Is Islam Indoctrination in American Schools?

And is it funded by taxpayers?

By Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D.

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – In recent months the American public has been made increasingly aware of a secretive foreign network of Islamic radicals that operates dozens of charter schools on U.S. soil.  These schools are linked to an extreme Islamist, Fethullah Gülen, who was charged with trying to create an Islamic state when he tried to overthrow his own Turkish government and enforce Sharia Law.   

He came to the United States and lives in self-exile in rural Pennsylvania where he controls his transnational empire. 

The core of his network is his educational institutions, which include primary and secondary schools, universities, and student dormitories.  This vast international network has been instrumental in the advancement of the Islamist political agenda in Turkey. 

In a 2006 interview on Kanaltürk TV Nurettin Veren, Gülen’s right hand man for 35 years, said, “These are like shop windows. Recruitment and Islamization activities are carried out through night classes….Children whom we educated in Turkey are now in the highest positions.  There are governors, judges, military officers. There are ministers in the government. They consult Gülen before doing anything.”

Are the charter schools Gülen’s shop windows in the U.S.?  Why is Fethullah Gülen so dangerous?

Charter schools are nonsectarian publicly funded schools of choice that are privately managed.  They operate with freedom from many of the regulations that apply to traditional public schools. 

For an organization that wants to expand its “educational vision” and serve a special population with increased autonomy, a charter school provides that vehicle as well as a front for those wishing to infiltrate our public education system.

In 1999 on Turkish channel ATV Gülen revealed to his followers his goal for an Islamist Turkey ruled by Sharia Law and his strategy for achieving that goal.  He preached about the necessity of patience and deception as a means of overcoming the infidel when the infidel was more powerful than the Islam community.

This practice of “taqiyya”, or deception to protect Islam, is being used globally by radical Muslims to conceal their mission.

Gülen employs taqiyya when denying that he has any connection to the schools.  Top school administrators also say they have no official ties to Gülen. However, documents available at various foundation websites and federal documentation for the non-profit groups show that virtually all of the schools are linked to Gülen through groups that promote Turkish culture.

Photos taken at a Harmony Science school in Texas during a 2007-2008 National Turkish Festival indicate that emphasis is placed on the celebration of Turkish customs and language.

Deception also is found in the friendly-sounding names of the Gülen schools like Harmony Science Academies, Beehive Science & Technolgy Academy, and Pioneer Charter School of Science.

When critics assail the schools the Gülen organization is quick to point out that the schools are often among the top-performing public schools in their towns.  However, Gülen school administrators are deceptive about the reason for this success. 

In the USA Today article published August 17, 2010, “Objectives of charter schools with Turkish ties questioned,” the Texas charter schools came under scrutiny.  According to Ed Fuller, a University of Texas-Austin researcher, Harmony schools in Texas show a pattern of “extraordinarily high” student attrition rate of about 50% in grades six through eight.

Parents at one Harmony school in Texas accused the school of “pushing out” underperforming students, which the TEA confirmed. 

Fuller continued, “It’s not hard to be ‘exemplary’ if you lose all the kids who aren’t performing.” 

This policy of keeping only the brightest to be recruited, Islamized, and educated in the Gülen schools is consistent with Nurettin Veren’s statement that, “Children whom we educated in Turkey are now in the highest positions….They consult Gülen before doing anything.”

Although the schools advertise that they employ American teachers, the reality is those teachers are soon replaced with Turkish teachers recruited from Turkey and central Asian republic with American taxpayer money.

Other countries have become suspicious about Gülen indoctrination and have taken steps against his education network.  Uzbekistan has banned the schools for encouraging Islamic law while the Russian government has banned the Gülen schools and all activities of the entire Nur sect in Russia. 

 The Netherlands has taken steps to cut funding to any Gülen associated organizations and is investigating the activities of the Gülen group.

Islamic extremists are using our First Amendment rights to their advantage to Islamize our nation and forcefully impose Shariah Law while Americans sit idly by and watch Rome burn.

Where is our outrage? Why are Americans not uniting to oppose this assault on our Constitution and our way of life? When are we going to stand up and say, “Enough! We have had enough!”

These radical Islamic school store fronts cannot be allowed to continue operations and indoctrinate our children while American taxpayers pick up the tab.  Even if taxpayer money is not used, allowing Gülen schools to operate in the U.S. poses grave danger to our freedom and founding principles.

We must harness the power of the voices of the people and together get these schools banned from our American soil.

Carole Hornsby Haynes welcomes comments at Additional information is available by visiting


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  3. When a Harmony school is built, the builders are Turkish, and often not the lowest bidders. That enough should cause you to pause. Assuming all contractors will follow local building codes, why wouldn’t they accept the low bid? Because taxpayer money is going from Cosmos/Harmony to the Turkish contractors, to Gulen. Gulen is a powerful Turkish imam residing in exile, in Pennsylvania.

    When a Harmony school needs books, many of them are published by the Gulen’s publishing house.

    When a Harmony school needs uniforms, same story.

    When a Harmony school needs teachers, they may hire Americans, but many are replaced by Turks, who kick back a good percentage (about 40%, reportedly) to Gulen.

    The Turkish flag may be flown in some schools, and much “education” (and misinformation) about Turkey and Turkish history.

    While I don’t advocate discrimination against people on the basis of their religion, Muslim missionaries are using this freedom (and taxpayer dollars) to spread their religion. The way many Americans act, it’s as if 9/11 never happened! Wake up! Their religion tells them to make us all Muslims!

    Paul Welch, obviously you have not read the Quran. Approximately 1 out of 55 verses is related to making war. For example:

    Qur’an: 9:5 “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”

  4. Hey William Pack aka Hakan, give our love to Ozgur.

    You fail to have transparency with the complete truth only the Texas manure you want to shovel.

    Why not mention Ed Fuller ph.d from Texas University who discusses the overcrowding at Harmony Science Academys and the 50% turnover of students in the revolving door of mess. Perhaps you would care to throw in what Dr. Ebaugh meant at the last “Mapping of the Gulen Movement” …..”There are 25 gulen charter schools in Texas and they are causing a problem”

    Do tell we are waiting. BTW while you are at it the Teachers at CMSA are still waiting for some transparency. Apparently you have an issue with being transparent about transparency.

    Care to tell us why so much money from these charter schools is going to a phantom company like Concept Schools? Who is paying your salary and your cronies over at Niagara Foundation? For the Gulen Conference last month in Chicago? For the trips to Turkey for local Academia, poliiticans and media? Who help keeps the private Turkish School in Chicago open? Who pays the salaries of the teachers at the private school that can barely keep their doors open? The Turkish Olympiad?

    Crack the books open, it is about to get nasty with Concept Schools requesting $93 million in bond money. No amount of Noah’s pudding will work to bribe anyone.

  5. the information on here was worth the wait. I loved that it is also really easy to read for the eyes.

  6. Thank you for this great article.

    Fethullah Gulen currently resides in a ranch in the Poconos and directs the activities of his followers in the US. He was issued a Green Card by the US authorities on the basis that he was an extraordinary academic and educator. Gulen does not even have a college degree!

    The sources of Gulen’s finances are unknown, and have not been carefully studied by the US authorities. Gulen’s finances mostly come from foreign sources and are likely linked to money laundering activities. Many of Gulen’s charter schools are not profitable.

    Gulen’s ideology is against the principles set forth in our 1A. Gulen’s ultimate objective is to establish regimes based on Sharia Law.

    As I write these comments, Gulen’s followers in Texas are reaching to our representatives, mayors, police force, fire department to increase their political influence on the lives of Texans.

    They are promoting themselves as Sufis, promoters of interfaith dialogue, ambassadors of love, and tolerance. In reality, Gulen’s followers are responsible for countless human rights violations particularly in Turkey. They infiltrated into the Turkish police force and the judiciary. Hundreds of university professors, academics, journalists, intelectuals have been jailed by Gulen’s Cult.

    Gulen’s Cult likes to infiltrate into education, police force, judiciary and public services. They are dangerous religious extremists.

  7. There is an article by William Martin of Rice University in “Texas Monthly”, the most prestigious monthly magazine of Texas, about Harmony Public Schools and charter schools in general. This is really a sound article with full of scientific facts and figures. To read the full article, visit this website:

    In my humble opinion, we need to follow the scientific evidence not just bogus stuff.

  8. I wish the author and some of the commentators did some research before making all these accusations.

    I live in Texas and familiar with Harmony Public Schools and Cosmos foundation since I was involved in their I-SWEEEP science fair competition as a judge along with my several colleagues from the university I work at. But seems like there has been a lot of discussions & criticism about Harmony Schools and that got my interest since I have been invited to Cosmos and Harmony Schools several times for I-SWEEEP meetings but could not make it. If they are such sinister organization. then I better keep far from them.

