Is the End of Obama Nightmare Upon Us?

After enduring for months, Death Throes

By Adrian Murray

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – As Barack Obama bumbles his way through battleground states, blandly babbling about Big Bird, binders and bayonets, it becomes increasingly clear that we are witnessing an administration keenly aware it is in its final death throes.

Its deceptive advertising campaign to portray President-elect Mitt Romney as something he is not completely derailed on the evening of the first debate when …   the demon created by the Obama team with $100’s of millions of dollars in deceitful ads did not show up.

Instead, America was introduced to a competent professional who sliced and diced a dumbfounded Candidate Obama, who clearly thought the distortions his campaign had made of the next president’s record and agenda were actually grounded in reality, rather than the fabrications concocted by Axelrod and Company that they actually were.

It is instructive to note that as soon as the deception was exposed, the Obama team pulled the ads, apparently hoping that a hundred million voters in swing states would forget they had been pummeled with lies every waking moment for the last four months. Polls show otherwise.

Proving its tone deafness is incurable, the Obama disinformation machine shifted last week into desperation mode by settling on a unique new theme: “Trust me.” Seriously, the Obama strategy is to ask us to buy a used car from this guy.

Unfortunately, this is a difficult pill for many voters to swallow, coming as it does after enduring four months of non-stop deception advertising, not to mention that the truth is starting to bubble to the surface about attack on our consulate in Benghazi and the deaths of our ambassador and three other Americans.

Surely all of American knows now that the administration has lied about repeatedly for six-plus weeks, aided and abetted by a sycophantic media. “Trust me” is unlikely to generate much traction.

What we are witnessing now, is not just the epileptic thrashings of a dying presidency, but the grand mal seizure of something potentially more dangerous.

For 50 years or more, the left in America has been, to use a controversial phrase of the day, shucking-and-jiving to inflict its grand social experiment on the American people, one which entails total top down government control of everything in order to ensure subservience of the population and equal misery for all. Of course, they don’t see it that way themselves, but one need only look at Greece and Spain today to know that would be the result.

Candidate Obama’s well-deserved thrashing on November 6th will put in the office of President of the United States something heretofore unseen by most Americans – not a social experimenter, not an elitist political ideologue, not a career politician, not a person intent to tinker in the lives of individual Americans or pit one class or one race against another. The President of the United States will be a capitalist businessman, someone who knows how to read a balance sheet. Imagine that.

The danger, of course, is that after years of intense progressive collectivism, our schools, our universities, our media, our government institutions and our general society are all infested with anti-capitalist Bolsheviks. Call them what you will – socialists, Marxists, communists, statists, whatever – while Obama may be shoved out the door in two weeks and leave with a modicum of concocted grace, his committed adherents will not.

So while the official Obama campaign goes through the motions of waging a vigorous defense of the indefensible, asking voters to suspend reality, ignore the evidence and “trust me” and just days now from wheezing it last breath, the useful idiots who elected him in the first place will still be among us.

They will not so easily give up their dream of turning America into Venezuela.

This does not end with the election on November 6th of Mitt Romney, who admittedly was not high on many lists as the standard bearer for the conservative cause. But now, upon reflection, Romney looks like a pretty damn good choice.

Those lurking on the left seeking to bring down America will not simply surrender when President Romney is inaugurated on January 21st. The real battle is ahead.

The end of the Obama nightmare merely means we will have been given a reprieve. Should we rest, should we fail to recognize the defeat of Obama is only the beginning, not the end, should we choose to prematurely exhale, the next death throes will be our own.

Adrian J. Murray is president of Painless Performance Products in Fort Worth, Texas, and past President of the Fort Worth 9-12 Project.

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