment.

  9. Good point, CWJ. And let’s not forget that our tax dollars for the benefits you mention are being spent for 24,000,000 illegals, not just the 400,000 we allegedly can’t afford to deport. Just how stupid does this government think our citizens are? WAKE UP, AMERICA!!

  10. You are right C.W. we encourage them to come to our country with all the free benefits we give them. Anchor babies create the biggest problems because our socialist government bestows citizenship on anyone born on American soil, this law needs to be changed immediately. Illegal aliens cost American taxpayers billions of dollars per year and yet our government does nothing about securing the border or deporting more illegal aliens. When our socialist President gives approximately 12 million illegal aliens amnesty and we are completely bankrupt then he will have achieved his purpose of destroying our country. What Obama is doing should be obvious to anyone with any common sense at all. If consertatives ever get control of government they should repeal all the socialist Obamas legislation and file criminal charges against him and his cronies especially Eric Holder who refused to do his job as Attoroney General with the voter intimidation case and Janet Napolitano who refuses to do her job regarding illegal aliens.

  11. Yes remember all you fools that believe in the Demon Rats.
    Two brothers from Colorado decorated war veterans ………………………………..the Obama administration is pursuing deportation of these DANGEROUS individuals.
    I have a GREAT IDEA if we do NOT have the money to deport ILLEGALS we sure as hell do NOT have the money to :
    Educate their children
    Provide the medical services
    Provide low cost subsidized housing
    Provide food
    I will bet if all these things disappeared we would NOT have to deport them they would leave on their own.

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