    My research (and yes I am an assistant professor who does a lot of research in different areas) showed me that, all these accusations and attacks are nothing but baseless accusations and altogether a big, driven from Turkey smear campaign. And I do believe all these has nothing to do with Harmony Schools or Cosmos Foundation but it has a lot to do with Gulen, the head of the Movement. I do not have much info about him and I do not really his real intentions, but people who dislike him ( and they might be right about this) have recently opened a new front in the war against him: “”Attack credibility of schools that has Turkish administrators”” After all what could scare more then “”an imam who opens charter school to Islamise Texas””. I would love to read Dr. Haynes’s comments on this.

    The accusations that made me think this way are many but this one is priceless;
    (comments are hilarious in this one)
    (Bill Gates is portrayed in Arabic dress and is blamed just because his foundation donated money to Harmony Schools for their success in TSTEM education)

    Also visit this one and watch this video, I promise you won’t ask for your ticket back:
    (This is the CBS news coverage of people who protested Harmony School in Odessa and distributed fliers that, these people are terrorists and Texas Education Agency is helping Islamic Terrorist to take over Texas!)

    So I say this: Please take your war against Gulen and his people to somewhere else, especially to Turkey but leave charter schools that are great alternative to failing public education alone whether it is Harmony schools, KIPP, YES or Uplift.”

  9. 12. During the contract term in 2006 and 2007, Plaintiff Couch was one of

    approximately 12. During the contract term in 2006 and 2007, Plaintiff Couch was one of

    approximately 13 Christian, female employees of non-Turkish origin at

    Defendant Charter School. The remaining approximately 15 employees were all

    or mostly Muslim, male teachers of Turkish origin.

    13. Defendant Principal is a Muslim male of Turkish origin.

    14. Plaintiff Couch is a Texas certified Spanish and Health teacher. Plaintiff received

    the aforementioned certification prior to commencing employment with

    Defendant Charter School.

    15. During Plaintiff’s contract term none of the male teachers was certified by the

    State of Texas.

    16. Plaintiff Couch was a better qualified, more experienced and more effective

    teacher than all of the male, Muslim and Turkish teachers.

    17. Early during her contract term, Plaintiff noticed, and commented to coworkers,

    that Defendant Principal and other school administrators appeared to treat the

    male, Muslim and Turkish teachers more favorably than the female, Christian,

    non-Turkish teachers.

    18. Defendants required the female, Christian, non-Turkish teachers to teach more

    classes and/or to carry-out more daily extra duties, such as the After School

    Defendant Charter School. The remaining approximately 15 employees were all

    or mostly Muslim, male teachers of Turkish origin.

    13. Defendant Principal is a Muslim male of Turkish origin.

    14. Plaintiff Couch is a Texas certified Spanish and Health teacher. Plaintiff received

    the aforementioned certification prior to commencing employment with

    Defendant Charter School.

    15. During Plaintiff’s contract term none of the male teachers was certified by the

    State of Texas.

    16. Plaintiff Couch was a better qualified, more experienced and more effective

    teacher than all of the male, Muslim and Turkish teachers.

    17. Early during her contract term, Plaintiff noticed, and commented to coworkers,

    that Defendant Principal and other school administrators appeared to treat the

    male, Muslim and Turkish teachers more favorably than the female, Christian,

    non-Turkish teachers.

    18. Defendants required the female, Christian, non-Turkish teachers to teach more

    classes and/or to carry-out more daily extra duties, such as the After School

  10. Free Thinker
    P.S. We don’t need to outsource our children’s education to a bunch of HB-1 Visa uncredentialed Teachers. Especially at a time when we have an over abundance of American Teachers who are overly qualified and recieving pink – slips.

    It is UN- AMERICAN TO lay off our loyal Citizens and import unproven, unqualified teachers from the Gulen Schools in Turkey. This is discrimination to American Teachers.

  11. FreeThinker;
    This is the same lame arguments the Gulen Movement throws out.
    It isn’t about Islamophobia (note the correct spelling) it is about accountability and the schools, their Superintendent and group of Turkish “scholars” (wink-wink) who are NOT TRANSPARENT.

    Stop making this about religion, it is about your agenda and your intent to push Turkish this and Turkish that down our children’s throats. Your deceit and mishandling of government funds to pay for the promotion of Turkey via “Interfaith” nonsense “Turkish Olympiads” and “trips to Turkey” you take our money and deal with Turkish contractors giving them MILLIONS OF OUR MONEY to build more schools. Who in turn donate a portion back (Tuzuk) to Cosmos Foundation or Raindrop Turkish House.

    You even lie about the trips to Turkey calling it “Europe” – it is NOT EUROPE AND NOT A PART OF THE EUROPEAN UNION. You are the BIGOTS with the way you steal American money to pay for your agenda, then laugh in our face with passing out the Turkish flag – which is actually the symbol for ISLAM. YOU ARE NOT TRANSPARENT. YOU ARE NOT ACCOUNTABLE, YOU ARE THE BIGOTS jUST ASK THE AMERICAN TEACHERS THAT HAVE FILED EEOC LAWSUITS AGAINST YOU.

    Take your “Turkish Character” classes and your arrogant attitude, we don’t need your lies and your horrible fake education. None of these kids are doing any better than the American schools.

    If this is just an awful mistake, lets have Dr. Soner Tarim come in and give a sworn affadavit that you are not affiliated with Fethullah Gulen and you are not our state money over state lines into Oklahoma for the Dove Science Academy (Discovery Charter) and other states.

  12. This is nothing but small minded islamofobia.
    Christians can be terrible Americans, so Ed Sunderland , give us a break with your long list of bigotry and go read some of the old Testament, you’ll find plenty of violence there.
    These schools are raising the level of education in our country, because we are so happy to spend on wars but so reluctant to spend on health or education. We buy from China, we export technology jobs to India, but we are afraid of investing in math and science for our kids.

  13. Ergun:
    P.S. Gulen only cares about his $25 billion dollar empire, and not about children. He never married or had children of his own. He is mentally and morally disturbed, you will find out the real reason why Turkey gave him the boot some day.

  14. “I look like a place you go to the Turkish school to enter school and teachers ask questions, listen to talk at length to speak Turkish and Turkish schools will decide how your perspective. Search from the internet, go to your nearest Turkish school recommendation. Rather than see ourselves as a human right direction, look at our mistakes and say, “How can I make peace, and peace” must also have stains in our hearts. with love and respect.”

    Dear Mr. Ergun;
    Why do you think in your ignorance that only Turkish people in the Gulen Movement can “save” the American schools? This is the kind of ignorance and arrogance that we saw at your schools also your teachers are not so great. Go promote your peace in your own country it is loaded with human rights issues against it’s minorities. Your posting was indirectly referring to honor killings associated to the east as if it is “Kurds” that perform this on their women. We don’t need your kind of help, go help and fix the civil rights in your country and the 300 Kurdish children thrown into adult Turkish prisons.
    You are not in America to promote peace out of the kindness of your insincere heart, it is to promote Turkish Nationalism and Turkish Culture. You wish to associate the words Peace, love and harmony with Turkey. Good luck!! I don’t think Europe or the rest of the world is buying it although “buying it” seems to be your way doesn’t it?
    Gulen buys his way into the Balkans, Central Asia, etc., to open his schools but you were kicked out of Russia and Krygyzstan because of the Islamic intent.
    So Ergun do you think the Harmony Science Academys in Turkey would operate without the assistance of Gulen’s Raindrop Turkish house? or without the Turkish Olympiads? Tlhe Trips to Turkey? Didn’t think so.

  15. değerli ExHarmonyParent ;
    Türkiye geri kalmış bir ülke değildir . bizde töre cinayetleri milyonda bir olan hadiselerdir , genelde töre cinayetleri türkiyenin doğusundaki vatandaşların olduğu bölgede olmaktadır son yıllarda töre cinayetide hiç görülmemiştir . Eğer bizim ülkemizde töre cinayetleri var ise sizin şehirlerinizde keskin nişancılar okul basanlar veya ırkçılar var . yani güzel kardeşim eğer sizde şu var bizde bu var dersek bunun sonu gelmez . Şunu anlamak lazım her toplumda iyi insanlarda vardır kötü insanlarda . her toplumda bilgisiz insanlarda vardır bilgili insanlarda . her toplumda ırkçı insanlarda vardır hoşgörülü insanlarda vardır . biz burada şunu görmeliyiz , Sayın F.gülen in dünyaya yaydığı hoşgörü ve diyaloğa dayalı sevgi okulları vardır. sizden ricam türk okullarını gidin yerinde görün okullara girin ve öğretmenlerle konuşun dinleyin sorular sorun uzun uzun konuşun türklere ve türk okullarına bakış açınız nasıl olacak siz karar verin . İnternetten araştırın size en yakın türk okuluna gidin tavsiye ediyorum . İnsan olarak biribirimizin yanlışlarını görmektense doğru yönlerimize bakıp , ” nasıl barış ve huzur sağlayabilirim ” demeli ve kalbimizdeki lekeleri temizlemeliyiz . sevgi ve saygılarımla .

