House Democrats Appear Set to Pass Senate Bill Without Voting on It

By Jon Ward – The Daily Caller

CongressCapitolDCcRepublicans now expect Democrats to pass health care through the House with a trick only Capitol Hill could dream up: Approving the Senate bill without voting on it.  It’s called the “Slaughter Solution” (prepare for a week of endless TV gabbing about it).

And after debating House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on the chamber floor, Minority Whip Eric Cantor emerged convinced that Democrats are going to use the tactic, and that they won’t allow Republicans, and the public, to see the text of any legislation for 72 hours before a vote.

“I can infer that we’re going to see a rule that will deem the Senate bill as having passed, and at the same time not even have 72 hours to even look at eric cantorwhat they are passing,” Cantor, a Virginia Republican, said in an interview outside his office at the Capitol.

“The outrage to me on the part of the public is going to be focused on the fact that there is not even an up or down vote, a clean up or down vote,” Cantor said.

Here’s the reason Democrats are using such a complicated procedure: many in the House completely do not trust the Senate to pass fixes to the bill passed by the Senate in December.

But according to the rules of reconciliation, the House must go first in passing the Senate bill and passing a reconciliation fix.

So House Democrats have been searching for a way to alleviate members’ concerns that if they vote for the Senate bill and the Senate does nothing to fix it, they will be hung out to dry as having supported a piece of legislation that many across the country dislike, either for spending reasons, or because of special provisions like the extra money for Nebraska’s Medicaid population (the “Cornhusker kickback”).

Technically, using the “Slaughter solution,” they’ll never have voted for the bill they find odious, even if their vote on the Pelosi-whatreconciliation legislation will have been the vote that passed the Senate bill into law.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, alluded to all this at her weekly press conference Friday.

“There are certain assurances that they want and that we will get for them before I ask them to take a vote,” Pelosi said.

The “Slaughter solution” is named for House Rules Committee Chairman Louise Slaughter, the New York Democrat who came up with the idea. She daily-callertold the Daily Caller on Thursday that the chances of her procedure being used were “pretty good.”

Despite doubt among some on Capitol Hill on whether the “Slaughter solution” was feasible, Cantor expressed no doubt that the tactic could be used.

“It’s a self-executing rule. It is akin to passage but hidden in a rule as a side-note, passing the 2,700-page, $1 trillion bill, oh by the way,” he said.

Hoyer rejected the idea that Republicans have not had enough time to review the legislation.

“You have had months to review the substance of that bill. You don’t like it. We understand. You’re going to oppose it. We understand that as well. The fact of the matter is you cannot say you have had no notice of each and every provision for over two months,” said Hoyer, a Maryland Democrat.

Cantor said he wanted 72 hours to review the final text of the reconciliation bill.

“The reconciliation bill is new text. He claims it’s old hat, but this is clearly where they’re reconciling differences,” Cantor said, expressing concern that Democrats would rush the final text to the House floor for a vote to keep “sweeteners” used to buy off votes from being discovered.

Democrats are coalescing around a schedule for the bill’s route to the House floor for a vote. They are expecting a final score from the Congressional Budget Office later today.

On Monday, the House Budget Committee will mark the bill up, leading to an expected vote in the Rules Committee on Wednesday, with a final vote by the full House possible next weekend.

The question remains, however, whether Pelosi will even be able to round up enough votes to pass a bill.

Momentum continued to go the wrong direction for her on Friday, as two more Democrats said they are opposed to the bill.


  1. “Their bill will be overturned as soon as the new congressmen and senators are in office after Nov. 2010.”
    The bad thing about that Christian, Buried in the middle of this turkey is a provision that future Congress cannot revisit and change or overturn this law. If passed, it would take the Supreme Court to rule it Unconstitutional to stop this insane blow too our Country.

  2. I think pitchforks should be bought by everyone in the Nation and used against the folks in the Obama administration. This Muslim should be put of his misery….send him back to the Muslim country he came from and the people who back him! We don’t need his kind in AMERICA!


    I am ready to do just that!

  3. Here’s how every state in the Union can effectively deal with our lawless federal government. This “Solution” would require special interests in D.C. to spread out over 50 states to petition state legislatures for favors and our taxes.

    Every state must pass a state constitutional amendment that will require the state legislature to approve by a 2/3rd majority all UN-enumerated federal laws and regulations, wherein “enumerated” is strictly defined by Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. If said laws and regulations are not adopted by said state, the federal law and/or regulations would not be complied with by default.

  4. A “Slaughter Solution” for the Soviet-style “health” “care” bill will never make it past SCOTUS. And Greg Abbott is just the AG to take it there.

    (In a way, that’s too bad – Greg Abbott SHOULD be the Junior member of the Senate from Texas. That is, if Kay Baby had stepped out of the way for a REAL conservative in the recent primary election.)

    In any event, I don’t think the “Slaughter Solution” will make it past the Tar-And-Feathers Test.

  5. If nothing else…………………………………………………….many are starting to learn to THINK again.
    Following is EASY. Justification for your actions is MUCH more Difficult to live with.
    If the average American voter spend as much time and money on educating themselves as they do complaining about their circumstances, their circumstances would improve exponentially.
    The EASY out is to complain about what others do.

  6. I used to call myself an “Independent” Christian conservative because I’ve been stabbed in the back far too long by the “Republicrats.” Then a couple of weeks ago, I began researching “Independents.” I Googled “Indepentents”, “Independent Movement”, etc. What I found out was shocking. I’m no longer an “Independent” only. Do the research and you’ll find out what the “Independent” movement is really about. They are NOT conservatives and don’t ascribe whole-heartedly to Christian tenants.

  7. They are all traitors to We the People and should be IMPEACHED! All states should refuse to accept their health crap and then we can take back our country from the Muslim impostor in the White House and the monstrous idiots in congress.

  8. All this talk about this “reconciliation” and this absurd “Slaughter Solution” – these folks need to go back and read the Constitution – as I recall, the Constitution requires that all legislative activity involves a vote. If they go through with this, the whole matter needs to be brought to the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. If the Republican Party doesn’t take it to the Justice Department, then they are as bad as the Democrats, and we need to really clean house in November – how about some independents and some Constitutionalists? (There is a party for that.)

  9. Maybe they can cancel elections using the Slaughter strategy. After all, they are overriding all the other constitutional protections for citizens.

  10. The Dems are committing political suicide if they pass ObamaCare. Their bill will be overturned as soon as the new congressmen and senators are in office after Nov. 2010.

    What will this country do if there is a revolt because of ObamaCare? Will Obamessiah call out the troops? Who will the troops fight against? I know the “Oath Keepers” will be on our side.

  11. Slaughter the “Slaughter Solution” right out of Congress. Our “Slaughter” will be throwing all of these socialist Obama sheep out of office in November and shredding and throwing all their high tax government-controlled bills in the trash where they belong! These fools are committing tyranny against their fellow Americans and their country!

  12. I have a GREAT SOLUTION in NOVEMBER will take our FREEDOM back using the “Slaughter” solution (2nd amendment style). That will NOT require a VOTE either.

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