League of Women Voters or ‘League of Women Democrats’?

Republican Chairman Munisteri to GOP Candidates: Seek Neutral Debate Sponsors

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – “In Austin, the League of Women Voters should really be called the ‘League of Women Democrats,’” said Steve Munisteri, Republican Party of Texas Chairman in urging his party’s nominees for State Board of Education (SBOE) in Districts 5 & 10 to not accept invitations to debate from the Austin Chapter of the League of Women Voters.   

The Austin Chapter of the League of Women Voters (LWV) has long & well-established ties to Democrat candidates in these races, financially supporting the Democratic Party and its candidates said Munisteri, citing the organization’s leadership ties to the Democratic Party.

“Their elected officers and debate committee members have voted in multiple Democrat primaries and have donated thousands of dollars to Democratic Party committees and their candidates, including to the two Democrat candidates in these contests,” Munisteri said.

“How can the Austin Chapter of the LWV claim to be non-partisan when there are no Republicans among their elected officers or on their debate committee?” Munisteri stated, “There are over 475,000 women living in Travis County and yet they cannot find a single Republican woman to be involved with their organization or with this process?”

“I’ve been involved in Texas politics for over 30 years and I’ve seen the political process stacked at times, but this is ridiculous. What makes this so disingenuous is that it’s being done under the banner of a supposedly nonpartisan group. But there’s nothing non-partisan about the people organizing this proposed debate,” he said.

“For these reasons, I am urging Ken Mercer, State Board of Education Member, District 5 and Dr. Marsha Farney, Republican nominee for State Board of Education, District 10, to seek an alternative debate sponsor whose political credentials will assure voters that the debate and the debate sponsor are fair, impartial and nonpartisan,” Munisteri stated.

“I respect the LWV’s right to participate in the political process, but their liberal views and the ties of their leadership to the Democratic Party and Democrat candidates make them unsuitable and unqualified to serve as a neutral, non-partisan debate sponsor,” Munisteri said.

Below is a summary of the vote history of the elected officers and debate committee of the Austin Chapter of the League of Women Voters presented by Munisteri, showing ties to the Democrat Party and Democrat candidates:

          Name                    LWV Position                    2010        2008         2006         2004
                                                                                       Primary   Primary   Primary   Primary
Frances McIntyre      President                               D                 D                 D                 D
Carolyn Baker              Community Relations      D                 D              none             D


  1. “CWJensen”, I was born in San Antonio, raised in West Texas and graduated college from the University of Texas. I choose to live somewhere else!

    AND” dnld” Texas does NOT have the best economy in the nation. According to the Wall Street Journal, Texas rates 36th. http://247wallst.com/2010/10/04/the-best-and-worst-run-states-in-america-a-survey-of-all-fifty/4/

    When I lived and worked in Dallas, I had a co-worker who said, “Texas is the greatest state in the Union.” I asked her where else she had live, her answer was that she had always lived in Texas. So I asked her, how many times she had been out of the state of Texas. She said that she once went to Oklahoma. Eventually she moved to Nevada and about a year after being there, she wrote me and apologized for insisting that Texas was so great. Things often look great when you don’t know any better.

    I left Texas at 23 and have lived in Hawaii, Calif, Washington state, Idaho, New Hampshire and now New York. Every state I have lived in has been better than Texas. All have their own positives and negatives.

    Delusions run rampant in Texas!

  2. I see most of the local Dem races as just a prelude to running in the next higher level position. As a bunch of Washington “wannabees” I say drown them at birth. We have enough crazies in Washington already, don’t breed more. Texas has the best economy in the nation. That is because it is run by Republicans. Every year we feed and cloth more and more Democrats who would love to take over what we have and distribute it to the more worthy. Let them all move to Michigan, Ohio, California, Vermont, etc where the Democratrs have been in control for decades. Let them go where they are really needed to share what the Democrats there have created.

