In Texas, Fight for the Rights of American Workers

We don’t need another phony lawyer in Washington, D.C.

By David Jennings

Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – After watching Ted Cruz, I have to tell people … the last thing we need in Washington is another phony lawyer. The place is full of them, and look at the mess we’re in.  

High Intrigue, with a Traitorous “Friend”

His is a tale of high intrigue, complete with a traitorous “friend” and two court victories with nary a penny to show for it. Who is this person? His name is Jordan Fishman and he wants you to know the truth about Texas U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz before you make a horrible choice and send another phony lawyer to Washington.

What is the “truth” that he wants you to know?

  1. That Ted Cruz is as phony as the snakeskin boots he wears for appearance sake.
  2. That Ted Cruz does not uphold the Tea Party principles that he says he does.
  3. That Ted Cruz stole something from him, and he wants you to know it.
  4. And that, now, that more people know about it, Ted Cruz is playing the blame game straight out of the Obama playbook, claiming that it is his firm’s fault, not his.

Whatever else you might hear about Jordan Fishman, know this: this man is committed to seeking justice for the wrongs that have been committed against him. After months of reading about his story and dismissing it as having nothing to do with a political campaign for US Senate in Texas, I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Mr. Fishman.

And now I understand why he is adamant that Ted Cruz is part of the problem in Washington, D.C., and certainly not the solution. I do hope you read this link to get some background on Mr. Fishman and his case.

Basically, you have a small American manufacturing business that has been destroyed by industrial espionage and foreign business practices. A trusted employee of Mr. Fishman stole proprietary information from him and sold it to businesses in Dubai and China.

Mr. Fishman took them to court and won – twice. He won in Florida against the traitorous employee, and in Virginia against the foreign businesses. The total awarded to Mr. Fishman is close to $80 million. The former employee fled the country to avoid arrest.

The foreign company hired Ted Cruz.

What does Cruz do? Delays the case. Looks for technicalities that he can use.

Mind you, there is no dispute on the facts of the case.

These people stole from Jordan Fishman. This isn’t about getting a “fair trial” – two courts in two states have found in Mr. Fishman’s favor. There was videotaped testimony presented in the Virginia trial in which it was disclosed that the strategy of the foreign companies was to delay, delay, delay in the hopes that Mr. Fishman would die.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The strategy is to delay in the hopes that this man will die and never see the money that is owed him.


But how does this relate to the political campaign? That was my first question to him. His answer was short – he saw Ted Cruz embracing the Tea Party and it made him sick to his stomach. See, it turns out that Mr. Fishman believes in the principles of the Tea Party. And he doesn’t think that protecting foreign companies that steal from Americans fits those principles.

Before the theft, his company employed 45 Americans. Today, it is just Mr. Fishman and a part-timer.

He looked me straight in the eye and said,

“Someone has to stand up for American workers and I decided it had to be me. And after watching Ted Cruz, I have to tell people that the last thing we need in Washington is another phony lawyer. The place is full of them and look at the mess we’re in.”

Finally, after months of dismissing his story, I understood. He isn’t in Texas to campaign for David Dewhurst. He is in Texas to fight for the rights of American workers. Workers that have been displaced not because they are lazy, not because they are too expensive, not because of anything they did at all – solely because a Chinese company stole their lives and livelihoods from them and then used slick lawyers to keep from paying the consequences.

That seems to me something worth fighting for.

Don’t believe the Cruzbots – there is nothing xenophobic about fighting for American workers.

David Jennings has been blogging about life & politics since the early 1990’s, long before blogs became popular. Big Jolly Politics is Jennings’ attempt to tell the truth, the whole truth, and let the chips fall where they may.


  1. P.A.C. OF LIES

    The very least citizens can hope to expect from elected officials is honesty. 100% agreement on all policy issues is fanciful dreaming unless you’re prepared to run yourself. Competence and principle are bonuses. There’s little to be gained in electing competent liars.

    That is why I take such personal offense at the dishonest jihad being waged by David Dewhurst against Ted Cruz. While I am a Cruz supporter, I could have been somewhat mollified if whoever emerges as the victor in the Texas Senatorial campaign at least had a shred of decency. Guilt by association is one thing. But guilt by six degrees of separation is something else entirely. How any candidate with honor could abide this…. well, I guess the words “with honor” tell the tale.

    Ted Cruz is an attorney. He does not have his own private practice, but instead is an employee of Morgan Lewis, an international law firm with some 1,300 staff attorneys, thousands of employees and an equal number of cases. They were founded in 1873, are headquartered in Philadelphia and have 22 offices around the world. Ted works out of the one in Houston where he heads the firm’s U.S. Supreme Court and Appellate Litigation Practice. Prior to joining Morgan Lewis in 2008, he was Solicitor General of Texas under Attorney General Gregg Abbott.