    ExHarmonyParent valuable;
    Turkey is a country that is lagging. The events we have honor killings are one in a million, mostly east of turkey in honor killings of citizens in the region that is without precedent in recent years is cinayetide honor. If you are in our country, honor killings, sniper school in your town or racists who are pressing. so nice there we have it in you, my brother, if we say that it does not end. In every society needs to understand that there are good people in bad people. In every society, people are ignorant of knowledgeable people. There are racists in every society, humans are the tolerant people. We need to see this here, Mr F.gülen in dialogue based on tolerance and love around the world where there are schools. I look like a place you go to the Turkish school to enter school and teachers ask questions, listen to talk at length to speak Turkish and Turkish schools will decide how your perspective. Search from the internet, go to your nearest Turkish school recommendation. Rather than see ourselves as a human right direction, look at our mistakes and say, “How can I make peace, and peace” must also have stains in our hearts. with love and respect.

  16. Ergun;
    You have the right to practice any religion you want, but you don’t have the right to push your beliefs off on me. Personally, I have seen your religion of “peace” from ft. Hood, Tx to Mumbai, India.
    Islam is NOT a religion it is a social order that is based on control- of women, of laws, of everyone. where infidels are subject to the dhimmi system and are treated as sub-human.
    Your country of Turkey was once a Christian country before it was islamized, the ancient Greeks, Armenians, and Assuryians were Christians 10 centuries before the arrival of the Ottomans from Central Asia.
    Byzaantium is where Christianity started not in Jerusalem, and we ALL know what your “religion of peace” did to Christianity and the churches. Even shamelessly converting the St. Hagia Sophia Church in Constantiople (now Istanbul) into a Mosque.
    You should be ashamed of yourself, and you wonder why non-Moslems do not embrace you with open arms? and Why you have to lie and sneak your way with the Gulen schools? You lie becuase your Q’uran teaches you “Taqiyya” the art of lying, playing victim is acceptable in the name of Allah especially to the infidels.
    We are nothing but the offspring of pigs and monkeys to you. No wonder Europe doesn’t want you either. Your goal is to impliment S’haria law as this is what you believe your “allah” wants.
    So if you are so hell bent on an Islamic society why don’t you go back to Turkey and leave us alone, we love our freedom and democracy. I don’t want honor killings or female genitle mutilation performed on my daughter or being told I have to cover up.
    Leave us alone and go back to your own backward country where you constantly fight over secularism vs. kemalism. Anyone that matters doesn’t care or trusts you.

  17. Değerli yorumcular ; Anladığım kadarı ile sürekli islam kanunlarından , müslüman olmayanları öldürülmesinden veya şeriat kanunlarının ağırlığından bahsediliyor , Amerika bir hristiyan toplumdur ve islam dininden önce gelen dindir sizin dininiz çok daha önce gelmesine rağmen dininiz adına dünyanın değişik kesimlerinde insanları hristiyanlaştırmak için veya dininize tehdit unsuru olduğu için insanları öldürüyorsunuz . Gelelim sizin tarihinize daha bir asır öncesine kadar siz dahi kendi içerinizde katolik veya protestan diye kendi kendinizi öldürüyorsunuz şimdi yahudilere sahip çıkıp sırf yahudilerin istekleri doğrultusunda insanları katlediyorsunuz ama kendi yaptıklarınızı görmeyip bazı islam ülkelerini eleştrip kendi dinlarini dahi doğru yaşayamayan ülkeleri islam dini ile bağdaştırıp haksız eleştriler yapıyorsunuz . Daha kendi ülkenizde ırkçılık var biraz özeleştri yapılamazmı . Obama sırf zenci diye ona düşman olanlarınız yokmu . Bana göre siz kendi yanlışlarınızı görün . Türkiye şu anda gerçek islam dinini dünyaya Gülen sayesinde gösteriyor . Biraz önyargılarınızdan vazgeçip anlamaya çalışma gayreti gösteremezmisiniz .Sevgi ve saygılarımla .

    Dear reviewers, I understand that with the ongoing Islamic law from the Muslim non-murder, or Sharia law, the weight are discussed, America a Christian community and the Muslim religion came before religion your religion before the coming despite your religion for the world’s various sections of people, Christians make or listen to your threat because it is kill people. Lets just get you your history than a century before you, even in itself you Catholic or Protestant so yourself kill now the Jews have come out merely Jews wishes of people murdered, would you, but make your own, see what it is not some Muslim countries eleştrip own religion, even the right can not live states that Islam is incompatible with can unfairly Bashing do . There is more racism in your country, you can do some self-criticism. Obama just black employees he was hostile to him yet. According to me you see your own wrong. Turkey Islamic religion of truth to the world at the moment thanks to F.gülen shows. Abandon your preconceptions and try to understand a little effort you can. With love and best regards.

  18. We have one of these lame schools here in Tucson. Not sure of the name but controversy follows its path. Gulen is a miserable person and should be shown the gate at Kennedy International Airport with a one way ticket back to where he came from. I don’t care if he is here in exile…..he is subversive to the US and should be put in his place, along with his devout followers. His schools should be taken over and that infrastructure can be melded into existing schools in their respective areas.
    Sharia law is demeaning to women all over the world. I find it so maddening that Liberal people want to defend these idiots and their rights here. If they aren’t US citizens, then they don’t have the right to speak out against the US. Period! If we were to go to Saudi Arabia and speak out against their religious terms….we would probably end up beheaded or have our tongues removed before being thrown out.
    It’s too bad that the Kuran burning got so out of hand. Yes, the radicals were/are ready to do something about it, but too bad. They don’t own us, but if we keep bending over to not upset them, they will own us eventually.
    This is the United States of America. We, as CITIZENS, have the right to free speech and freedom of religion. If we aren’t happy about something, we have the right to speak out against it. These Muslims come in from the outside, many of whom aren’t citizens, and shoot off their mouths. No…it doesn’t work that way. There is a thing called TOLERANCE and these zealots should get to know it. Many radicals have professed to wanting Christians and Jews killed. Many others face a choice:become a muslim or die. (my spell check actually kicked back the work muslim. Unlike christian or jew, it says it should be in capital letters. WRONG) This is no choice for the US. The simple and most effective way is to not allow them here if they have a record of being anti-America. If they develop a taste for it once they get here, toss them out. Make it a condition of their being able to stay here. If a cleric in a mosque becomes unruly, throw him out and convert his mosque into a church or synagogue. The followers of said cleric will have a choice, accept the tolerance of the US and be at peace, or leave. Go back to your little place in the sand and be miserable there.
    In the meantime, I have a box of Kurans I use as targets when I shoot my assault rifles and I also shoot pictures of Mohamed as well. Osama BinLaden also makes a nice target at 500 yards.
    If I came off as a red neck and intolerant, too bad. I am just sick and tired of seeing my fellow US citizens being stifled while some jerk with a Kuran and a bad attitude gets to have his own say.
    Please remember, radical Islamists hijacked airliners and flew them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Now, these people who are taking money from the likes of Bin Laden now feel they have the right to build on or near where this happened? NO….you don’t get to rub it in our face. Go up to The Bronx or out to Brooklyn or Harlem….even the lower east side, but not there. You have already left your mark on it, you can’t come back under the guise of “Peace” when your version of it isn’t like the version established in our country. You idea of peace sucks and so does Mohamed. I hear he as a thing for little boys too!
    Have a nice day. I welcome people to comment back.

  19. Dear Michael;
    Turkish people are caucasian too, this isn’t about biogtry (it isn’t about race since we are all the human race- yet different ethnicities)
    it is about deceit and not being forthcoming about their agenda, and the credentials or lack there of – of these teachers who “claim” to be scholars.
    They are not breaking any academic records in Texas, the testing results are no better than the traditional public schools.
    This is just an outsourcing of our children’s education to a foreign entity that really has no vested interest in our children except to teach Turkish language, culture, nationalism and the famous “Turkish Character” classes.
    Did you even know the Turkish flag you were waving is actually the symbol for Islam? Most Americans are ignorant of this. At the last Turkish Olympiad in Texas, the Turkish flag is prominately displayed on stage with flags handed out to the audience to wave.

    My question is, where does the schools get the money they pay to enter into the Gulen sponsored Turkish Olympiads? Trips to Turkey? Tax Dollars? I think so.
    Harmony Science Schools you need to stop pushing your nationalism and agenda off on our kids,come clean and be honest. We grow tired of the $$ millions you get in tax dollars to support your Lobbying in Washington DC. (Rumi Forum, et al)

  20. I go to a Harmony Science Academy in Austin, I have sense I was in 6th grade, now I am a senior! And It is like it is described here. Over half of my teachers are White-Americans, only the administration is Turkish.

