Gov. Perry’s Chicago Ads: Texas is Escape Route from High Taxes

rick-perry2Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – As part of his ongoing efforts to spur competition between states and recruit jobs and employers to Texas, Gov. Rick Perry is taking his message of low taxes, predictable regulations, fair courts and a skilled workforce to employers in Chicago with a week-long web and print ad buy in Crain’s Chicago Business Journal and on Paid for by TexasOne, the $38,450 mixed media advertising buy includes a two-day takeover of the website, email marketing and a full page ad in Monday’s edition of Crain’s Chicago Business Journal.

The governor’s latest business recruitment efforts coincide with a new, Illinois-targeted section on, and come just two months after Gov. Perry launched a radio ad inviting California business owners to check out Texas’ strong jobs climate.

TexasOne is a public-private partnership that markets Texas nationally and internationally as a prime business destination.

Below is a sample of the Governor’s ad:

 Get Out While There’s Still Time 

An open letter from Texas Governor Rick Perry 

If you’re a business owner in Illinois, Iwant to express my admiration for your ability to survive in an environment that, intentionally or not, is designed for you to fail. With rising taxes and government interference on the upswing, your situation is not unlike a burning building on the verge of collapse. 

If you’re thinking of “just riding it out” you might want to reconsider. There is an escape route to economic freedom… a route to Texas. 

The Lone Star State has proven that limited government, low taxes and a pro-business mindset work wonders when it comes to job creation and a robust economy. If you’re ready for a fresh start in a place that appreciates job creators like you, it’s time to check out Texas. 

Visit us at and learn about the advantages that Texas holds over Illinois including: 

  • No personal state income tax 
  • A workforce that is twice as large 
  • An unemployment rate that is 3% lower 
  • Union membership 1/3 of Illinois 
  • A worker’s comp system that requires just 39 cents per $100 of covered wages (while Illinois hits you for $1.10) 

The Escape Route is Clear… All the Way to Texas 


  1. Just Remember!!!!—-when all you Northerners get here—-be sure to vote differently to keep from changing this to the place you just left!!!!

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