Obama Hails Deficit-Reduction Plan Gaining Momentum in Senate

By Lori Montgomery and William Branigin

President Obama on Tuesday hailed an ambitious new deficit-reduction plan that is gaining momentum in the Senate, saying it could provide the vehicle to break an impasse over raising the federal borrowing limit while cutting the nation’s debt.Appearing at the regular White House news briefing, Obama said the bipartisan proposal is “broadly consistent” with the approach he has advocated in that it reduces discretionary spending and tackles health-care spending and entitlements while also raising additional revenue.

But in the event that an agreement capable of passing Congress is not reached before a looming deadline to raise the federal debt ceiling, Obama said, lawmakers should finishing hammering out a backup plan now being negotiated by the Senate’s Democratic and Republican leaders.

“We’re in the 11th hour, and we don’t have a lot more time left,” Obama said. “We don’t have any more time to engage in symbolic gestures.” He was referring to a House Republican plan that includes a balanced-budget amendment, which he said is not a “balanced” approach, could not pass both chambers and would be vetoed if it did.

Obama spoke after more than 40 Republicans and Democrats attended a morning briefing on the new Senate proposal, which would slice $3.7 trillion from the federal budget over the next decade.

The plan, drafted by a bipartisan group of senators known as the “Gang of Six,” has been in the works for months. After struggling to reach consensus and apparently disbanding last week, the group now says it’s nearing agreement on a proposal, which could offer an alternative strategy for pushing an increase in the debt limit through Congress before the Aug. 2 deadline.

“We’ve gone from a Gang of Six to a mob of 50,” exulted Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.), as he emerged from the meeting. The proposal, Manchin said, “shows great promise.”

“I will support it. It is a fair compromise,” added Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.). “This is a way forward where we can do the work that we have come here to do.”

Details of the plan were sketchy and it was not immediately clear how the proposal might be combined with existing debt-limit strategies. As described by its creators, the framework calls for $500 billion in immediate spending cuts as a downpayment on a broader debt-reduction effort that would be carried out largely by existing legislative committees.

Those committees would be given targets for savings from overhauling entitlement programs and rewriting the tax code. If the committees failed to produce a plan to meet the targets over the next six months, 10 senators — five from each party — could step in to offer their own debt-reduction plan.

The overall goals of the plan mirror President Obama’s fiscal commission: Deep cuts in government agencies, significant reductions in Medicare and a framework for keeping Social Security solvent over the next 75 years. It also seeks to raise $1 trillion in taxes over the next decade by rewriting the tax code to lower tax rates for households in all income categories while eliminating various tax breaks and deductions.


  1. Great article CW—- I repeat, put all this out for bid to American Companies, pay the winning bid fairly with no “under the table Lobbying and political payoffs” and keep government from over regulating everything and a good, quality product will be produced. The key word in this is QUALITY—which means both the Supplier and Buyer are satisfied—QUALITY ACHIEVED!!!

    When I talk about OVER-REGULATING I mean over inspection by TOO many Government inspectors that know little about the product, just what they read and are there simply to fill a slot of employment for the GOVERNMENT—-I say —TOO MUCH INSPECTION. This slows work, drains enthusiasm and is a general drag on standard work practices.

    BTW–Snell and Otto–CW is correct and I think you 2 are #1–either young and very inexperienced or #2 Old and entrenched in lies that you can’t open your eyes and see. “In the last days God will send a spirit of Stupor to those non-believers”—— I rest my case!!!!

  2. @W.Snell
    Thanks for visiting us. We need someone with your intellectual prowess to lead us knuckle-dragging Neanderthals into the 21st century. Would you please commit to helping us?

  3. Insider:

    Your readers are a HOOT! More fringe than a buckskin jacket! Tea Party? No….The new Know Nothings! But don’t worry guys….the Republic will survive despite your inanity.

  4. So according to CW, “IF this SENATE plan passes it will be NO LESS DEVASTATING than Chamberlain’s Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Germany. Any historian knows that GAVE HITLER EUROPE on a silver platter.”

    Oh of course – obviously.
    These pearls of wisdom would be hilarious if they weren’t so insulting.

    Tell you what CW, why don’t you try to lumber out of your barca-lounger and go try telling a World War-2 vet or someone whose family died in a concentration camp or at Pearl Harbor or on the Bataan Death March how taking steps to avoid national default is supposedly “no less devastating” than the steps that helped initiate World War-2. You couldn’t sound more utterly ridiculous if you tried.

    You know I’ve got relatives buried in Europe where they fell fighting to preserve your freedom to mouth off and sound like a complete ass. You should visit D.C. some time and visit Arlington Cemetery. Take a good look around there, and maybe consider putting your freedom of speech to more productive use in the future.