  21. This is for “Me”… The prophet and his army killed many Jews just because they were Jews. Before the “Battle” as you call it the jewish people were actually very tolerant of all other religions and there were many that flourished before islam replaced Judaism in that part of the world. Between Mecca and Medina there was so musch blood spilled by the prophet himself. Deacapitation being his favoured method of dispensing with the “Pigs and Dogs” that are the infidels and Jews. The quran is totally open to interpretation and it is writen in a way that contradicts itself in so many ways that people can take texts out of it selectively and justify pretty much anything by a few quotes…
    Your argument and examples are hollow and only prove that muslims today ignore all of the “Positive” and “Peaceful” versus in the Quran. You only need to look at the FACTS and ACTIONS of Muslims today. 90 % of the worlds wars today involve Muslims and “Islamic Movements”. Many Islamic countries today have the law that “If you convert from Islam then you will be hanged or stoned to death”. The minorities of Islamic countries are constantly persecuted and they have much less Rights as muslim people makiing them inferior in the eyes of muslims. You get Immams or islamic reliious leaders that declared death warrants / Fatwas on people and contries that simply critisize Islam or do something that is forbidden by the Quran. Islam tells you how to live every aspect of your life from the top down and anything else is bad. Sharia law itself is a huge problem because if this gets implemented then it forces everybody to “Be Islamic” and suppresses all other thought… Anybody can quote some peaceful “WORDS” but it is the actions of the Followers, Preachers and Students of Islam that SPEAK THE LOUDEST. It is time that Islamic leaders and followers voiced opposition to terrorism, Islamic movements, Jihads, extremism and not just blindly stand by all of their “Muslim Brothers and Sisters” We never hear them condemn the thousands of muslims that are killing each other, their own people, and people of other faiths… The Facts speak for themselves… Islam is not a tolerant religion! In my view it was just a way of controlling the masses… I prefere free thought and love towards all people of the world. We don’t hear much of that coming out of the Islamic world…

  22. Merhaba Attaturk (aka Hakan)
    Thank you for asking, my friends in “Ergenekon” are doing very well – obviously in Turkey and here in the USA.

    I guess you have moved on to attempting personal attacks and insults, since your other predictable dribble is failing. Americans are not as stupid or ignorant as you think they are.


  23. This comment board provides perhaps one of the best public records to date of the manipulation, deceit, arrogance and condescension of the members of the Gulen Movement.

    In particular, notice:
    – the endless repetition of two or three basic talking points;
    – the way the discussion is inevitably hijacked and steered back to these points, often illogically;
    – the incessant twisting and manipulation of what others say;
    – the deflection away from the current topic whenever an inconsistency in their argument is exposed;
    – the recurring theme that only Gulen and his movement provide the solutions to our problems;
    – the lack of any acknowledgement that there are valid alternative perspectives;
    – the recurring theme that any opposition to the Gulen Movement constitutes hate, and that only through acceptance of the Gulen Movement can one find love and peace.

    These points are virtually identical to the tactics used by all aggressively proselytizing religious groups to gain converts. This is nothing unique to any Muslim group; Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientologists, etc. use the same general scheme.

    Normal, rational people can never “win” an argument with these proselytizers, because logical, thoughtful and respectful discussion is not something that these people engage in. They are highly trained in how to endlessly argue, cajole and manipulate, and their skills at this exceed those of normal people simply because normal people have a very different agenda.

    Those academicians, journalists and other influential people who, to date, have supported the Gulen Movement should in particular take careful note of the Gulenist comments here. If they choose to continue their support, they will have to consider that while, to date, it has mostly been under the public’s radar, it will not continue that way. As some of these individuals intertwine their careers ever more deeply with the Gulen Movement, they might want to think carefully about exactly what it is they are getting entangled with. Some may still choose to exploit the “Interfaith Dialog Industry,” getting all the free Turkey trips, Gulenist awards, conference invitations and honoraria while the getting is still good. But those who are hoping for a more permanent legacy might wish to pay more attention to the likely outcome, as the tactics used by Gulen Movement members are coming more and more into the public eye.

  24. John;
    Your response is typical of your Gulen brothers, when you are pushed in the corner or held accountable for the mismanagement of funds, unallowable non-educational expenses of American tax dollars you cry “victim” or accuse others of racism / bigotry.
    Well it won’t work, because there are plenty of us Turkish Americans that are against your lies and deception in the name of our culture you embarass us.
    There are plenty documented examples of American teachers filing EEOC cases against the Gulen Charter schools for prejudices. Parents being sent threatening letters from your school’s attorneys or attorneys walking into State Charter meetings to save your schools from closure like Beehive Science Academy.
    The clear predjudice is from the Gulen Movement and Gulen Charter schools, you fire American teachers in the drop of the hate but move your incompetent “scholar” teachers from school to school. You cannot hide behind playing victim, it will not work. Especially when you have victimized Americans. What about the rape incident at Dove Science?-your foundation paid off the girl’s family and attorney ($100,000) or the closet incidence where your teacher locked 2 students in a closet –what did that one cost? ah yes $5,000 and the excuse was cultural differences from the Teacher from Turkey.
    You lie, you pay people off, you intimidate with attorneys, then when it fails you play “victim”
    Sorry it won’t work.
    Here is the latest information about the shortcommings of the Harmony Science Academy and their horrible testing record. Texas STOP giving them millions of $$ they are not educating our children, they are indoctrinating them with their nonsense Turkish Olympiads which only serve one purpose to promote Gulen, Turkey and Islam.

  25. This is for Paul Welch who is looking for some more examples of quotes from the Quran …”Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” Qur’an:9:5 “The Believers fight in Allah’s Cause, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed.” Qur’an:9:112 “Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission.” Qur’an:9:29 “Fight them until all opposition…” This is from the Holy Quran!!! I beleive that Islam is NOT a religeon of peace and there is a HUGE network of Organistions, “Resistance Movements” and now Entire governments that are fighting in the name of Islam. The propaganda machine is in full swing and the “Islamaphobic” accusers are keeping everyone at arms length because we don’t want to be seen as racist ar Islamaphobic. If you want to see a religion of peace then go to tibet and see the Bhudists… Islam is not a religion of peace and it is not tolerant to other thought or opinions… FACT!!

  26. Dr. Gordon Allport investigated the development of a hate crime by both individuals and communities and decided that these developed through five stages:

    1. Antilocution – name-calling.
    2. Avoidance – refusing the victim the right to participate in the group; ignoring them.
    3. Active discrimination – using one’s power to disadvantage the victim – refusing a job, promotion
    4. Physical violence/violence against property – pushing, hitting, kicking, rape. Graffitti
    5. Genocide, murder, driving to suicide.

    It looks like some people are at stage 1 and moving to stage 2 or 3

    Even when Muslims do things by the book they are called names by some, just because they are Muslim.

    If Gulen and people who listen to his teachings were guilty of any crime they would have been in jail by now. They live under the microscope but only things we hear are accusations without any proof.

  27. Dr. Horsnby, where the heck did you get your Ph.D from? You shoot some taxpayer fireballs to discredit this group and end with,”Even if taxpayer money is not used, allowing Gülen schools to operate in the U.S. poses grave danger to our freedom and founding principles.” What? Couldn’t quite get what’s the main theme.

    It’s like saying,”We shouldn’t eat tomatoes, because they’re grown in Mexico; but even then we shouldn’t eat them, cause they’re bad for your health”….

    Anyways, content is full of hyperbole, colossal misstatements and ambiguity simply thrown at a reader to digest…Copy paste makes weak arguments my dear.

    Just a laughingstock for Libs and more ammunition to tell the rest what Ignotards you are!

    With this type of faulty rationale and scare tactics, we should just kill billion or so muslims and have a happy life ever after. Once you start picking and choosing in democracy – founding principles are meaningless. Look what this type of nationalistic public surge brought to Russia – they have become nazis they helped overcome once…

    Find a group to unleash your daily concrens/problems..Hmm where did I hear that before?? Nazi Germany maybe…yea, let’s get rid of all of these RATS and get our country BACK!?