    So far so good, right? Seems like a decent, hard working sort. But underneath that carefully crafted public persona and impeccable record arguing and winning cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, did you know that Ted Cruz is actually an evil Mandarin Munchkin? Follow along:

    Now, you have to give credit where credit is due. In a particularly prodigious display of political pornography, the Dewhurst campaign has attempted to portray Morgan Lewis as actually belonging to Ted Cruz and have created a website – – which never bothers to mention the name of the firm, but simply refers to it as “ trial lawyer Ted Cruz’s law firm”. Then, using acrobatic flips that would have made Flipper look like a flounder, they mine through the Morgan Lewis archives and search for any cases or company activities they can hang around the neck of one just employee: Ted Cruz.

    How delightfully deceitful is that?

    Of course, any firm of that immense scope and size will have its share of controversial cases. To the Goonies with the mining helmets spelunking through the Morgan Lewis files this must have seemed like the mythical city of El Dorado, a virtual cornucopia of untold riches with which to launch a campaign of distortion, innuendo, half truths and bald faced lies. What they have created should stand forever as a true and eternal example of a masterpiece of duplicity and subterfuge, a Liars Hall-of-Fame-worthy amalgamation of ruse and chicanery, shiftiness and artifice. Everything we’ve always wanted in a Senator! Well done, lads. Well done. Your Certificate of Dishonesty is in the mail.

    Counting on what they apparently believe to be a gullible and monumentally stupid populace, the Dewhurst Goonies (maybe we should call them the Dewhurst Doonies. That has a better ring to it.)…..anyway, the Dewhurst Doonies fling metaphorical mud and misinformation at Texas voters by proclaiming that Ted Cruz, he who works at the law firm that shall not be named:

    Is China’s legal mercenary!

    Represents thieves!

    Betrays America!

    Destroys lives! Actual living lives destroyed by Ted!

    Is a pirate! Take that Doonies!

    Is killing American jobs!

    Wages war on innocent Americans! War, I tell you!

    Donates money to Democrats! Aaaarrrrgggg!

    Is a secret agent working on behalf of George Soros to end western civilization as we know it!

    Okay, that last one was made up. But one can almost hear the little spelunking Dewhurst Doonies working hard at it right now, searching for some, any, doesn’t matter what, connection with Morgan Lewis and the dark overlord, Darth Vader.

    Look, politics is never pretty and it’s a rough and tumble world. We all get that. But most of us, I think, are just darn sick and tired of electing lying politicians. Disagree all you want, politicos, on matters of substance and policy. Let’s have the debate. But this type of campaigning is an insult to voters. It is an abuse of the process. It’s demeaning, it’s deceptive and it’s despicable.

    We get to choose a new Republican Senator from Texas on May 29. That person will represent this great state for the next six years. Getting from Point A to Point B is one thing. How you get there is quite another. You can take the high road and lead by example or you can take the low road and lead by deceit.

    It’s getting tiresome sending charlatans to Washington. Choose wisely, Texans

  2. I went to hear Ted Cruz speak Monday evening, and I spent a good bit of time talking personally afterwards with him as well. I cannot imagine a better representative for Texas in the United States Senate than Cruz. He is personable, energetic, extremely
    intelligent, and has an infectious optimistic vision for America. Best of all, he can articulate a persuasive conservative message, in a seemingly effortless way. For anyone out there who would like to see a powerhouse representing this state on the Senate floor, in a manner that will have national impact, you should seriously consider supporting Mr. Cruz.

    (Regarding this article, as the saying goes, people don’t boo nobodies.)

  3. I want everyone to know JUST how Conservative David Jennings is:
    If Y’all are satisfied with the type of representation we get for JOHN CORNYN listen to the hatchet job do by David Jennings.

    The POLITICAL ELITISTS are pulling out all the stops to retain their GRIP on Texas politics.
    Like it or NOT Ted CRUZ is a lawyer. He works for a law firm and does the best job possible to represent those clients assigned to him.

    I would rather have a lawyer representing me that does the BEST job possible to represent MY interests.

    If Y’all are looking for a candidate to REPRESENT YOU vote for TED.
    If you want another PARTY ELITIST that owes his soul to the “PARTY” like JOHN CORNYN vote for David Dewhurst.

    UNFORTUNATELY BIG JOLLY’S TRUTH is more like another BIG JOLLY (Michael Moore).

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