    She, of course is a lame duck, if we can believe her, when she says she is not going to run, again. If she decides to change her mind, I hope she runs as a Dem. We positively have to dump the RINOs in 2012 and that includes Texas House Speaker Straus, along with Angie Chen Button and anyone else that supports those weasels.

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    This part of immigration law, is hardly ever enforced so the recipients, have little choice but to apply for welfare assistance from the State and municipal government. The bottom line for any mass amnesty or as recorded Immigration Reform, gives those who are naturalized the right to petition (Form I-130 Petition for alien Relative) for their whole family, to legally enter America. But hundreds of thousands these petitions millions are processed and this has become an escalation of CHAIN MIGRATION, since the 1986. After the Hart/ Celler Act of 1965 when the Bracero Program was disbanded, the incentives and effects of chain migration perpetuated volume illegal migrants and immigration to the United States. In America the term ‘chain migration’ term to enlighten why legal immigration has quadrupled in replicating levels throughout the 1960s. As such, ‘chain migration’ is branded as one of the principal causes of the United States’ current immigrant population explosion.

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    NumbersUSA, FAIR, and other groups are working to change immigration law to limit chain migration laws. NumbersUSA cites a specific bill it supports. “On Feb. 4, 2009, Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) introduced the Nuclear Family Priority Act (H.R. 878). The bill would eliminate the extended family visa categories (e.g., married sons and daughters of citizens, etc.), thus ending “chain migration” as optional by the bi-partisan Barbara Jordan Commission in 1997.

    Today, passage of the Dream Act is cause for worry or any kind of mass Immigration Reform, would jeopardize the minimum of entrances to the US, through CHAIN MIGRATION. One point to this quandary is America has a major deficit problem, that has risen to new heights of $14.5 Trillion dollars under President obama’s signature hand. Simply put, we cannot afford to be the breadwinner for the rest of the world anymore. If we haven’t the cash anymore to pay the Chinese Investors and others, how can we afford an Amnesty estimated to cost $2.6 Trillion dollars? Never mind the original giant Amnesty of the 1986 Immigration Control and reform Act, cost only 76 Billion dollars. This is just a projection of the Census Bureau’s 11 million illegal aliens who have homesteaded here. But most activist organizations are of the opinion, there are more than 20 million living illegally in the US, while 8 million plus foreigners have employment.

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  7. Dear Congressional Representatives:

    Read our lips. No new taxes period! Stop the spending now!

  8. Obama; If you need some help cutting the deficit, just give me a call. . . We’ll start with paying people who don’t even belong here, like babrack obama.and the other ILLEGAL aliens.

  9. The 3 RETREAD LIE CAN’T members of the GANG:
    Mike Crapo, Tom Coburn and Saxby Chambliss.
    Mike Crapo:
    Due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict regarding his work on the nation’s debt and deficit crisis, Senator Mike Crapo is regrettably cancelling his iTownhall forum scheduled for tonight, July 13th, at 7:00 p.m. Mountain Time/6:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Crapo said the town hall meeting will be rescheduled at a time in the near future.(Remember the Democrats canceling townhall meetings to avoid their constitutes views on health care ?)
    This should be NO SURPRISE SINCE this GOES COMPLETELY against his answers when asked on project vote SMART.
    Tom Coburn: Once again Tom Coburn joins his “friend” Mike Crapo in selling America down the tubes.
    Remember the START TREATY?
    Thad Cochran, MS
    Bob Corker, TN
    Mike Crapo, ID
    Tom Coburn, OK
    Lamar Alexander, TN
    Johnny Isakson, GA
    ALL the above voted for Obama’s treaty.
    To be honest at one time I though Tom Coburn was a REAL CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE in the last 3 years he has failed the test just too many times.
    Saxby Chambliss.:
    At least he is “honest about raising taxes”.
    Notice Saxby was point man for Republicans wanting TAX INCREASES since 04/18/2011.

  10. “We’ve gone from a Gang of Six to a mob of 50,” exulted Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.)
    May this MOB of Fifty suffer the same FATE as the GANG of FOUR did:

    Any time a member of apolitican party refers to their involvement as GANG or MOB that is EXACTLY what they mean.
    BEWARE it’s coming.

  11. “I will support it. It is a fair compromise,” added Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.). “This is a way forward where we can do the work that we have come here to do.”
    KBH ready to go down in a blaze of befitting a WITCH…………………………..

  12. GOD help us………………………….OUR SENIOR or should that be Senile RETREAD LIAR CAN’T “minority”
    “leader?” “RICH” McConnell ( McConnell, Mitch (R-Ky) $3,072,514 (2004) $16,979,018 (2008) $13,906,504(gain) 453 (% of gain) $19,929,018 (2009 net worth) ) is collaborating with the DEMONS.

    IF this SENATE plan passes it will be NO LESS DEVASTATING than Chamberlain’s Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Germany.
    Any historian knows that GAVE HITLER EUROPE on a silver platter.

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