    I’ve sat down and talked to some of these “radicals”…see for yourself first before crticizing people w/o even talking to them. Remember: JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED and CAST THE FIRST STONE IF WITHOUT SIN


    P.S.: “Hell is a place where there is no Reason and Compassion”

  28. gaia senin ordan burdan toplama komplo teorilerin insanların kafasını karıştırıyor , zaten senin amacında bu . Senin ile f.gülen ve onun gönül arkadaşlarını konuşmam yanlış olur ancak yorum yazan diğer kişiler için şunu tekrarlamak istiyorum . Ey arkadaş , kardeş , bay veya bayan şunu bilmeni isterimki ağlayan bir insan gördüğünde onu hissede bilmen için seninde daha önce ağlamış olman lazım veya birinin tebessümle bir diğer insana baktığını gördüğünde seninde o tebessüm eden insan gibi duygular yaşamış olman lazım f.gulen ‘ i anlamanız için onun eserlerini okumanız yada onu tanıyan insanların samimi düşüncelerine saygılı olmanız lazım gerçekten hayatım üzerine yemin ederimki f.gülen bir gönül insanıdır insan dostudur kalbinde zerre kadar kötülük kin , nefret ve sinsi düşünceleri yoktur lütfen bana inanın o tamamiyle insanlığın mutluluğu için kendi hayatını zindan etmiş bir insandır bunu nereden biliyorum söyliyeyim 1. onun en yakından tanıyan insanları tanıyorum 2. tüm eserlerini okudum defalarca 3. onun eserlerini okuyan çok değerli insanlarım göz yaşları ile f.gülen hakkındaki yorumlarını izledim 4. onu karalayanların ne kadar yanlış saplantılar içerisinde olduklarını anlayabildim …… aslında konu f.gülen konusu da değil eğer bir yaratan olduğuna inanıyorsan O Allahtır sana göre Tanrıdır o tektir onun en son resulü Muhammed dir eğer bunun bu şekilde olduğuna inanıyorsan mesele yok eğer inanmıyorsan araştır en güzel kaynak f.gülen dir ben bir müslüman olarak her dine saygım vardır her peygambere inanırım bu benim inancım gereğidir peki senin dininin gerektirdikleri nedir ? her ikisinide araştır doğruyu bul buda insan olmanın gereğidir. değerli gaia ben bu yazdıklarımı bir yerlerden kopyalamadım benim kalbimden geçenler bilmem anlata biliyor muyum . sevgi ve saygılarımla

    Izmir – turkey 37 ErgünBOZ

    gaia gathering conspiracy theories you people up here are confused, this is already in your goals. F.gülen with your heart and it would be wrong to talk to their friends, but comments on other people want to listen again. O my friend, brother, male or female let you know that want you to cry a person sees it feel to let you know you previously been crying to be needed, or one smile one other man was staring at when you it in the smiles of the people have such feelings as have gotta f.gulen I to understanding her work to read or know about it the people’s intimate thoughts be respectful of you should really my life is over I swear f.gülen the hearts of people is a people-friendly in the heart of the slightest evil, malice, hatred and cunning thoughts have no Please believe me that quite the happiness of mankind for a life of its own prisons have is a person I know I tell you 1 I know people who know her best 2 I have read several times all works 3 people who read her work very valuable comments about my tears and watched f.gülen 4 those who slander him how much I could understand that they are in the wrong obsession …… in fact, about f.gülen subject not you are a creator If you believe that God has for you is God and that one is his most recent Prophet Muhammad is if it’s that way If you believe there is no problem if you do not believe search best source f.gülen is me as a Muslim every religion I have respect for all prophets I have to believe in is my belief that religion should you is okay? investigate every em both to find the truth of being human is pruned. gaia me what a valuable place this summer I did not copy from my heart to know that I do not know about. with love and respect
    Izmir – turkey 37 ErgünBOZ

  29. Mamamia;
    Your argument is weak and very predictable as it is the same dribble that comes from the Gulenites as yourself. “paranoia” “conspiracy theories” “what is your proof”.
    There is PLENTY of proof and a paper trial a mile long on Gulen in the USA and in my country of Turkey.
    No one is spreading fear, we are stating factual information and the truth.
    You on the other hand are throwing out the canned defenses that we have seen universally with Gulen.
    Take this for what it is worth……..
    There is something wrong with an organization that goes to such great lengths to deny involvement with it’s leader. If you have to lie or deny something is array.
    Recently, the schools are admitting to “lukewarm” association with Gulen, the new tag lines are:

    “We are a Gulen “inspired” school, but not part of the Gulen Movement”

    or the best……….
    “some of our teachers may be followers of Gulen but we do not teach religion at our school”

    Correction: ALL of your uncredentialed teachers immigrated from Turkey are from Gulen’s schools.
    and as the poster above stated : They are far from scholars.

  30. Only thing I am afraid of are the true motives of a person who is trying to scare me!

    As they said in Watergate Scandal.

    Follow the money…

    Those people who are trying to scare us about Gulen are trying to hide something from the world.

    Scare everyone so no one dares to look at your motives while you screw America.

    Where did I see this before…. Hmmmm
    O ya… in Irak

    Tell everyone boogeyman will get them and then empty their pocket.

  31. Even the ruling AKP Party of Turkey is pulling away from the Gulen Movement / Hizmet (Moslem Mafia)
    The relationship between the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Gulen movement — allies in undermining the power of Turkey’s unelected secular establishment in the military and judiciary — appears to be fraying. The differences are rooted in the proper role for Turkey on the international stage and the speed at which the Turkish military should be sidelined from politics. While the AKP and the Gulenists will both work to pass the Sept. 12 constitutional referendum that would open up the secularist-dominated judiciary, there are signs the nature of their partnership is likely to shift.

    Related Link
    Islam, Secularism and the Battle for Turkey’s Future
    As Turkey prepares to vote on a constitutional referendum that would limit the power of the country’s military and secular establishment, the first public signs are showing of a split between the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the Gulen movement, an influential religious community named for its leader, Imam Fethullah Gulen. Though divisions have long existed between the two sides, public tensions first emerged in the aftermath of the Gaza flotilla incident and accelerated with the AKP’s decision to compromise with the military on promotions.

    While these two groups have long worked in tandem to undermine the power of the unelected secular elite in the military and judiciary, the AKP appears to be realizing more that its association with the Gulen movement could jeopardize its political future and make it appear too extreme. The Gulen movement, for its part, believes the AKP has been too cautious in taking on the military and judiciary, and wants to enact fundamental changes to the country’s institutions while its erstwhile political allies are at the peak of their power. Though the AKP and Gulen movement are unlikely to break any time in the near future (and certainly not before the Sept. 12 constitutional referendum), the nature of their partnership is likely to change as the two groups’ aims diverge.

    The Gulen movement’s interests largely aligned with the Islamist-rooted AKP when it came to power in 2002, and the Gulenists saw the AKP as a political vehicle through which it could achieve its goals. Besides their religious links, these two groups, along with non-religious elements looking to assert civilian authority in Turkey, have adopted a common position against Turkey’s traditional power center from which they perceived a threat: the staunchly secular Turkish military. In the course of their struggle against the army, the AKP benefited from Gulenist supporters’ votes and the Gulen movement’s broad network (which it has built up over decades and has members in key posts across various government institutions). Indeed, much of the evidence in several alleged coup plots by the military against the AKP — the Ergenekon, Sledgehammer and Cage cases — is believed to have been leaked by the Gulenist network within government institutions.

    However, as the threat posed by the military to the AKP has gradually diminished and the party has asserted the predominance of civilian control over the government, fissures have emerged between the two groups over how far to go in limiting the military’s power over Turkish political affairs. Undermining the military’s influence in politics has been a decade-long effort for the Gulenists, a response to the overthrow of several democratically elected, Islamist-rooted political parties for allegedly violating the constitutional principles of secularism set at the foundation of the state. Because of this experience, the Gulen movement would like to see the AKP take a harder line with the military, while the AKP feels the need to maintain a working relationship with the army to get things done politically. Both the Gulen movement and the AKP also continue to struggle with being seen as “too Islamist,” particularly in their portrayal to the West. Thus, both sides have increasingly sought ways to distance themselves from each other in public and use such fissures in an attempt to appear more pragmatic than the other.

    The first public sign of a divergence surfaced when Gulen openly opposed the Turkish government’s decision to allow an aid flotilla to sail toward the Gaza Strip in an attempt to break the Israeli blockade, which resulted in a May 31 Israeli raid on Turkish vessels that left nine Turks dead. Gulen’s statement was intended to demonstrate the transnational character of the Gulen movement and a desire to avoid being linked too closely with the AKP’s hard-line official stance on the issue. Gulen was also seizing the opportunity to portray his group — a movement with businesses and schools across the world — as more pragmatic than the AKP and thus more acceptable to the West to counter common criticism that it follows a purely Islamist agenda.

    Further differences appeared when the Supreme Military Council, composed of the civilian government and army members, convened to decide on top military appointments Aug. 1. A Turkish court had issued arrest warrants for 102 military officials — some of whom were generals expecting promotions — before the council convened, in an attempt to weaken the army’s position and allow the AKP to impose its decisions on military appointments, which has traditionally been the army’s prerogative. However, none of the 102, save for one low-ranking soldier, were taken into custody despite the warrants. The Gulenists had pushed for arrests, but the AKP annulled the warrants to reach a compromise with the military on promotions. The AKP also ignored later Gulenist calls for the resignations of the interior and defense ministers for failing to arrest the officials.

