LATINO LIBERATOR: “Go Expatriate Yourselves!”

“If you do-gooder socialists want to pursue happiness… Go expatriate yourself!”

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — “Thomas Jefferson said the people have the right, given to everyone, to expatriate… meaning, depart from the land where you are born by chance, and by choice move to another land in the pursuit happiness. You socialists can finally find happiness; Somewhere else! Go expatriate yourselves,” says Latino Liberator Ruth Armfield.

“I left a socialistic system back in Argentina, and socialism stinks,” says Armfield. “If you do-gooder socialists, who believe you’re above humanity, still want to pursue happiness, I have a solution for you. Go expatriate yourself!”

“Don’t you dare try changing my America, the land of the free where the individual can pursue happiness and opportunity. ‘We The People’ love America, and we are not changing it!

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