Human Being Put Into ‘Receivership’ by Federal Judge in Dallas, Texas

Former Congressman Tom DeLay calls for judge’s impeachment

John Griffing Border Security UPDATE 8-12-14aWorld Net DailyBy John Griffing

AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) – Judge Royal Furgeson, a federal judge in Dallas, Texas, made history before retiring – for the first time since 1865 – by putting a human being into Tom DeLay2medium“receivership.” Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (right,) an authority on judicial corruption  himself, called for Furgeson’s impeachment and referred to the judge’s actions as “totally unconstitutional.”  

Furgeson retired in 2013, right after the conclusion of this case, to become dean of the University of North Texas Law School.  He is now collecting a generous pension which he will receive for the duration of his life.

Even though Furgeson has been reversed in an appeals court, which rarely ever reverses in cases of this nature, Jeff Baron, the subject of Furgeson’s receivership, is still being held as “property” by the receiver two years after the ruling was reversed.

Moreover, the motion and order putting Baron into receivership were filed without an actual hearing and no notice was given to Baron or his attorneys, an egregious violation of Baron’s constitutional rights.

Jeff Baron is the owner of Ondova, a company that at the time of Furgeson’s assignment to the case was healthy and financially liquid. Ondova entered a joint venture with Munish Krishan, who later embezzled $8 million worth of assets from Baron and  sued and appealed Baron six times, losing every time, to obtain the rest of the company’s assets.

After Krishan sued a seventh time in Judge Ferguson’s court, Baron was put into receivership with his companies, having all his personal property seized by Furgeson,  and his rights to mobility, public statements and right to legal representation — all curtailed or eliminated by the court.

When Baron challenged the authority of Furgeson to deny him basic constitutional rights, e.g. right to legal counsel, Ferguson threatened to send the U.S. Marshalls and every major arm of the U.S. military to Baron’s doorstep. Ferguson further proclaimed that Baron was going to lose all his money and property one way or another to the court and the a receiver appointed by the court, and suggested he just give up.

Baron’s companies were not failing, and a court seizing property to pay a receiver and a receiver’s army of attorneys (what occurred in Barron’s case) is illegal, according to relevant case-law, as well as basic provisions found in the federal Bill of Rights, which judges have long-held supersedes positive statutory law.

The receiver assigned to Baron’s case is Peter Vogel, an attorney who, before presiding over Baron’s company and personal assets, was a Special Master (adjunct judge) in Judge Ferguson’s court.  Vogel’s appointment as receiver is illegal, according to 28 U.S.C. 958, which mandates that a person employed by any judge of the United States may not at the same time be appointed a receiver.

Additionally, Vogel and Ferguson  blog together on a boutique website that posts about Baron’s case.

Those connected with the case call this a “blatant conflict of interest.” Interestingly, Baron was also told by the court he could not have a website, in apparent direct violation of his 1st Amendment rights according to a brief filed with the court, in spite of Ferguson (at the time a sitting judge) blogging on an active case.

Baron’s receiver harassed and sued a PR company seeking to bring the abuses by Judge Ferguson against Baron to the media’s attention.

The unprecedented receivership order came after a settlement during which Baron’s prior attorney (a known associate of Judge Ferguson) insisted that she be paid $7 million, even though she acknowledged in documented communications that Baron did not owe her anything.  The settlement agreement mandated repayment of all creditors, but left  worldnet-daily3 company liquid and in the black.

To date, Vogel (receiver) has not paid a single cent as required by the settlement agreement to any of Baron’s creditors, but has paid himself and an army of lawyers to ostensibly represent Baron’s rights, which the court stripped from Baron, using Baron’s seized assets.

Baron contends that his Constitutional Rights have been violated, and former Texas Congressman Tom DeLay agrees. DeLay reached out to World Net Daily.

Tom DeLay, who has encountered judicial corruption personally, said these things were simply unacceptable and an example of the decline of America’s judiciary.