    The annulment angered the Gulen movement, which had pledged its support for the AKP-initiated constitutional referendum altering the makeup of the secularist-dominated Constitutional Court and Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors. While the AKP says the amendment will make these institutions more democratic, its opponents say that the package will allow Gulenists to infiltrate the high courts more easily, which would give the AKP more power over the judiciary.

    Tensions between the Gulenists and the AKP appear to be building in the lead-up to the referendum, and the recent publication of a book by a prominent police chief detailing the Gulenist infiltration of the Turkish security apparatus is now causing waves within Turkey over Islamist clout in key institutions, particularly police intelligence. The timing of the book’s release, just weeks prior to the referendum, was designed to damage the Gulen movement’s relationship with the AKP, which has already begun to view its Gulenist allies as a liability as much as they are an asset — the Turkish justice minister said allegations against the group laid out in the book will be seriously investigated.

    Though the AKP still needs the Gulen network’s support for the September referendum as well as the July 2011 parliamentary elections, the AKP is likely to become more active in trying to curtail the Gulen movement’s influence after the vote.

  32. Merhaba Ergun
    Your precious Fetosh is YALAN YALAN YALAN, This inflitration and Moslem mafia tactics will not work in my new country of America and obviously not working in Turkiye with all the Gulen investigations.
    The CIA controls Gulen, and in turn they throw him a few bones with the schools and foundations that are also running American tax dollars through it.
    Gulen has done nothing for anyone without having a benefit to his $25 billion fortune. You have been conned Efendi Ergun., lied and conned by a 5th grade educated Kurd.

    In late November of 2006, Gülen completed and filed an
    Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker on USCIS Form I-140. In that
    petition, he sought classification as an alien of extraordinary
    ability under 8 U.S.C. § 1153(b)(1)(A). He paid a premium
    processing fee of $1,000 in order to guarantee processing of his
    petition within fifteen days in accordance with 8 C.F.R. §
    103.2(f)(1). Both of these forms were received at the Texas
    Service Center and processed on November 21, 2006.

    On December 14, 2006, when USCIS had
    failed to act on his petition within fifteen days, Gülen
    requested a refund of the premium processing fee. To date, USCIS
    has issued no refund.

    On August 13, 2007, the USCIS Vermont Service Center
    issued a request for evidence in support of Gülen’s petition.
    The request characterized Gülen as a “clergyman” on the basis of
    the occupation listed on his original application. In its
    request, USCIS said of the thirteen letters of support that Gülen
    had already submitted, “[i]t is not clear how the writers of
    these letters gained their knowledge of you or your expertise in
    the field.” In addition, with regard to photos of
    Gülen with various religious leaders, the USCIS requested
    “documentary evidence that establishes the importance of the
    photos and the how and why [sic] they were taken.”
    USCIS also requested supporting documentation on the many
    publications by and about Gülen that had already been submitted.

    Gülen responded on October 4, 2007 by providing the
    additional evidence as requested.

    On November 19, 2007, the Vermont (ALMOST A YEAR LATER) denied the petition and a timely appeal was filed. On March 7, 2008, after accepting additional briefing from
    Gülen, the Administrative Appeals Office (“AAO”) dismissed
    Gülen’s appeal.

    In its ruling, the District court established that it indeed has jurisdiction to hear the case and announced that:

    “Under the Administrative Procedure Act, we will
    reverse agency action if it is ‘arbitrary, capricious, [or] an
    abuse of discretion,’ or ‘unsupported by substantial evidence.'”
    Soltane, 381 F.3d at 148 (quoting 5 U.S.C. § 706). In this
    context, “[s]ubstantial evidence is more than a mere scintilla,
    but is something less than the weight of the evidence, and the
    possibility of drawing two inconsistent conclusions from the
    evidence does not prevent an administrative agency’s findings
    from being supported by substantial evidence.” Port Norris Exp.
    Co. v. Interstate Commerce Comm’n, 697 F.2d 497, 502 (3d Cir.
    1982) (internal quotations omitted). Thus, if the Government can
    point to substantial evidence that supports the AAO decision, we
    must grant its motion for summary judgment. If it cannot, or if
    that decision represents an incorrect or unreasonable application
    of the relevant law, we must grant Mr. Gülen’s motion.”

  33. Kıymetli Gaia ; Fethullah Gülenin her kurumda veya kuruluşta merhametli insana saygı duyan bireyler olmasını istemesi ve bunun için mücadele etmesi suçmudur , hatamıdır . Para konusuna gelince amerika birleşik devletleri ırakı vesaire bazı ülkeleri özgürleştireceğim diye binlerce masum insanı katletti bu katliam için harcadığı para nın değeri nedir? siz amerkilalılar daha iyi bilirsiniz ( ama bunun için kıymetli amerikan vatandaşlarını sorgulamak istemiyorum ) . Siz ne yaparsanız yapın parasız olmaz bir öğrenciyi bakacaksınız bunu bedavaya yedirip, içirip giyindire bilirmisiniz değerli gaia insanlara iftira atmak kolay bazı ideolojik saplantılarınızı başkalarını karalayarak yüceltemezsiniz , İnsanları yalan yanlış bilgilerle kandıramazsın. Sevgi ve saygılarımla

    izmir – turkey 37 ErgünBOZ

    Precious Gaia, Fethullah Gulen in each institution or organization of compassionate individuals who want to have respect for people and to fight for it suçmudur, hatamıdır. When it comes to money matters, some countries of the united states free Iraq, so he’ll make thousands of innocent people killed for the murder of his money is spent? Do you know amerkilalılar better (but that’s dear to American citizens do not want to question). If you do, do it for free you will not see a student can eat for free, drink and clothing to people slandering gaia easy to know what value of some ideological obsession to slander others can not elevate, fooling people with false information and lies. With love and respect

    Izmir – turkey 37 ErgünBOZ


    This is The National article about the current investigation going on with the Gulen Movement in Turkey. Gulen has inflitrated poltiics, media (he owns it) police, education, and military. this is the same model he is trying for here in the USA.

    I am a secularist and Kemal follower, Gulen will set our country back to the dark ages. He currently lives in exile on 40 acres, his fortress is in the Poconos. He rarely leaves and the compound has top security.

    Gulen initially was denied a green card in the USA as he tried to claim he had some great teaching attributes. His formal education is only to the 5th grade, but he does claim to be an Islamic Scholar, maybe because many books have been written with his name on it. The case if you google it was Gulen vs. US Homeland Security (Chertoff) 2 members of the CIA wrote letters for him.

    Ex-FBI Turkish translator turned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds calls Gulen “The worlds most dangerous Islamic Imman” you can google her depositions and her transcripts to learn more about the world of Gulen.

    You Americans can have Gulen.

  35. Come on guys !! leave your fears and phobias of no concrete base. This is much more damaging our society than GH would do by raising the feelings of hatred, intoleration and disrespect. Can anyone show me any evidence that there is any concrete crime (let elone bombing, suicide etc), any sentence or even any suppression against people by the adherents of GM? If we are talking about a DANGEROUS global movement with millions of adherents and with almost 30-40 years of history, I`m sure there must be mountains of allegations, imprisonments etc so far… So, don`t worry guys, there are enough security forces equipped with the latest technology who would already know already quite before and proact against such possible bad-intentions….

  36. Merhaba Ergun
    Gülen bir yalancı olduğunu da bir sahtekarlıktır. O bizden Tuzuk para alıyor ve onu bütün zavallı küçük hiçbir şey iken o 25000000000 $ değer.
    Gülen değil kadın gibi o da bir Kürt olduğunu.
    SE Türkiye’de sadece 5 dereceli eğitim seçin.
    Türkiye’de biz okulların kendi kontrolü, medya, polis ve askeri biliyorum.

    translation for you
    Hello Ergun.
    Gulen is a liar, and a fraud. He takes our donations for himself this is why he is worth $25 billion
    and your are worth nothing.
    Gulen is a Kurd from SE Turkey, and he doesnt like woman
    He is being investigated in turkey
    for trying to congrol, schools, media, police and military.

    Dear Americans;
    Please do not send Gulen back to Turkey, we got rid of him once. You keep him.