  3. Two thumbs to Steve. You are right Norman – this says a lot about the change in Republican leadership. Steve is an unashamed conservative. To those on the left that would mean he loves the foundations that made our nation strong and would like to preserve them for future generations. I concur fully on the points made about debates. Now if we can just get Steve to be the RNC chair we can take on the alphabet networks who always think they should have the right to host a debate – even though they have been exposed for the left wing mouthpieces of the DNC that they are. As for Jim, the commenter at 8:16 AM – you made me laugh my backside off with your post. Nuff said!

    Thanks Steve for standing up in the face of bias and ratting these phonies out. Let’s get started at the national level next!!

  4. BTW
    I see the Rats have now brought in NY activists to tell Texans what to do:)
    All you Texas gals need them Yankee women to help y’all?

  5. The Demon rats always want to play when the they control the game and if things go wrong they can always blame G W Bush.
    MAYBE Republican women like Ann Coulter don’t need the LWV to be heard:)

  6. “They’ve always seemed like activists and feminists”

    Oh! Duh! The League came out of women’s fight for the vote in the early part of this century! Yes, I’d say we are activists, but there are MANY Republican women who are proud of our fight for the rights of women. What do you want us to do? Put our aprons on and sit home on election day? Ain’t gonna happen! My state, NY’s, league has many Republican and Democratic women who are proud of the League and the service it does. Any woman can join the League, maybe only Democratic women in Texas feel free enough to join. Are Republican women in Texas afraid to support debates and the rights of all to be heard before an election; if they aren’t then they should join the LWV and help all be heard.

    Why would a candidate not want to have his/her voice heard before an election? Maybe they want to hide their true opinions from the voters. So attack the messenger!

  7. Being a historian I would appreciate Norman providing his source for stating:
    Without the League ladies, women would not have gained the right to vote or to hold office 90 years ago with the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

    In her address to the National American Woman Suffrage Association’s (NAWSA) 50th convention in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1919, President Carrie Chapman Catt proposed the creation of a league of women voters to “finish the fight” and aid in the reconstruction of the nation. And so a League of Women Voters was formed within NAWSA, composed of the organizations in the states where woman suffrage had already been attained.
    The National American Woman Suffrage Association created the league of woman voters.
    Egg did not lay the chicken.

    Sounds a great deal like Demon Rat logic to me.

  8. Perhaps this is more of a comment about how the Republican party has changed recently than about the League of Women Voters. The League has been a rather moderate and stable group over the years. Without the League ladies, women would not have gained the right to vote or to hold office 90 years ago with the adoption of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. Furthermore, the League does not support or oppose any candidate or political party.

  9. As a teacher at Texas State University and Candidate for State Board of Education District 5, I hope we can debate, so that voters will have a chance to hear all three candidates speak and explain their views and experience. The League of Women Voters publishes a voters guide in most cities that is simply the words of the candidates themselves, in answer to fairly simple questions. The format for the debates seems to be similar, with the same questions going to all candidates, alternating the order of response There are archived videos of previous debates, and I would be interested to see any examples of bias. I have not witnessed this, but I do believe the candidates need a level playing field and a chance to speak to voters with more than sound bites or slogans.
    Rebecca Bell-Metereau
    Candidate, State Board of Education District 5

  10. I’ve NEVER thought the League of Women voters were impartial and unbiased. They’ve always seemed like activists and feminists.

  11. The person thats behind or losing an election seem too always shout out for a debate. I cannot remember any debate that wasn’t hosted and moderated by a Liberal, state or Federal election.
    I agree with CW… The Conservative candidate should just give out a statement saying ” I’m a Constitution loving Conservative that believes our Rights are granted by God, not Government and he/she is a Democrat. NUFF said.”

  12. What is the purpose of DEBATE at this point?
    LET the DEMON RAT fools talk to hand. They have proven by their very ARROGANCE that they are LIARS.
    Why would any SANE Conservative give them an OPPORTUNITY to LIE and misrepresent their position.

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