Is It Time for Rick Perry to Climb Back on the Horse?

10 Reasons Rick Perry “reboot” his campaign for President

By TooncesTheCat  – RedState

The first rule of breakin’ horses, is “When you’re thrown off, climb back on.”  I learned this from my father-in-law who in his younger days was a thoroughbred trainer.  More importantly, everyone who grew up on a ranch in Texas knows this to be a fact.  So, conservatives need to stop pining away for candidates who aren’t going to get into the race and start demanding that Rick Perry “reboot” his campaign.  Here are the reasons why:

1.  Perry has already said that he would run for President again, unlike Daniels, Christie, Rubio, and Jeb Bush who have declined repeated invitations.

2.  Perry is already on the ballot in many of the states that have yet to vote (including Illinois)  and he has time to qualify for additional states.

3.  Erick has  said that he would vote for Perry (or Cain) in Georgia.  We should take that as a signal to rally to Perry as our candidate.

4.  When Newt’s campaign finally fails (and it will), Newt will return the favor and endorse Perry if Perry is back in the race.

5.  The Texas primary, with a treasure trove of 155 delegates, has been postponed until May 29.

6.  States with 299 delegates (including California with 172 delegates) don’t vote until June.

7.  There aren’t going to be any more debates (Perry’s Achilles heel), and if there are, Perry  measurably increased his performance in the last debates in which he appeared.

8.  While Perry is unlikely to get to 1144 delegates (and neither is Santorum or Gingrich), he holds the best hope of producing a brokered convention.

9.  A brokered convention will almost certainly select someone who has been a candidate, who has been vetted and who enters the convention with a base of committed delegates.

10.  Rick Perry is the consistent limited government, 10th Amendment conservative who was first to take on the Obama “war on religion” before it became a major issue.

Rick:  Climb back on the horse. And let’s all of us saddle up and ride with him.


  1. When I heard Gov. Rick Perry is back in the race, I knew that only something GOOD can come out of it!

  2. When Perry starts supporting spending the Rainy Day Fund for public education, health care, and aging, I will believe he might have learned something on the campaign trail. He is shameless.

  3. I will definitely be voting for him. When he dropped out of the race, I felt our country was doomed. No other candidate has the ideas, the job creating experience, is truly a fiscal conservative or has the guts to do what needed to turn this country around. The media did everything to destroy his chances because they’re all a bunch of bleeding liberals, except for Fox News. Let’s get behind the movement to get him back in the race by voting for him in the primaries.

  4. I voted early here in West Tennessee. Rick Perry’s name was still on my ballot and I proudly voted for him. I promised to be loyal until the end, whatever that may be. I still haven’t given up hope.

  5. Yes Laura,
    Who are you planning on voting for in November?
    The end of the USA as we know it?

  6. I’m voting for him on Super Tuesday, whether he gets back in or not. Call it a protest vote. He’s on the ballot in my state and I’m not staying home on Super Tuesday just because I don’t like the candidates still running.

  7. Rick Perry offers nothing but a distraction. He has already proven that he is unprepared and ill-equipped to battle it out with the big girls and boys during the debates. Regardless of whether you believe debating doesn’t matter in politics, unfortunately it does, and that is how many people choose their candidate. You perform poorly, and you lose.

    Get on with life, Rick, in helping Texans make their state the best it can be.

  8. It is time he gets on the horse and either get to work earning the money the taxpayers in Texas pay him to be governor or resign and pay for his own lofty pipe dreams.
    Ron Paul needs to do the same thing.
    Since neither one of them has focused on the job they were elected to do since being reelected in 2010, it seems they are more interested in their own gratification than serving the people here in Texas.

  9. There is another reason that I think it will help if Perry jumps in. He has very active supporters, like the Perry Fire, Perry Posse,Perry Brokered Convention 2012, and they all very actively asking Gov.Perry to get back in the race. No one can beat Obama except Perry. I think the conservative leaders have realized they made a mistake not supporting him.

  10. I wish he would get back in the race – what we have to work with

    Newt – good ideas but way to much bagage for the General Race thougt Newt and Obama debate would be great we are electing someone to govern not debate

    Santorum – OK but he is a big government spender

    Romeny – well for a guy who has been running for President since 2008 he really is not doing that well – do not think he will get rid of obamacare – do not want a waiver want it gone and new policy in place.

    Perry has done and will continue to do good things for the state of Texas!! I wish the rest of the nation would see that he could bring real reformative change to our nation! What a shame we are the losers if he does not get back in.

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