“My last year, 2005, I passed out of the House five different bills that limit the jurisdiction of the courts and they went nuts over that.  My recommendation is, don’t do that if you’re going to have a rogue district attorney – whether it’s state or federal, they won’t like you very much.” said DeLay.

Tom DeLay in Halls of Congress“I’m not a lawyer, but with this case, I would be more than happy to help if I were still in Congress.  I would introduce a resolution of impeachment of Judge Ferguson. He has completely violated the law and the Constitution.

“The problem with our judiciary is that it hasn’t been held accountable, and no reform to speak of, for more than 50 years.  It leads to this sense of complete autonomy by federal and state judges,” DeLay said.

“The second thing I would do is have the House Committee on the Judiciary take steps to reverse this judge’s decision.

“Again, I am not a lawyer, but it is obvious to me as a student of the Constitution that these rulings are totally unconstitutional; they violate the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments, and therefore, if this judge were still on the bench, he ought to be impeached.”

The U.S. taxpayer continues to pay judge Furgeson’s full salary as a retirement perk, and will continue to do so for the rest of the judge’s life, stated Delay.

When asked what action he recommended to prevent civil liberties violations of this nature in the future, Delay responded,

“The Congress and the state legislatures should look at this case and take action to hold the judiciary accountable.”

Texas Insider plans to sit down with former Congressman Delay in coming months to further explore this, and other possible judicial abuse cases.

John Griffing is a commentary and research columnist, a World Net Daily Investigative Reporter, and a frequent contributor to American Thinker.


  1. George McDermott Maryland court watch news its unbelievable this Jeff is still going to this nightmare I was with him on Capitol Hill in 2011 and 2012 and have over eight hours of video of Jeff Baron petitioning Congress, the FBI, US Justice Department the Senate and House Judiciary Committee for assistance. The videos of these interviews and his heroic efforts to get justice are posted in the second archives starting with program 400 original interview +401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 411, 419, 422, 423, and 424.
    Impeachment would be too mild for the judges in his case will have subverted the Constitution and destroyed the Bill of Rights while committing treason against our fellow citizens. As an additional 900 videos on judicial let’s all pray for Jeff his family.

  2. Been following this case, and blogging about same, for some years. These “black robed bandits” will soon, have no where to hide.

  3. I would ask that the administrators please correct my posting. I did not type, nor enter the following words – in any form or manner

    Judge Royal Ferguson has also—-

    NOR did I type the following remark

    Satan is ——-


    Please remove the bogus remarks from my posting (even if it need be remove the post entirely).


  4. As one who has been compelled to make it a career, in fighting tyranny, cronyism and corruption; it is encouraging to see any media outlet report on malfeasance and misfeasance – in our nation’s courts.

    Tom Delay coming out of his comfort zone demonstrates how serious such issues are.

    I’m now a fellow combatant against wayward public servants and counsels nefarious, concerning the abuses visible, upon Jeffry Baron.

    And I’ve got friends many, who give a dam about manifest injustice transpiring – in America.

    More judges shall abandon this piracy ship – real soon!

  5. Judge Royal Furgeson was appointed by President Clinton in 1993.
    And in 2012, he sued the United States government for additional salary because he claimed the government didn’t pay federal judges enough money.
    Then, in May 2014, he was appointed to dean of University of Texas Law School and now receives full salary from both the State of Texas AND the United States government for his lifetime judicial salary.

  6. Guess which party appointed Judge Royal Furgeson:

    Appointed by President Bill Clinton, November 19, 1993. Appointed dean of the University of North Texas Law School May 2013.

  7. This is a great article. The constitutional violations in this case is even more egregious than what could be put in a single piece. Conservative Judge Gary Kreep of the US Justice Foundation blasted Judge Furgeson’s adventurism in this case with an amicus brief to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. More about Judge Furgeson and this case can be found on various sites on the Internet such as,

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