  37. lalalal blblbllalala barking ameircan dogs,
    u will neve runderstnad these things,u born outsdie wd lock,basterds,
    u look for your dad,specially u mr shitland,i mean suderland lol

  38. Bu yazım haberi yorumlayanlaradır . Ben ingilizce bilmiyorum ancak dil çeviricileri ile yorumlarınızı okudum sizlerde türkçemi çevirerek okuyabilirsiniz . Sizlerin Fethullah GÜLEN hakkında herhangibir endişe duymamanızı tavsiye ediyorum çünki fethullah gülen ırkı, dini , rengi ne olursa olsun her insanı sever ; sevmesinin sebebi ise yaratıcımız olan Allah ve peygamberi muhammed den kaynaklanır ben fethullah gülenin dünyaya yayılan hizmetlerinin ilk başladığı türkiyenin izmir şehrindenim 37 yaşında bir çocuk babasıyım bilgisayar üzerine işler yapıyorum ve araştırmayı doğruları araştırarak elde etmeyi seviyorum siz amerikalılar fethullah gülene ev sahipliği yapıyorsunuz teşekkür ederim onun kıymetini bilin ve sahip çıkın sevgi ve saygılarımla .

  39. John: Gulen’s credibility is shot because of all the secrecy and deception he’s encouraged you, and his other followers, to do. It worked extremely well for a while because Americans hadn’t yet caught on.

    Those days are over because American parents don’t appreciate being the target of the Gulen Movement’s tricks and lies. The GM should have stuck to opening private schools, as they’ve done in all those other countries around the world.

    By the way, the charismatic Hitler had adoring followers, too.

  40. The infestation of these charter schools in American communities took place under George W. Bush.

    Fox News is involved and supporting the Gulen Movement’s activities, too. Watch this video @

    Credit must be given to the Gulen Movement’s clever scheming. In their drive to advance their own set of Turkish and Turkish Islam interests, they have worked hard at courting American public officials, reporters, and local religious leaders of all kinds. Who would turn down a free trip to Turkey offered by someone who’s being so very charming, or decline being the guest of honor at a dinner or getting a special award and lots of free PR?

    If you want to assign blame, place it on the American public for trusting so much in the unregulated, unmonitored privatization of public education and for being asleep at the wheel themselves.

    And keep in mind that there are A LOT of Turkish citizens (who largely practice a moderate form of Islam) who DON’T believe in Gulen’s teachings, or approve what the Gulen Movement is doing. This is not about Turkey and it is not about Islam. It is about a subset of Turks who practice a specific brand of Islam.

  41. The article and comments seem to feed on each other.
    Everyone talks about Fethullah Gulen this Gulen that.
    No one seems to actually know what he is saying.

    Also If no one is against you your work is not that valuable.
    Mandela, MLK Jr. Jesus Christ all spent time in jail.
    People accused them of being danger to society.

    So when I read this article and comments I feel that Mr. Gulen must be on the right track.

    Here is a link for one of Mr. Gulen’s articles titled “True Muslims Cannot Be Terrorists”

    Have a good day.

  42. To help further your investagtions do a google search for “Obama’s Muslim Advisor Gulen” She states that the Gulen Movement is a good thing. Also if you google ” Obama’s Muslim Advisor Sharia Law Misunderstood” that is another intresting article.

    These schools have gone as far threatening parents with lawsuits for exposing Gulen and there connections with them. How do you feel about a school that threatens parents and covers up illegal activites that may be invilving your child?

  43. Those are American girl’s in that picture? I would not have belived it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. Someday these girls will be trading that stupid head gear for a hib jab. How disgusting.

  44. When it comes to charter schools Obama needs to call his program Race To The Bank, not Race to the Top. They are using our tax payer dollars against us and and even more dispicable our children to achieve a means to an end. There is over 140 of these charter schools around the country. One of them sitting on Davis Monthin Air Force Base in Tucson. We should question our own governments judgment shouldn’t we. Even the compititance of our military. Anyone remember Ft. Hood? A fear that I have and should be on every parents mind is, What if this movement turns radical or violent? ? What will happen to our children?

    You ask them straight up and they will tell you to your face that these schools are not connected and they do not promote Turkish nationalism.

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

  45. Carole, you’re a bulldog when it comes to opposing radical Islam. Great article! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You just ed-u-muh-cated me.

  46. Thanks for exposing Gulen for what he is. In Texas it is much more involved than you realize. Raytheon and other big corporations with lucrative contracts with Turkey have pushed these schools onto our state not to mention the CIA which took in Gulen after his exile from Turkey. Gulen is tied into the AKP ruling party in Turkey, currently there is an investigation in Turkey on the Gulen Movement and it’s inflitration of positions within the military, police and education. Gulen also controls 70% of the Media in Turkey.
    In Texas the Harmony Science Academy Schools have managed to get over $250 million in state and federal funds – they have over 1,100+ HB-1 Visas (since 2001) through their Cosmos Foundation. These Visas were for uncredentialed teachers from Turkey who claim to be “scholars” yet barely have the equivelant of a undergraduate degree. Anti-American at a time when American credentialed teachers are being pink slipped.
    Through audits and more, it has been found that American tax payers money is paying for non-educationall unallowable expenses like the HB-1 Visas, Turkish Olympiads, trips to Turkey for politicians/students and money is laundered by the numerous Gulen Foundations and Instititues like the Raindrop Turkish House, Cosmos and many more throughout the USA to the Gulen Lobbying groups in Washington DC: Rumi Forum, Assembly of Turkic American Federations in Washington.
    Gulen is a danger to our children, the schools have many EEOC court cases and issues throughout the USA. if you are female and non-Turkish/Moslem you are treated like dirt.
    It gets even more dangerous now that Harmony Science has opened 3 Bluebonnet day care centers for pre-K children. These Bluebonnet Day Care are “FOR PROFIT” and this is being mingled with the “non-profit” status of the Harmony Charter schools which fall under non-profit but are essentially an outsourcing of public schools.
    Everyone shout out, “American Education is not to be outsourced to a foreign entity”
    Please read the link here of Peyton Wolcotts article about the Texas Harmony Schools and the lack of credentials that Dr. Soner Tarim has and the 990 IRS Tax returns of Cosmos that reflect MILLIONS of our tax dollars going to Turkish Contractors to build more schools.

  47. When will enough be enough??? I think we will never stand up until it is too late… Reaction to these types of politically correct schools and their subversive teachings and actions will come only after it is too late to do any good… I think there is a real need to look at taking our country in a new direction and get it back to the way our founding fathers intended… God has to be deeply imbedded into the mix and our sense of self worth as a country… Apologies and subservient attitudes to the world at large just are not going to cut it… If we are to retain our nation and way of life, we MUST return to the way of life that got us here in the first place… God bless America not God da.. America!!!

  48. You hear all over the net that the Koran tells the Muslims to kill the infidel and so on. I have not been able to find any creditable evidence of that.
    Can someone provide me with the passage that says that.

    Mr Sunderland, I would most like to talk to you in depth about this matter.

  49. From Zacks Gold, Question: Can a “true” muslim be a good American?

    Can a good Muslim be a good American? Of course this applies to Canada and England in the wake of non-stop muslim terrorism, and for that matter the whole of Western Europe as well. This is something I’ve wondered about since muslim animals ruined the 1972 Olympics. How & why do the muslims hate us & everyone else so much? Doesn’t their allah teach them to love?

    So I will ask and answer (part of Q & A): Can a “true” Muslim be a good American?

    Based on examining this religion for the last 30 years, here are my conclusions…

    Theologically – no. Because his allegiance is to allah, the moon god of Arabia.

    Religiously – no. Because no other religion is accepted by his allah except Islam (See Koran, 2:256).

    Scripturally – no. Because his allegiance is to the five pillars of Islam and the Quran (Koran).

    Geographically – no. Because his allegiance is to Mecca, to which he turns in prayer five times a day.

    Socially – no. Because his allegiance to islam forbids him to make friends with Christians or Jews…hence the reason “true” muslims are taught Jews are “pigs and apes”

    Politically – no. Because he must submit to the mullah (their spiritual leaders), who teach annihilation of Israel and destruction of America, who “true” muslims call, “the great Satan”.

    Domestically – no. Because he is instructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him (see Koran 4:34).

    Intellectually – no. Because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is based on Biblical principles and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.

    Philosophically – no. Because Islam, muhammad, and the koran do not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and islam cannot co-exist. Every muslim government is either dictatorial or autocratic.

    Spiritually – no. Because when we declare “one nation under God,” the Christian’s God is loving and kind, while allah is NEVER referred to as heavenly father, nor is he ever called love in the koran’s 99 excellent names.

    Therefore after much study and deliberation…perhaps we should be very suspicious of ALL MUSLIMS in this country. They obviously cannot be both “good” Muslims and good Americans.

    Since 26% of American muslim men (age 18-49) have no issue with suicide bombings (Pew Research),well…what do you think?

    Call it what you wish….it’s still the truth. If you find yourself intellectually in agreement with the above statements, perhaps you will share this with your friends who wish to appease the muslim population.

    The more who understand this, the better it will be for our country and the future of the civilized world.

    The war Islam has against the west is bigger than we know or understand.

