It’s Time Republicans Learn How to Fight

By Mel Moss

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – 2008 & 2012: Both times the Republican Party elites pushed their guy through and to the top of the ticket. Did anyone in the Country Club Class stop to think that one of the progressive’s major weapons is class warfare?

After all, the progressives have spent the last 4 decades implanting that message in the minds of the people. Turnout in Texas was down 11% from 2008. That’s mind boggling!     The most expensive Presidential race ever, with $2.5 billionn spent, and it couldn’t top the voter turnout we had in 2008 in either party. Are the people just fed up with both parties or is apathy just that bad all over?

All the money spent, 14% unemployment, high gas prices, corruption, higher taxes on the way, Obamacare, Benghazi, 4 Americans dead, everyone saying the country is headed in the wrong direction and Republicans couldn’t muster enough people to knock the worst president ever out of office. He’s the main reason for it all.

You’d think with the fear the republicans have of the MSM they would have vetted better. Romney may be a nice guy and all, but he was a made to order disaster for our side that can somehow never find a way to deliver a message or a candidate that resonates.

  • Did the country club class ever stop to think that the 200 mln dollar man and the son of a former Governor (well connected) might be a problem?
  • Did they take a close look at Bain Capital business practices and figure out the problems there?
  • Did Mormonism come into play?

They could never overcome the negative ads about the rich guy who sent jobs to china. That along with the Bush Bailouts, distributed to Obama’s friends worked in Obama’s favor.

As bad as things look right now there is a strategy we can take, but it’s going to require getting the party elites out of the damned way. Our gut tells us the weak-kneed bunch in the Country Club Class (CCC) will start the compromise wagon up soon.

We have two choices here, socialism fast or socialism slow at the hands of the CCC. Obama has been unleashed by the failures of the CCC and their candidate. Republicans have never really gotten out in front of anything Obama has done, he’s made them for the most part “irrelevant”. He’s now going to feel he can do whatever whenever he wants and there will be little opposition because the people want compromise.

Since when have they stated giving a damned what the people want? What if we don’t want compromise? Compromise is exactly got us where we are at today and it’s the last thing the republicans should do.

Harry “dingy” Reid has already thrown down the gauntlet and said he’s not compromising with any republican.

We’ve studied the tactics of the progressive and we should respond in kind. We have no shortage of villains on the progressive side. Harry “dingy” Reid is as dirty as they come, he would make a good one. Can you say recall?

The next election cycle is not that far off. It’s not going to be long before the people realize … did they every screw up by re-electing him. There new taxes coming in 2013. It’s time republicans learn how to fight.

The economy is going to get worse, way worse! We can point this out every step of the way. Republicans are going to have to embrace the new media and protect it from the progressives, it’s one of the last lines of freedom out there.

This would take some guts by Republicans in the House and Senate, you know, the ones that care more about their country than themselves and party. We are in real short supply of those guys and gals.

The main goal is slow everything to a crawl just like they did to George W. Bush for 8 years, especially the last 4. Using progressive tactics and getting right back in their face in order to take the House and Senate in 2014. Republicans ought to know exactly what we are talking about they’ve had it up their rears enough. You’d think they would be getting a little tired of it.

Red states are in peril, Texas could turn blue with one more round of amnesty. For some reason, Jeb Bush, who is one of the parties CCC seems to embrace that perspective. What would he have us do just give in to the takers right now? As Texans we are known for taking no bull. It’s time we take the lead.

Tea Partyers:  Now it comes down to us, are you ready to give in? Just throw in the towel and say, “I’m tired and I’m done.”

You know this is exactly what they expect us to do. Get tired of it and quit. Even those in the CCC of the Republican Party wants us to just “go away”.

Now is the time for our leaders here in Texas from the Governor on down to take a stand from a federal government that’s hell bent on bankrupting itself. There is no reason we should go along with the stupidity of over spending, over taxing, over regulating and the detrimental policies of the federal government.  There is no way we should be printing 40 billion a month indefinitely.


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