Jerry Patterson: On His 2014 Lt. Governor’s Race & More

“People around the state want someone who is straight with them … I want to be the straight guy.”

Jerry Patterson 6-14-13aTexas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas –

“Liberty has a price, and a continual surveillance police-state is not something that I subscribe to as being a good idea,” Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson tells Insider’s Jim Cardle, regarding the recent revelations & focus on national security breaches or personal online and phone privacy concerns.

“Whether its the 4th Amendment, the 5th Amendment, or the 2nd Amendment that I’m most closely associated with as the author of Texas’ Concealed Hand Gun Law that we passed back in 1993 (as a then Texas State Senator,) … I would submit to you that the 1st Amendment Right, the ‘Freedom of the Press’, is, today, actually under equal or greater threat,” said Patterson.

As Texas Land Commissioner, Patterson plays an instrumental role in many of Texas’ economic issues, and he is also an announced candidate in the 2014 Lieutenant Governor’s race.

–  Join Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson as he tells Insider’s Jim Cardle exactly what’s in store for his race.    

“Susan Combs was a rumored candidate for Lieutenant Governor, I am a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. I have been for about a year & a half, and I’m not backing up.

“People around the state want someone who is straight with them … and I want to be the straight guy,” says Patterson.

“The General Land Office manages about 13 million acres, out of about 172 million acres, that make up that iconic shape we all know as Texas. And that 13 million is not all surface land … 2½ million are submerged in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jerry Patterson 6-14-13c“Nonetheless, between the Permanent School Fund (PSF) and the Permanent University Fund we’re setting records in revenue, primarily because of the oil & gas boom, particularly oil,” said Patterson of his role as Texas Land Commissioner.

“We need more leaders who are going to do what’s best for Texas, and who don’t care about the political consequences … the blogs, the pundits, the editorial boards.

“Just be straight with folks and tell them what you’re going to do,” Patterson said of his Lt. Governor’s effort.


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  2. “People around the state want someone who is straight with them … I want to be the straight guy.”

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