ABBOTT: New Redistricting Maps Reflect Legislature’s Intent

Response from Texas Attorney General Abbott

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas — The new interim maps issued earlier this week are a substantial improvement from maps previously issued by the San Antonio Court. As a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s unanimous, clear direction to the district court, these new interim maps more accurately reflect the decisions of elected Texas legislators.

In light of the State’s legal arguments, the San Antonio court only modified the Legislatively enacted plan in response to alleged Voting Rights Act violations — while leaving virtually all other districts as they were drawn by the Legislature.

In doing so, the court properly rejected the demands by some plaintiffs to draw drastic and overreaching interim maps.

Results from the Texas House of Representatives Map

  • Tarrant and Dallas counties restored to legislatively enacted map
    County line rule protected
  • Rejected coalition districts in Bell and Fort Bend counties

Results from the Congressional Map

  • CD35 restored as drawn by the Texas Legislature
  • CD25 restored as drawn by the Texas Legislature
  • CD23 as approved by House and Senate leadership

Results from the Texas Senate Map

  • New Senate map is same as final maps negotiated by State and approved by Senate leadership
  • New interim map restores SD10 to the same makeup as the benchmark

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