    Tough words…well, I just can’t sit back and subscribe to muslim apologists and appeasers any more.

    We should compare

    WE should look at the life and misdeeds of mohammad. How he terrorized, how he raped and how he murdered.

    We should look at this self-proclaimed prophet (who couldn’t read nor write) that is responsible for abrugating any and all “peaceful” verses you may find in the Koran.

    We should look and understand WHY those that follow Islam as the prophet intended have no intentions of living in peace with other religions or non-believers until everybody “submits and surrenders themselves” to Islam (the true definition of Islam).

    And we should look at the ACTIONS of WHY “true” muslims ACT as they proclaim “Allah Akbar” (God is great in arabic) before they murder and kill.

    Here are some of those ACTIONS done in the name of Islam all for the glory of mohammad HERE in the United States over just ONE generation:

    Remember, many of these islamic terror attacks took place on U.S. Soil where the press and F.B.I. “ruled out” as terrorism because they did not wish to offend the muslim community. Boo hoo!!

    I say, “Too freakin bad”. We need to call a duck, a duck!:
    7/18/73 – Washington, DC. Nation of Islam members shoot seven members of a family to death in cold blood, including four children. A defendant in the case is later murdered in prison on orders from Elijah Muhammad.

    10/19/73 – Oakland, CA. Nation of Islam terrorists kidnap a couple and nearly decapitate the man, while raping and leaving the woman for dead.

    10/29/73 – Berkeley, CA. A woman is shot repeatedly in the face by Nation of Islam terrorists.

    11/25/73 – Oakland, CA. A grocer is killed in his store by Nation of Islam terrorists.

    12/11/73 – Oakland, CA. A man is killed by Nation of Islam terrorists while using a phone booth.

    12/13/73 – Oakland, CA. A woman is shot to deah on the sidewalk by Nation of Islam terrorists.

    12/20/73 – Oakland, CA. Nation of Islam terrorists gun down an 81-year-old janitor.

    12/22/73 – Oakland, CA. Nation of Islam terrorist kills two people in separate attacks on the same day.

    12/24/73 – Oakland, CA. A man is kidnapped, tortured and decapitated (per the Koran) by Nation of Islam terrorists.

    1/24/74 – Oakland, CA. Five vicious shooting attacks by Nation of Islam terrorists leave three people dead and one paralyzed for life. Three of the victims were women.

    4/1/74 – Oakland, CA. A Nation of Islam terrorist shoots at two Salvation Army members, killing a man and injuring a woman.

    4/16/74 – Ingleside, CA. A man is killed while helping a friend move by Nation of Islam terrorists.

    3/9/77 – Washington, DC. Hanifi Muslims storm three buildings including a B’nai B’rith to hold 134 people hostage. At least two innocents were shot and one died.

    7/22/80 – Bethesda, MD10. A political dissident is shot and killed in front of his home by an Iranian agent who was an American convert to Islam.

    8/31/80 – Savou, IL. An Iranian student guns down his next-door neighbors, a husband and wife because they were “unbelievers”.

    1/31/90 – Tuscon, AZ. A Sunni cleric is assassinated in front of a Tucscon mosque after declaring that two verses of the Qur’an were invalid.

    11/5/90 – New York City, NY. An Israeli activist is stabbed to death by a Muslim attacker at a hotel proclaiming “Allah Akbar”

    1/25/93 – Langley, VA. A Pakistani Muslim with Mujahideen ties guns down two CIA agents outside of the headquarters.

    2/26/93 – New York, NY. Islamic terrorists detonate a massive truck bomb under the World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring over 1,000 in an effort to collapse the towers. The FIRST attack of the WTC by “true” Muslims.

    3/1/94 – Brooklyn, NY. A Muslim fires on a vanload of Jewish boys, killing one yelling out, “Allah Akbar”.

    3/23/97 – New York, NY. A Palestinian leaves an anti-Jewish suicide note behind and travels to the top of the Empire State building where he shoots seven people in a Fedayeen-style attack.

    4/3/97 – Lompoc, CA. A prison guard is stabbed to death by a radical Muslim. He is carrying the Koran as he commits his crime.

    10/31/99 – Near Nantucket. An Egyptian airline pilot runs a planeload of 217 passengers into the water after uttering a Qur’anic prayer.

    3/17/00 – Atlanta, GA. A local Imam and Muslim spiritual leader guns down a deputy sheriff and injures his partner. Hate literature is found all throughout his mosque.

    9/11/01 – Washington, DC. Nearly 200 people are killed when Islamic hijackers steer a plane full of people into the Pentagon. 40 passengers are killed after Islamic radicals hijack the plane in an attempt to steer it into the U.S. Capitol building. Islamic hijackers steer two planes packed with fuel and passengers into the World Trade Center, killing hundreds on impact and eventually killing thousands when the towers collapsed. At least 200 are seriously injured.

    3/19/02 – Tuscon, AZ. A 60-year-old man is gunned down by Muslim snipers on a golf course.

    5/27/02 – Denton, TX. Muslim snipers kill a man as he works in his yard. Their motive was Jihad they told police.

    7/4/02 – Los Angeles, CA. A Muslim man pulls out a gun at the counter of an Israeli airline and kills two people. He is reported saying, “Death to Israel…Death to the United States.”

    9/5/02 – Clinton, MD. A 55-year-old pizzaria owner is shot six times in the back by Muslims at close range. The killers were upset that pork was being served on their pizza.

    9/21/02 – Montgomery, AL. Muslim snipers shoot two women, killing one.

    9/23/02 – Baton Rouge, LA. A Korean mother is shot in the back by Muslim snipers.

    10/2/02 – Wheaton, MD. Muslim snipers gun down a program analyst in a store parking lot.

    10/3/02 – Montgomery County, MD. Muslim snipers kill three men and two women in separate attacks over a 15-hour period.

    10/9/02 – Manassas, VA. A man is killed by Muslim snipers while pumping gas two days after a 13-year-old is wounded by the same team.

    10/11/02 – Fredericksburg, VA. Another man is killed by Muslim snipers while pumping gas.

    10/14/02 – Arlington, VA. A woman is killed by Muslim snipers in a Home Depot parking lot.

    10/22/02 – Aspen Hill, MD. A bus driver is killed by Muslim snipers.

    8/6/03 – Houston, TX. After undergoing a religious revival, a Saudi college student slashes the throat of a Jewish student with a 4″ butterfly knife, nearly decapitating the young man.

    4/13/04 – Raleigh, NC. A Muslim student runs down five strangers with a rented SUV. He tells police that it is his duty to kill infidels and regrets that he could not have killed more.

    4/15/04 – Scottsville, NY. In an honor killing, a Muslim father kills his wife and attacks his two daughters with a knife and hammer because he feared that they had been sexually molested.

    6/25/06 – Denver, CO. Saying that it was ‘Allah’s choice’, a Muslim shoots four of his co-workers and a police officer.

    7/28/06 – Seatte, WA. An ‘angry’ Muslim-American barges into a local Jewish center and shoots six women, one of whom dies.

    10/6/06 – Louisville, KY. In an ‘honor’ attack, a Muslim man rapes and beats his estranged wife, leaving her for dead, then savagely murders their four children.

    2/12/07 – Salt Lake City, UT. Muslim student kills 5 people in a shopping mall.

    OK…you get the point

    (3,281 killed by Muslims in America in 55 terror attacks)

    And yet, most of these murders hardly registered.

    Only until recently are now Americans finally realize that “Death to America” truly is the battle cry of this era’s most dangerous foe, “true” Islam.

    Maybe appeasers will finally wake up!

    We should compare and ask why?

    It is because of the founding prophet…

    It is because of the 100’s of passages of hate, fighting and death in the Koran…

    It is because of their 1,400 year history…

    It is because of their ACTIONS!

  50. In other countries, the Gulen schools are tuition-based and private. In the U.S., where charter schools have been pushed as “the cure”, clueless taxpayers are paying for them.

    Joshua Hendrick, a faculty member at the University of Oregon (Department of International Studies), explains why and how this is done in his paper on the Gulen Movement; it’s part of the GM’s strategy to cultivate American sympathizers and expand their power. Hendrick also explains how the GM often uses the technique of “strategic ambiguity” to prevent outsiders from fully understanding what is really going on. Direct questioning of people involved with the GM, including the charter school officers, will produce few clear results.

    Hendrick studied the Gulen Movement for several years and wrote about it for his 2009 PhD thesis: “Globalization and Marketed Islam: The Case of Fethullah Gulen.” The thesis is over 300 pages, but a distilled version is @

    Also, if you would like to read the introductory pages of Hendrick’s thesis, they are offered for free viewing @ These pages contain his narrative of an unusual experience of attending what he thought would be an academic conference about Gulen, but it turned to not be the case.

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